[PC] Developer Update September 30th - Cagematch Payout Limit and Attack Limit

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Today we released an update to cagematches.

    After 25-attacks within 24-hrs you will exhaust a targets cagematch payout (XP and Cash). You can still cagematch a rival up to a max of 50 times, if your total recent attacks (with-in 24-hrs) is above 50 you will not be able to cagematch that opponent but regular battles will remain open.

    Cagematches were added as a limited alternative to regular battles, so that players could get used to the battle system and earn XP while building up their clan but earn less XP and payouts, it was not added as a replacement to regular battles which was happening in some cases.

    As always, if you have feedback or suggestions it is appreciated!
  2. thanks

    no more caging counters and just having that loss add to cage losses

    some are to overprotective of there stats
  3. schraaf78

    schraaf78 New Member

    Thanks and tip of the hat to the Devs!!

    Awesome job on the Cage Matches, this is most definitely a great roll-out by the devs. A tip of the hat, and a aye with me rum to the Devs!!
  4. only ones thatll complain bout this update is the following

    A)small sized players

    B)those that love caging counters to avoid a loss on there precious stats

    to small sized players....get your clan larger invite everyone you see if your having problems

    to those that cage counters...take the losses or allow counters to continue to pile
  5. this update is flawed

    even after regular matches the cage is no longer available without ever caging once

    EDIT:i just reread and see how this was implied

    however i would think that if you just reg attacked 50 times without caging that cages would remain open until youve caged 50 times
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  6. Jean-Philippe Bacou

    Jean-Philippe Bacou New Member


    Hi Devs,

    Cagematching is a good thing to fight back higher level harrassers... Your number of cages should take in account the number of attacks your opponent has on you.

    Exemple : I tried to get a higher level on the list, hit him 5 times on the list, losing my battles and not get the coins (bad scenario). He, of course, comes back at me during 24 hours, luckily I can beat him in cage. I will then be penalized by your 50 limit? Not fair.

    I allways understood cagematching as an alternative to regular battles, knowing perfectly this is not something appreciated.
    Another point is when you're low level with a full crew, how do you battle those against ones with 200 or 300 captains? I used the cage as it looks fairer, and then give them a chance. (always finished by a clanning up, lol) Once again, the number of cages counted should integrate the opponent battles (cage or not).

    In fact, I would prefer no limit for caging, but an adjustment of the XPs, coins, dmg, depending of two factors:

    ratio1 = min(number of captains player1, number of captains player2) / max(number of captains player1, number of captains player2)

    ratio2 = min(att player1, def player1)/max(att player1, def player1)

    where player1 is the attacker... and final ratio is ratio1*ratio2

    exemple: attacker 100 captains, 500 att, 500 def, defender 1000 captains, 500 att, 400 def, both lvl 500
    ratio1 = 0.1, ratio2 = 1, then in cage, instead of getting 25XPs, attacker should take 3XPs...

    Then it would avoid people with poor def and high attacks, where we usually don't take any XPs attacking them back, and it would motivate cagers to get more captains to get more XPs....

    I would also extend this kind of rule to counters price.... Another problem against cagers, as they don"t have captains, they aren't penalized by upkeep.... So the price should be lowered by the number of captains ratio...

    My 2 cents.

    Thanks and regards

  7. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Heres a thought....dont attack said higher level and they wont be able to attack u for 24 hrs! They game makes it very clear to all that u are about to attack someone outta your range....to do so.....is your own foolish mistake. To call these players "harassers" is ridiculous....U OPENED YOURSELF UP TO THEM! So let me get this straight....as a lower level....its ok to to attack a higher level repeatedly if u can beat them, but if u cant....its somehow wrong or bullyish that they turn around and beat the stuffing outta you for 24hrs....ROFLMAO! Do u understand that this is a fighting game....a game in which its all about the accumulation of positive stats such as battle wins, kills and bounties? To accomplish these goals/stats one must engage all those they can actually beat and avoid those that they cant. Ive read some pretty ridiculous posts in my time but this one may take the cake

    The size of ones clan has played a huge role in the strength of ones account since the onset of these games...cage matching was merely an afterthought for the reasons Kendall mentioned above. In no way should players be rewarded with unlimited cages just because they have neglected a pivotal portion of their game. Clan plays an important role in many areas other than just the strength of your account....My guess would be that u would be a lot more successful player if u spent more time strategizing with what u have and work on getting more of what u need rather than try to weaken those who have accomplished what u haven't. Most Higher leveled players are there because they deserve to be...they have earned the right to whoop ass on those lesser accounts foolish enough to attack them. If u want to check your stats against a higher level player I suggest u attack their "undead" versions first and then play your ass off and adjust your numbers accordingly.

