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  1. I have seen quite a few offline slayers last up to a minute or maybe more when i have hitlisted them...

    I just listed an offline one there, who was in hospital at the time.

    He survived longer than a minute!


    I did not actually list the person that won it, but maybe next time will be a little different. Who knows...

    Is it possible for a member of Kano to heal him for me, so that i can keep on listing him to avoid his bounty resetting?

    The waiting for him to regen out of the grave just makes me eager to kill whoever kills him, i don't like waiting for things.
  2. LOL

    I know his death was inevitable, i just think these quotations are rather funny.

    Literally tickling my funny bhoan right there!

    No, not that bhoan!

    That's not a funny bhoan (well it is but it's not what i meant) that's more like a Money Bhoan, funny side up!
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    Well, maybe no one is attacking them.
  4. Ahad

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    It says a lot about the hunters on Hi5.

    For someone that i could have easily killed with a punch (to the face) to last so long on Death Row; whereas on Facebook which is actually a challenge, you blink and you miss it etc, I think it just goes to show that ZS on Hi5 is like playing ZS with training wheels still attached, on the way to work with only days until retirement.

    Speaking of retirement...

    Do they have the saying "quit while you're ahead" in your language?

    I closed the gap to within as close to 1,000 as makes no difference, with no signs of slowing down outside of reccurring desires to leave this bunch of life-consuming (in my case) games and you decide to give it all up before i show you how it's done.

    I as in Kano Der Towken...

    1 stam killing got almost tedious and boring when there were so many new bosses in vcpclcn to farm and so many big bounties to be going for in the big boys ZS here on FB. :p
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    About that, you will pass me someday (near future), but I don't really care anymore. I reached my goal of 10k kills. My next goal is to reach 100k fight wins. Nothing more to say.
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  6. Yea yea...

    Been there, done that.

    Maybe Kano should look into producing some sort of T-Shirt stating the fact that we had accomplished certain achievements so that we could then say we'd bought the T-Shirt.

  7. On that note...

    Maybe not just T-Shirts, maybe Kano could stretch into the fancy-dress market (with Halloween coming up and all) and create a whole range of UN-branded merchandise.

    Something along the lines of

    With a banana-yellow sash stating the wearer is the #1 UN buyer of all time?

    Or some sort of exposed brain hat, to tease imaginary zombies into chasing after us to eat our brains

  8. clubber

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    Why do I reply to you, yet again? I have nothing to prove to you, alt-lover.

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