October 14th - Heal Improvements

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. Angel

    Angel Member

    but you also get money in missions or bossfights.
    When I clear my fighting list, I have to heal about ten times or more, and fighting is hurting more than missions, but even so I have no money problems
  2. jon french

    jon french Member

    Ooh, new city? Any hints where we may be holidaying next?

    I personally love the health change, its not hitting me in the $ pocket yet but i could see that it could soon so new cities/properties/upgrades are most welcome

    The general ongoing honing of the presentation of the app such as the Carnival Shooter are just damn tasty, nice to see Kano beavering on the little things too.

    Quite simply, love this game, thank you :)
  3. Jay Shinigami

    Jay Shinigami Member

    I don't have any problems healing either or with cash at the moment, its more of a issue when it gets to the point where we're paying 10mil per heal like pog/tom...
  4. Jordy

    Jordy New Member

    I'm doing boss fights ONLY to get skill points, so why should I start a level 11 boss fight - there's nothing to get what I need
  5. This is a no win situation - Cost to heal: $13,306,840

    Amount won on Boss job until next heal = Cash: $3,463,025

    How do you expect anyone to make up a 10 million loss every single heal.

    I've gone from a 36 billion vault to 4 billion in a week.

    Put it back the way it was please.
  6. We / or Some of us are talking about the "HEAL ISSUE" here...Go talk about skill points somewhere else....It's bloody hard enough to keep anything open for discussion in this forum...So Go Away....niceley...quietly... : )
  7. for the other 3 apps this isnt that big a deal as income is unlimited pretty much.

    for ZS though i can see it being a problem as the income is limited,the heal cost was already higher to begin with,and the exp loss is greater i believe than the other apps.
  8. Well noticed that Player....Facebooks Zombie Slayer IS the hardest game to play because Kano is trying to push the limit on everything.

    This IS not the same as My Space for gods sake why are My Space players commenting on a game they DO NOT PLAY.....2 different games....????????????????
  9. im the beast

    im the beast Member

    Dilligaf how can the same game on different networks be any different? And i personally dont have a issue with the new heal button just another thing added to make the game fun and harder... thats why this game is better is b/c its so hard... and u can always bounty hunt for that money thats what i do... but if the players want it back the way it was do it i guess, but i think u have done a great job all the way around with this game kano so thanks
  10. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Healing Before:
    Cost to heal before @ level 1108: $10,555,787
    Amount of health given was 70% of max health

    Healing Now:
    Base cost to heal @ level 1108: $10,555,787
    Amount of health give is 100% of max health, 30% more
    Health costs increase by less 1.75%

    If you are paying 13mil a heal, you are about 26% over the base cost which means that you have healed about 14 times or so over a short period of time. You are also still paying less than what you would have previously, you have been getting 30% more health and on your last heal you are paying only 26% over the previous base cost for 30% more health.
  11. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Zombie Slayer is the same game regardless of the network it is on, MySpace/Facebook/Hi5 all use the same formulas, numbers, etc. Only difference is the players playing and the social features that the social networks provide. So a player at level 1000 on MySpace faces the exact same challenges as a player at level 1000 on Facebook with exception to the players attacking them.
  12. MOJO1916

    MOJO1916 Member

    maby i should clarify

    I HELP ALL MY SQUAD...how else would they get there bosses done to level 10 without help and miss out on valuable skill points..were still clearing loads ..because people were put off the boss jobs..due to lack of help

    so its an issue..and as for not moving on with bosses...thats pointless to

    beacause of the ineviatable..
    they will have to award more levels the game dosent end at level 500 .....and then ..you will see how much it costs to complete a boss job...

    thats the issue here..the cost of healing..and yes BOTH tom and i could heal 15 - 20 times in 30 mins

    so there is a cost factor...as the exp earned on fights is ..well pathetic...
  13. im the beast

    im the beast Member

    pog for one, u dont hit those bosses to help ur squad u hit them b/c there nothing for u to hit on ur boss either there all done or there to big for u to handle.Thats the real reason y u hit other people bosses..if u wanted to help ur squad when u do ur pouch parties on us u should let them know how we are... that would be helping ur sqund.......and to anyone who cares after level ten boss there no good u dont get any more skills for them and there just a waste of good stamina. fights is the way to go all the way the only thing is theres not alot of people playing yet or on the high levels so u dont have alot of different people to fight.on a good fight i get 100 to 125 exp points. pure one stamina. and if people have money out of the bank u get 300k to 800k pure fight. but to make sure i stay on topic i like the new heal button great job kano
  14. MOJO1916