    Much as in life...people who want/expect something for nothing and or whine when they dont get it.....deserve exactly that...NOTHING! Take your whoopings like everyone else had to, dust yourself off and earn your place in the game and/or world. Just my 2 cents ;)
  8. Jean-Philippe Bacou

    Jean-Philippe Bacou New Member

    ROFLMAO! You Rock!!!!

    I suggest you come play against my character, and even if it's a WAR game, people needs fun. ALL PEOPLE!
    If you read carefully, you will understand two things, first I try to play fair, second, the formulaes I proposed are an alternative to Kano limit of 50 cages. I pursue the same goal as Kano with this post.
    So, what I expect is you'll have the balls to give me a try when you want.

    For your convenience here is my pirate link : http://apps.facebook.com/pirateclan/profile/user/1021022557

    See you in a battle

  9. Suzanne Lozes

    Suzanne Lozes New Member

    Don't hesitate to use your brain and read again "high one":D
  10. if you were on myspace id like to see you beat me

    lol i just followed your link.....were clanned
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  11. Jean-Philippe Bacou

    Jean-Philippe Bacou New Member

    lol Send a message ;-)
  12. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I agree that the game should be fun for "ALL PEOPLE".....but never at the expense of anyone else or there stats simply because the have played longer or had/have a better strategy. If someone is playing these game and not having fun ...then i gotta ask....why the heck r they playing?

    Personally....I see no good reason to have cage matches at all, if a player simply wants to test their metal vs a higher rated player then they can attack the undead versions or accept the repercussions that we were all made aware of well in advance of when attacking a higher leveled player. Why should my or any one elses stats suffer simply because i have more clan than they have? Are we not all allowed the same opportunities to build our accounts and gather clan from the first day we begin to play? Basically...there are some players that simply have more time or in some cases monies that they can or want to dedicate to the games, or maybe its just that they have a much better strategy....either way its no reason to penalize these players or give others a an advantage simply because of their level (or lack there of)of dedication to the games.

    I understand that your argument is for an alternative to cage matches....I would argue that cages and or their alternative is simply not needed or deserved by either of the parties involved in them. They offer nothing but a way to improve ones stats through unwarranted means...which in a game that is all about stats...would be completely unfair. There are countless limits and restriction in place for the lower levels that already affect the higher levels adversely, The lower level players need to take their lumps and learn from their mistakes just like the rest of us had to. As a player who reached the highest levels in some of these games more than once....Ive taken these lumps on many occasions.....but here I stand amongst the leaders again....lumpy and bumpy and deserving of all ive achieved .

    Believe me...I would love to accept your offer, but I play on myspace. I dont know u or what level u are...but I assure u of this....Whether im kicking your butt or you mine....I certainly wouldnt cry about it or ask for anything I didnt have coming....Ide simply stick my nose to the grindstone and keep plugging away until I had reached my goals. In the end....just because someone cant beat someone else under long standing rules of gameplay.....it does not warrant another complete addition/update that would allow them to do so.
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  13. Jean-Philippe Bacou

    Jean-Philippe Bacou New Member

    Nice post.
    Maybe a merged area between the two universes databases should allow the fight? lol Could be a fun thing.


  14. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member


    That has been an often discussed topic and I agree that it sounds like a lot of fun. Perhaps with the advent of Kanos "facebook connect games" or the ever present rumors of Myspaces demise it will one day become a reality. I think it would be interesting to see long standing rivals perhaps joining together in defense of their social network....lol. Perhaps they could have something along the same lines as the "guild/armada wars" Kano says are coming.
  15. Ace

    Ace Member

    Ditto. That's the way it should be.
  16. Luciano Bradley

    Luciano Bradley New Member

    There should not be a limit. It is stupid to put a limit on the number of cagematches fought. Why bother having an attack or defense stat category then. You are punishing players who are strong...I have 203 captains and when I cage someone with 1000 captains and see I have 144.12% more strength that means they did not spend their sp wisely to defend themselves...it is not my fault.Also you made it that much more difficult to get the cagematch achievments...why have those at all now either since you cant battle anyone.
  17. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Hmmmmmm...try not attacking someone with a 1000 clan!

    To say that someone did not spend their skill points wisely simply because u can beat them in a cage match makes you naive. I myself allocate my skill points based on numerous factors...one of them being how many clan i have. A player must always be looking forward in games such as these if they want to be successful, not looking at where skill points may help in the short term but over the long hall.. Dont u ever plan on adding more clan? My thoughts based on watching thousands of other players botch their accounts in their haste for instant gratification are this........They absolutely screw themselves for the higher levels because they neglected the more important attributes such as stamina and health because they were so deficient in clan that they pumped everything into attack and defense.

