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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Kshoe, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. Kshoe

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    KANO...What have you done to the NY Boss fight/ The last Boss fight we on myspace finished at least 4 days early...and this one looks like it will be the same. Timer right now says 8:04:31:30...i interpret that as 8 days 4 hours 31 mins and 30 seconds...if we keep hitting at the rate we r this boss will be done by tomorrow which hurts the ones that r trying to make the next level bonus...I personally am trying to get to lvl 450 for that extra bonus but at this rate there is no way i can make 7 levels in less than 2 days.

    I recall seeing some banter in reference to the Facebook NY Boss...lots of complaints from facebook users about the fact that their NY Boss always wins...in my opinion due to a lack of interest but thats just my opinion...lol.

    I noticed also where you, KANO, stated that their boss was "tweaked" so they could give better damage...Please tell me you didn't do the same to the myspace boss...Anyway its just frustrating to see that it will be dead within 48hrs...see for yourselves.

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  2. Bo Baby

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    yeah it does seem like this boss died a lot quicker, but then again people have lvl'd and gotten their characters better since the last boss, but u should be able to get 7 lvls in less than 2 days if u play a certain way, thats nothing, but try having to get 100 lvls b4 this boss dies which is what i am tryin to do...LoL, any suggestions??? haha
  3. There must be alot more active players on my space ,as the facebook boss is no where near being completed , as im writing this we still need 240 people to unlock "mace to the face" attack
  4. Kshoe

    Kshoe Member

    Wow!! Sorry no suggestions for that one but good luck!!! I did make it to level 450...had to use a lot of godfather points lollll.....This boss will be dead tonite!!
  5. Kshoe

    Kshoe Member

    I see that!!! geez...Don't know what the deal is for this app on Facebook. If you were a Mafia Wars player u see they sut that down on Myspace and is having everyone transfer their accts to Facebook and OMG...it is a mad house....lol
  6. D E O X Y S

    D E O X Y S New Member

    well you're totally wrong about the facebook thing - we have won every world boss fight to date and we have more players than myspace - due to the fact that myspace is 10 years out of date and has less than 10% of the active users that facebook has (that is a lack of interest) ...
  7. Ace

    Ace Member

    That's not correct Deoxys, most times it's defeated just a few minutes/hours before the time expires, so the exp obtained on the final bonus is 1/5 what it should be, and once it didn't die.

    And it's not lack of interest on FB, it's just that it got too overpowered in comparison of how much damage it receives.
  8. Ace is right , the second nyc boss defeated us and we had to do it again ..its always a close call on the world boss for us, this one seems to be cutting it fine too
    but on the plus side we only need 34 people to unlock mace to the face :D
  9. D E O X Y S

    D E O X Y S New Member

    Ill have to take your word for it on that, as I cant remember losing to one of them.. but I was pretty sure we've always won with several days left - definitely the last few have died with around 3 or 4 days left on the clock because I'm sick of not being able to fight them for several days as they provide a decent amount of exp.

    just winds me up, stupid myspace users dishing out comments about how Facebook has a lack of interest when its a known fact that myspace is a dead social networking site
  10. To be fair , i never had a my space account so i dont know how they compare , but facebook is my preference , the fact that the my space players have already unlocked serval attacks would suggest to me that

    A) they have more ACTIVE players on that social site

    B) they have more higher level players , so therefore they can deal more damage

    and hopefully if they do leave my space ,they come over to facebook , so we dont get our butts handed to us again by a level 2 world boss

    :D but we have now unlocked mace to the face :D
  11. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    just an fyi...

    facebook is a personal site, yes there are more people on facebook than on myspace, but nobody wants to invite thousands of people into their personal lives, which is exactly what would have to happen in order to have enough mob size to compete on the app
  12. Kshoe

    Kshoe Member

    As we can all see from the responses I am not TOTALLY wrong!!

    I went back an re-read my original post and as i stated it was my opinion that it was a lack of interest for facebook users to attack the NY Boss and that is why that boss has won!

    Don't appreciate being called stupid. You might need to dial it down a notch, I wasnt attacking anyone on here...I save that for the app!! Happy Mobbin!!
  13. Kshoe

    Kshoe Member

    Very difficult to do also...Facebook will flag your acct if u send over 20 friend requests and block u from sending friend request, receiving request and sending messages for 2 days.

    I know this from experience...lol...Zynga bailed on Mafia Wars on Myspace and everyone is transferring their acct to facebook...some of the perks are great but depending on the option u either go in with all or none of your current mafia and if u do pick all they are all hired hands so you still have to friend request to take advantage of the missions they provide. Sucks to go in with 2499 Hired guns.....no money....no property....lolllll but a butt load of reward points.:D
  14. nrdslv

    nrdslv New Member

    Kano wanted to ask ... why not give back the items in each issue of attack ... each time the NYPD boss level increases? Level 3 is the boss, but who has already made ​​25 attacks ... and gets nothing would be more appropriate that at every level again. is just a suggestion
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  15. nrdslv

    nrdslv New Member

    Kano wanted to ask ... why not give back the items in each issue of attack ... each time the NYPD boss level increases? Level 3 is the boss, but who has already made ​​25 attacks ... and gets nothing would be more appropriate that at every level again. is just a suggestion
  16. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Asking the same question twice makes it not more likely to be adressed. And I would like to read what you mean in clear, straight sentences, cause right now I can't understand what you're suggesting.
  17. So then KSHOE have you beaten your boss , the curiosity is killing me :D....hopefully ours is on its way out too
    and if you ever do leave my space your more than welcome in my mob ;)

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