Open letter to those of you on Facebook in my "XP Range" that are getting mad at me..

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Ashardalon, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Ashardalon

    Ashardalon New Member

    I don't know how many other people on FB in the low 300's come out here and read these boards. But, If you are in my "XP Range" and show up on my fight list, then it is Kano/Apps that has determined that it is FAIR for me to attack you.

    It is not my fault if you haven't built up your defense.
    It is not my fault if you haven't built up your mob.
    It is not my fault if you haven't collected good defensive equipment.

    Given that I can beat you, I will. The fight list refreshes very slowly and keeps giving me that same targets over and over. Honestly I don't even look at the names. I just hit the next one down, until the list is empty.

    Truly, its nothing personal. I don't know you. I don't hate you. I'm not out to get you. I'm just earning xp.

    You can ambush me all you want. Its part of the game, I don't mind. I have more than twice as much stamina than you have ambushes. I will get some xp from you in the end. Its up to you, but you would be better off to save your cash and save your stamina for something else.

    You can hitlist me all want. Again its part of the game, I don't mind. I'll heal and eventually I'll earn back the lost xp. Again, its up to you, but you would be better off to save your cash and save your stamina for something else.

    It would be better if we would just attack each other and both get some xp from beating each other. In the end, its just a game.
  2. Vampryss

    Vampryss Guest

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    LOVE IT! :) Well said..
  3. Nino Raven

    Nino Raven New Member

    Too damn straight... I agree with you totally. I'm having similar problem getting ambushed over the fight page cos I'm hitting the same player. I can't remember everyone I hit.

    I've posted a similar thread about the fight page needing to be rotated:
  4. steal toes

    steal toes Member

    Last night I had 3 people on my fight list and all 3 had at least a 500 member bigger mob then me.

    Time to shift gears and move back into the 'SLOW LANE' I guess.
  5. Ashardalon

    Ashardalon New Member

    I've been considering un-mobbing anyone that is +- 10 levels of me just to expand my fight pool. :eek: I haven't done it yet. But the thought has crossed my mind.

    It's sad that I can totally clear the fight list, have 150 or more stamina left and then have to wait 30 minutes or more for them to heal out of the hospital, just so that i can put them right back in. :(
  6. I agree 100% I don't understand why some people take this game so seriously...It is based on fighting and yet they want me to limit hits on them to three or I'm, get over it and quit whining...just play!
  7. steal toes

    steal toes Member

    LOL yeah one of my partners has attacked me close to 7000 times in 2 days. :eek:

    ....and just think, some people cry over 3 attacks! :rolleyes:
  8. Ashardalon

    Ashardalon New Member

    WOW It only gets better. Now I send one guy to the hospital. He sends my link to someone 30 levels above me. The "+30lvls" attacks me and looses. I attack him back and win. :) Now the "+30lvls" is setting ambushes against me :D

    Lovely! :rolleyes:
  9. Ashardalon

    Ashardalon New Member

    *sigh* they should rename this game to Mob Pansies Who Whine To More Powerful Mobsters Cuz They Can't Fend For Themselves. :eek:

    I have had 4 people, in the last 90 minutes, who I beat off the fight list, whine to someone more powerful so the more powerful player would hitlist me. and one of the more powerful people had to unmob me to hitlist me.

    To those you have to whine for protection, I quote Wyatt Earp from the movie Tombstone during the Shootout at the OK corral, "Get in the fight, Beehan, or get ot of the way."

    If I keep friending everyone that whines to a higher mobster, there won't be anyone left in my xp range. :mad:
  10. Jai Puttick

    Jai Puttick New Member

    Love it

    Absolutely LOVE it! Great post!:)


    I experience the same thing from the higher levels..... I seem to get a lot of AK from the fightlist and although I try to add anyone who sends me a request, the same people seem to end up in my sights as the fightlist is always the same people over and over. I sign on every two hours or so and go through my stamina with whoever is on my fightlist. I get hitlisted all the time and ambushed constantly. But I don't let it bother me as it is all part of the game. It does seem a little unfair to get targeted by the higher levels for just playing the game but what can you do? ;-)
  12. Josh204

    Josh204 New Member

    If you can't handle the heat, play dead. I don't generally respond to random attacks.....but if someone keeps coming after me, I do retaliate. That being said, it's all a part of the game...and it IS just a game.
  13. Ashardalon

    Ashardalon New Member

    The problem is two-fold.

    Problem One: The same names keep showing up on the fight list over and over. You can't help but keep "coming after" people. In fact you must keep "coming after" people, because they are the only ones that keep showing up. Kano did try to address this and they got more people on the list which helped some, and I praised them for that, but in the end its just a few more people who you have to keep attacking.

    Problem Two: When someone ambushes you 20 times, then they look on the rivals screen and see 22 Attacks in 2 minutes they feel like you are "coming after" them. It took 22 stamina to earn 200 xp (which is still a better ratio than jobs or bosses) but it looks like you were out to get them. If they hadn't ambushed it would only show 2 attacks in 2 seconds and not look like you were picking on them.

    (problem 2 has a terrible side effect, the very fact that you did attack them 22 times instead of 2 just makes it all the cheaper for them to ambush you some more :( )
  14. Claimed Your Bounty

    Claimed Your Bounty New Member

    Well Said

    Couldn't say it better myself... I claim a bounty on the hitlist and if i win the fights or lose the fights..when I get the bounty, they act the same way wasting their time stam and money cause I never retaliate their efforts to teach me a lesson.. Don't like it.. stay off the Hitlist..cause I'll attack all for the MONEY$!! :)
  15. Allen Marino

    Allen Marino New Member

    I was bountied 4 times yesterday, 2 in PC, 2 in VC. One I deserve because I bountied him after he beat on a clan mate I'm fond of. If you want to waste your money because I pissed you off, fine. I don't remember hitting you. Just wait a day & you'll be out of range anyway.
    If I check my rival log & see you hit me once, I assume you lost & I'll hit you back. If I hit you & lose, you can hit me & take my money. That's one reason I don't hoard, I don't need the money & fair is fair.
    Usually the next day I'll invite most of my rivals to join me. If they can fight good, why not. If someone collects a bounty against me, they will always get an invite. No hard feeling, Its the way the game is played.
    Now I do try to remember some of the people in my range & will try not to attack them too often. Otherwise if I piss you off, get over it, I do.
  16. Allen Marino

    Allen Marino New Member

    I had a battle with someone last night for 20 minutes. I kept hitting as long as he did & kept healing to keep it going. I had no idea what set him off & sent messages of "Good battle, join me" to which he kept on hitting.
    When I noticed he hoarded so did I. Sometimes he would wait a minute or 2 after I killed him, so I'd wait to see if he was over it.
    Finally after a wait of 5 minutes he hit me again & had spent money to armor up as Mr Big Bad. Since I could no longer hurt him I stopped healing & went to a different game to wait him out.
    He finally accepted my clan invite. We talked before we accepted the clans & it turned out he was tired of my hitting him all day. I had no idea who he was, just a number in my range. I pointed out that if he's in my clan I can't hit him anymore so we joined.
    Note: since at no point either of us set a counter or bounty, I wasn't even mad. After it was done he had hit me 157 times & I went up 3 levels.

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