    Granted.....they're are many diff strategies and variables such as how much time and or monies a particular player dedicates to the games or whether a player levels from fighting , adventures or bosses, but with that said one thing remains constant....The importance of a good and sizable clan! If I could offer but one piece of advice to any new player it would be to spend as much time as they could and as many of their FP points as they have building and amassing as large a clan as they possibly can. After all...these are social networking games found on social networking sites , these games regardless of the developer or network have been based on the numbers of friends u have since their inception.

    I believe Kendall made it very clear what the intent for "cages" was, In no way was it intended to allow a leg up for those players who simply neglected probably the most important aspect of the games, so quit being lazy and looking for a free hand out and go get yourself some clan. Can it be difficult and time consuming to gather all your clan? Yep...it sure can, but it all depends on your dedication level. When I retired my #1 (VC) account and started over...I purposely came back incognito so I could prove a couple of points

    1) That a player could level fast and free , and to put an end to the myth that leveling fast some how weakened an account. That account reached level 2500 in just over 30 days with out spending a dime and currently sits at #4 in myspace (#3 being my retired account),and ranks amongst the highest in every category on the leader boards. This includes having the highest income, bounty and hoard in the game which is where many players said an account would suffer the most if one leveled too fast.

    2) The importance of clan and that it could be obtained quickly. Except for a small handful (perhaps 6)...no one knew who i was and I had to gather an all new clan from scratch the old fashion way of going out and sending invites and hitting up the "add me" threads. I gathered my 1000 "real clan" in a lil over 20 days in addition to sinking every "Favor point" I EARNED into hired chiefs, by doing this....I also obtained one of the best win/loss ratios in the game.

    I play these games as they were intended to be played from their inception and have been successful every time because I play the game as whole and always looking forward, as with every plan or strategy they're rough patches one must endure but in the end ...sticking to a sound strategy pays off. I look at players that rely on cage matches as weak and pathetic minded individuals who cant hack the difficulties of the whole game.

    Higher leveled players are rightfully restricted from and cant attack a lower leveled player out of range unless said lower leveled player brings the fight to them first, and in most cases where that happens...said higher leveled player is then labeled a bully for pounding the crap outta said lower level for the next 24hrs. So why on earth should a lower level player who neglected an aspect of their game be allowed to cage match a higher leveled player to no end and would that not make them a bully ? Since Im on the subject...that reminds me.......How funny is it that when some low level players hits a higher level player on bounty they cry "BULLY" when that higher level turns around and pounds the stuffing outta them? They cry..."i just wanted the coin" or "i didnt place u on bounty....", ummmmmm....lets not forget that the only way to collect that money is to kill that player....so if u go after my bounty your intent is to kill me...if ever a reason to pound somebody....THAT WOULD BE IT! Bounty rewards can be great...AS SHOULD BE THE CONSEQUENCES!

    So in closing.....Unlimited cage matches are a ridiculous idea and were being abused by lesser players who dont know how to play the games properly/successfully, to have relied on them simply signals your impending doom at the higher levels unless u change things around. Lets not forget that the lower levels are full of mostly abandoned accounts which make amassing great stats a piece of cake, its not until u reach the mid to upper levels when your competing against active account that allows u to know what u and your account are actually made of. So go get some clan and lets see what ya got!
  18. interesting point on this one

    i know at least 1 boss requires a certain cage achievement

    very interesting point

    didnt even think of it
  19. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    There may be a "cage"achievement tied to a boss (im not sure..didnt check), but when i consider the fact that i have all my bosses available to me yet I rarely use cage matches....Im thinking it must not be a very difficult achievement...and i believe that Kendall said there would still be 50 "cages" available to players so I dont see an issue here.

    In fact I never use cages anymore unless by accident and the only reason i ever used them was when i first started and I was still trying to figure out what they were and how they differed from a regular attack, I determined in fairly short order that they were pointless for a player such as myself, could be easily abused, presented a leg up for less competent players and that they could be potentially unfair to players who actually played the game as it was intended and wanted to participate successfully in all aspects of the game
  20. Luciano Bradley

    Luciano Bradley New Member

    Hmmm...Yes i add 2-3 new clan each day to my captains, however it takes a while to build it up so high...i am still just getting into the game at lv.1250...I feel that my health and stamina stats are not suffering from having a good att and def stat....To call people pathetic and weak because they are strong in a certain area doesn't make sense...I like to cagematch because it is fun to see where you stand 1 on 1 against other players. I also battle a lot and have 3000 more wins than losses...So i have not relied on cagematches as you have inferred, however i have used them because they are part of the game and have tangible rewards for completing a certain amount of victories in them.

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