[ZS] Outfits [BETA] Are Coming to Zombie Slayer

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    This week we’re running a limited-time beta for a light customization feature, Outfits.

    An Outfit is an alternative appearance for your character, and usually consists of modifications to his or her clothing, hair, and accessories. Outfits are 100% optional and don’t affect stats or abilities, but they look pretty cool. :)

    For this first run the art team has come up with a set of 6 Outfits at the level 100 tier, one for each of the characters available in that level range.

    These Outfits explore a variety of themes and will be available to everyone in levels 100-1249 for one week. After that we’ll take them down and review everyone’s feedback.

    A feature like this is relatively simple to set up - most of the work is in producing the new art, and the creative team is always interested in hearing what kind of designs Slayers are interested in, so let us know what you think!

    This is actually our second beta test - the first trial run took place with a small test group in Pirate Clan. We’ve taken their feedback into account and instead of sticking to changes in color and fine detail, the new Zombie Slayer Outfits feature more dramatic alterations and have turned out to be much more fun :)

    How it works

    Outfits can be found in a new tab on the UN page, seen here:

    You can switch to any purchased outfits from the Character Selection screen.

    The new Outfits will be visible wherever your character image appears, including on your Profile page, when you fight another player, and in Boss Fights.


    That’s all there is to it! If you have any feedback on selecting or switching Outfits or want to share your ideas for future Outfits, let us know in the comments below.
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    i dont care about outfits fix the ba
  3. kevinmalo

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  4. mi7ch

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    Outfits are in Zombie Slayer, the Battle Arena changes are in Viking Clan. We can do both simultaneously, especially since this took very little dev time to implement as I mentioned above.
  5. Ladytot

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  6. My personal opinion is that they are cool, but we should get to change our outfit 1 time for free if we have already chosen to upgrade our player to a new character.
  7. Gazember

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    Thanks, but I have a Tier 4 character and I am waiting for a Tier 6 character, I see no point in changing my Tier 2 characters outfit.
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  8. Xextreem

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    Cool for young fokes around us for me its well useless. tbh. But still nice update :D
  9. Guardian Angel

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    Yes we are all waiting new characters for highER levels :D
  10. RainSunGone

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    new characters may be a while im guessing... being able to customize your toon is nice... are their gonna to be releases for all characters???
  11. Gazember

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    I might be interested in a Batman outfit from Tier 4 and up, in the Scavenger line :p
  12. RainSunGone

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    lol, i would rock a batman for sure ;)

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