October 14th - Heal Improvements

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    At level 1091, the cost for healing previously was $10,289,893, that cost has not been increased. Previously for a successful heal players cost would go up by 5% in the short term, we have now decreased that to 2.5%. So after 10 heals, you should now be paying 25% more in cost, but through those 10 heals you got 30% more health each time so you should still be ahead. This change will likely decrease everyones overall health costs.
  2. Thank you!!
  3. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    And I understand reasoning of trash talking Kano saying that we don't care, that we have thick skulls and do not listen to players, etc, etc as a method to get our attention but it is really not required. Because we do listen to players, the funny thing is listening to the players was a major reason for the heal change, change was made to improve game play and make the game more enjoyable and to put all players on a level playing field.

    We understand that Kano would not exist without people playing our games and we appreciate everyone who does and even those that call us knuckle heads because it shows passion for the game.

  4. I personally would like to say Thank you !! That is the quickest response that I and many many of my friends have ever seen within a game application. I give Kendall BIG KUDOS for responding to our needs. I'm actually in awe. :) .. It's nice to know that we were heard. Although many do not sign up in this forum, they do read this forum. Some of us are the speakers for others and I'm proud to say that Kendall is my new hero!! LoL....:D
  5. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Well we are human, and do sleep. :)

    For all others, continue to give this change some feedback good or bad, and we will take it in and adjust as necessary.

  6. Now Kendall, for us lowly forum peeps and application players you know we get such a kick out of trash talking. But yes I agree you are correct, there really is no need in the trash talk but dang!! it sure is fun sometimes. Especially when you do not have to curse to do it and you don't get banned....LOL..:D....By now, I would have already cursed Zynga and told them where to put that Mafia game....So I actually spared Kano my real feelings when I started posting this morning. But I certainly do know exactly what you are saying above even if I don't seem to. ;)
  7. Tizme

    Tizme Member

    That is all.
    I'm sure the Coffee crew should agree with me.
  8. T5000

    T5000 Member

    Touché Kendal

    I was the ONLY Z/S commenting and my suggestions were never discussed.
    (The other comment were from VC/PC/LCN)

    One minute your saying :

    Heal costs have gone up slightly to take into account the full refill, this may need to be further increased.

    Then go on to say:

    Maybe the increase is a little high for ZS I will tweak it down a bit to see if that helps this morning, will try to get that out before 10am PT. Right now it is a 5% increase, will tune it down to 2.5% and give that a try.

    As Ive said before any change in VC/PC/LCN seem to instantly apply to Z/S
    You seem so proud of this app but don’t feature this in for the FIXED income.

    I will say this:
    If you make healing expensive
    To do boss jobs WONT be worth it
    To do Bounty’s WONT be worth it

    Oh and buy the way fighting was supposed to be encouraged
    Cant afford to heal, Cant afford to fight

    P.S Ive never trash talked Kano
  9. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    What are your healing habits like? For example how often do you heal in a 30-minute period? This will help us work through how much the cost has actually increased / decreased for your case and help others see what this change actually is doing and means to their playing style.
  10. In a 30 minute period? Oh gracious, depending upon whose account we could be speaking of, I would say if they are fighting from the fight list and also attacking those that are attacking them then I'd say they are healing A LOT in a 30 min. span....I know I do.
  11. MOJO1916

    MOJO1916 Member

    appreciate that the levelling is high...can we just leave that aspect out of it


    thing is ..its just a suggestion

    could u balance out for the levellers and there is quite a few..say from level 400 on
    that more properties could be purchased and move up the amount of properties as the levels go..even in incriments of 100 per level ...

    it costs me more to heal than i earn in an hour.......its not exactly fair..

    and if its just an adjustment you can make..maby you could look at the cost reversal....till more people rise in the game ??????

    at the moment ..it costs 11 million to heal..well thats less than 20 power attacks
    now im not worried...health is fine..but i need to heal 5 times to complete a level 10 boss

    so the money earned is in negative...in fact I LOSE CASH ON BOSS JOBS
    so the exp earned....is not in keeping with the level of attacks..in fact it doent even justify the boss....

    it is an issue..most people are now only going to level 10 and stopping

    and to HELP them get the skill points so they can beef up..(get the skill points)
    they are reliant on a serious amt of help to get there...

    I do appreciate people are going to say well you went up to fast..the thing is...they will never get up here if their income stream HOLDS THEM BACK.......more cash...more listing ..more people helping in boss jobs..
  12. Well I'll be the first to admit that Yes I do trash talk and Yes I am good at it. I was taught by the best, My Father!!.......You can take the girl outta the country but you can't take the country outta the girl...Ya'll have fun now ya hear? hahahaha
  13. kimmerz

    kimmerz Member

    I would have to say one of the reasons I play this game is because Kano does make changes to the game based on player feedback.