    MOJO1916 Member

    YET AGAIN..u miss the point..dont fill up a space ....its to keep everyone moving that you help your squadd out on boss jobs..high or low..you still have to heal....not that you help anyone..so why comment...bless read the feed its ABOUT THE COST OF HEALING..


    since your absence..theres new factions...the goverment...BOSS DRIVEN AND ANARCHY...fight driven...read up..KANO produced a whole feed in the forum..to explain how it works..you chose what way you want to play...not be driven by YOUR own IDEARS "fights is the way to go all the way the only thing" read up on it...inform yourself..you might have missed it that some people chose to play that way

    lmao...try keeping up you don't get any fighting me..U LOSE.....i gain exp..every time u try

    YOU WIN!
    You put im the beast in the hospital.
    +$759,750 | +55 XP | -476 Health Lost | 1,058 Health Damage Dealt

    hopefully the new rule will come in ..due to your ..ehhm absence
    no fighting if your in negative exp..
    and the sucking up...is dreadful..grow a pair will ya
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  15. baha

    baha Member

    while it is true ur 30% exchange is properly adjusted....... I think the PENALTY COST addition, if having to heal MORE OFTEN, is ridiculous~! The higher u r the more u will have to heal to continue playing and U as DEVS overcharge to compensate for >>>WHAT<<<< I don't get it~!!!! Ur Health is a major factor that should NOT be penalized~! I'm finding My Higher Squad are now having to Desquad their friends in order to hit their Friends for the Bounties~! THIS IS A Detriment TO THE GAME~!!! PLZ remove the added cost of healing "more often than the usual" ....whatever that is.... I always heal as much as possible so as not to be surprise attacked and killed if my health is way down~!! BUT then I'm not that high YET~!!!
  16. SteveW

    SteveW Member

    The money is an issue and should be addressed. The money earnt per hour hour is already lower than my hourly healing costs and I'm only level 360. Level 500, 600, 700+ must be annoying as hell.

    More properties and property levels are required to help progress through the game properly. They can be unlocked the higher level you are just as it is now.

    I've stopped playing MW and only play ZS now, I've already lost fighting as there are only a few players on the fight list these days, most are several hundreds of levels higher than me.

    So now I have boss fights and outbreaks, one the outbreaks are done my interest will be all but gone....
  17. HEALING (it's not fair)

    Just when I thought that my healing cost would go down, I find that I was so so wrong.
    Why are we being penalized for playing this game? In one way or another everyone is being penalized for healing. I thought that it was fixed so that it would not cost me so dang much to heal but I was wrong. Maybe I should take my money and blow it on another game that is actually listening. The cost of healing is still not where it should be. It needs to be lowered regardless of how many times we heal our character within a 30 min. span or whatever the game is set up for. I just disgusted tonight and feel as if they higher leveled players are once again being punished for playing their game. WHY? :confused:

    p.s. I also believe it is time for another new OUTBREAK. Just my opinion.
  18. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    As it has been mentioned previously, income is not keeping pace with costs to heal as players extend far beyond the level where the last location is unlocked.

    1. Yes we do have another location coming, no date yet set in stone but expect to see something in a couple weeks. New location means new properties which will give an increase to income.

    2. Something that I have on my list to do this week is to look into adding new upgrade levels for properties to extend income even further off of existing properties.

    And yes new outbreaks will be coming in the new location.

    Any guesses where the new location will be?
  19. T5000

    T5000 Member

    OK this week hopefully

  20. SteveW

    SteveW Member

    Thanks (again) for listening Kendall, unlike other games at least you guys are here to provide a reason why things are the way they are, if people agree with it or not. It's most frustrating when you have no idea why something was changed.

    It seems that you do, for the most part, listen to players moans (and there a lot of them) and adjust the game where you can see it can be improved or when a newly implemented change was slightly off the mark.

    I put my opinions down in this forum as another voice to help change aspects of the game I don't like, not to whine because I'm not getting my way (no fingers being pointed here).

    So, cheers for your efforts and keep up the good work. You'll never please everyone but it's commendable that you keep trying :)

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