    As someone who's spent the last two years trying to get Zynga to pay any attention to what their players would like to see in their game there is a HUGE difference in Kano and Zynga. HUGE. If you want to see what a money hungry app maker truly is install Mafia Wars on Facebook... count the popups and other various changes designed to get you to spend spend spend.

    The majority of the changes I have seen on ZS have been designed to add to or compliment the way their players play their game. Like the Factions... Not that I will join one. Mafia Wars ruined me for the idea of clans/factions because of the drama (still love my family though (kisses)).

    But a lot of their players were doing it and they embraced it and incorporated it into the game. Novel concept... watch how your customers play and react. I've been a Zynga customer so long I didn't know app makers actually did that sort of thing. (BTW it would be nice to have a link in their faction page for a chat or other forum so that you could contact them outside the game. Perhaps sub-sections of this forum for each of the Factions. Also it's really hard to sort out the factions so some kind of sort feature would be nice. As well there being a limit on how many can join is only creating too many repetitive faction groups).

    You know what drove me crazy in this game? The popups when doing the carnival shooter. I noticed those were removed and the shooter was better designed for ease of navigation. Zynga would have left those there just to get more in-game clicks. LOL.

    I still play Mafia Wars. I'm sure I will till the day they shut it down on Myspace. They get at least one log-in a day from me. They will not get anymore of my money. I do spend money on ZS... not sure how much and I usually waste it on stam refills to kill bosses.

    I have nothing but props for ZS and Kano.
  14. Jay Shinigami

    Jay Shinigami Member

    Depends on how much stamina I have at the time.

    When I level up and get a full bar of stamina back then it will probably be in the region of 10 or more, depending on the amount of ambushes I run into and how many people decide to hitlist me ;).

    The change you implemented in response to the prior criticism has made it a lot less expensive than before, cost me less than 1.5mil to hil from what I recall for my last heal, so much less painful than before (2mil + quite quickly) :)

    P.S very impressed by the swift change, keep up the good work :)
  15. SickMO ToddEO

    SickMO ToddEO New Member


    I really think it was a shaddy move on Kano's part to put the UN refill buttons in the same place as the normal heal buttons. I cant tell you how pissed I was to hit this by accident thinking I had the option to heal. It was only slightly different looking and conveniently in the same mouse range location. I think I wasted 3-4 heals that I did not need thru this carefully positioned button. It really sucked and is really a greedy move IMO.

    So, the new health changes for the above reason, are welcomed. Finally we dont have to click a million times to do something. Game play feels more snappy. This is how things should have been from day 1.

    Now for the escalation in health costs. This is just a bad idea all around. Depending on where a person is in their stamina load, they will heal more frequently. Coupled this with a player in heavy battle and this player could heal 2 or 3 times a minute. I dont even want to do the math on that one. Its gonna be outrageous.

    This escalation in healing costs is also going to be harder on a player with lower health. If a player took a certain direction and was willing to pay for health to have higher attack/defense, they are now significantly screwed. With caps in Property and super long times to level properties, there is little chance to up the income to cover costs.

    We have escalating everything, bounty amounts, decreasing XP per each attack, caps on Property to limit available cash and now increased health costs.

    Damn, Talk about being put in a box. Do I dare ask how we can be limited any more? Are escalating energy amounts for outbreaks going to be next?!!

    Seriously, what is the logic in escalating health costs in a game that has a defined and limited cash accrual system.

    Lets make a change to health costs. How bout free!
  16. I second the free bit, but seriously I just did 1 level and at my level it cost me just shy off 2 billion on heal and 30+ UN points.
    Do we really need to be penalised more.?
  17. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We hear you, and understand that there are a bunch of players that have gone out beyond the content of the game and I think with the limited income at the higher levels heal costs begin to really hurt. Next location is due in about 2-weeks or so which will have more properties which means more income. In the mean time, this week we will see what else we can do, options are additional tiers of upgrades for properties to help increase income or maybe more properties, right now I am thinking additional tiers for upgrading properties.
  18. Jay Shinigami

    Jay Shinigami Member

    I think additional tiers sound great but it already takes like a month to upgrade some of them unless you're willing to pay for it, any chance of toning it down slightly in terms of upgrade timescales?
  19. Angel

    Angel Member

    I dont understand, what you are complaining about?
    at higher Levels you have more properties and with it more money flow. It should be no problem, to pay the healings :confused:
  20. Jay Shinigami

    Jay Shinigami Member

    Problem with that is the amount of properties is limited to 3 per region so once you hit china, no matter what level you are you still have the same income once you get the 3 Chinese properties. Your heal costs don't stay constant, they keep increasing.

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