November 5th Developer Update - USA World Boss & Switzerland Rocket Launcher Shooter

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  1. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    The 'World Boss' feature has been released and the first boss is the Teen Popstar located in USA. The World Bosses are open to all players of Zombie Slayer so everyone can contribute by attacking it. The Teen Popstar boss has a set of Items that can be won by defeating the boss as well as a set of Achievements. Unlike other bosses you can only attack the world boss once every 4 hours.

    To join the attack on the Teen Popstar boss head back to the United States or access it via the Boss page. Give it a shot and rid the world of Z-pop!

    Also added today is a Rocket Launcher Shooter for Switzerland. Payouts, Clear Bonuses and Achievements are the highest of any of the Shooter's so check it out. You must clear Theater St Gallen of zombies to unlock the Swiss shooter.

    As always we appreciate any feedback/comments you have and here are some images of the Teen Popstar as well as the item set dropped by the Swiss Rocket Launcher Shooter.

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  2. Viscious

    Viscious New Member

    Cool. May be fun but do you think there's enough players to take this thing out in time?
  3. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Should be close, we ran a couple of calculations. We will be watching this closely over the weekend, if we need to tweak some numbers we will like lowering the attack again time out or adjusting the teen popstars health.
  4. Excellent additions to game.
    Thank you.
  5. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    The new location will happen soon, we have been hitting our creative team pretty hard. We are currently working on a plan to get our locations out faster than this one has taken.

    These world bosses will have pretty good payouts in terms of XP and $$, and they will get better the higher level you are at.
  6. Amazing additions. I actually drooled a bit at them :)

    Out of curiosity, where would somebody go to find requirements to join the creative or testing teams?
  7. cesarr

    cesarr Member

    yes they do. i got 1100 XP for joining
  8. Jessica

    Jessica Member

    World boss looks awesome but I have one quick question. For the boss helper achievements do you have to attack the same level boss 20 times to get all 3 achievements or will the number of attacks carry over so you can attack level 1 10 times and level 2 10 times to get the achievements?
  9. MOJO1916

    MOJO1916 Member

    GENIOUS....they are fab..all the new items.....and the exp...well u have outdone urself

    so TAKE a bow...THANKS
  10. Druster

    Druster New Member

    I attacked the USA-World-Boss 5 times and didnt got the skill point (Achievement 1) for that Boss :-(
  11. Jester2905

    Jester2905 New Member

    I just did my fifth attack and received a skill point. Perhaps try again - Kendall did mention that there was a bug, that is fixed now.

    Your Contribution
    dmg dealt: 137148
    dmg taken: 29
    num attacks: 5
    XP gained: 7103
    cash gained: $18,724,443
    last attack: 1 second
  12. Can there be world bosses for pirate clan?:D
  13. Tim Vande Schraaf

    Tim Vande Schraaf New Member

    DITTO!!! -- Add a Cannon Launcher or something like that too!
  14. Angel

    Angel Member

    Teen Popstar Health: 2,986,565,571 / 4,500,000,000
    Time Left To Defeat Boss:3:17:37:42

    I doubt, that we will defeat it in time.

    I know that the facebook boss is almost done, but there are a lot more fighters.

    I think it is time to recalculate the myspace boss, I dont want to pass on my reward
  15. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Yes, we will be tweaking the teen popstars health on MySpace and Hi5 later today. Keep attacking though!
  16. Jay Shinigami

    Jay Shinigami Member

    Can't wait to start cracking on the Canada world boss, only shame is the weapons/armour for USA world boss are absolutely worthless for high level players, doesn't seem to make sense in regards to the level requirements to unlock them...

    Other than that loving the new content and updates - especially the 15stamina power attack, bring on 20-25 ;) ;) xD
  17. Angel

    Angel Member

    Thank you, Kendall, this is much better :)
  18. Doktor Franknstone

    Doktor Franknstone New Member

    Where can we get further information about that boss fight?
    Who was the winner?
    Where is the guy touching Bieber's leg?
    Why was he the only guy and obviously no zombie?
    Hey this is the KANO-Forum for Zombie Slayer and nothing to find.... bah!
  19. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    The non-zombie guy was an internal prank that we did on someone here at Kano, we thought it would be funny if we added him in touching the teen popstar. We got his reaction on video so we may post it at some point although I haven't seen the quality of the vid.

    Final blow info currently isn't externalized but that could definitely be an enhancement in the future.

    The World Boss is something we will be extending as we go, from the response it seems like something people enjoyed.
  20. I really did enjoy it, however there are a couple issues with it:
    1. 4 hours between attacks makes sense for limiting attacks, however it is somewhat unfair to those of us who are employed and unable to access a computer every 4 hours, not to mention sleep.
    2. The health was too high for the actual fighters on myspace. Additionally many of the heavy hitting fighters on myspace spend all their stam on futile faction fighting.
    3. I think the boss fights would benefit from a hybridization of the shooters and boss fighting code. authorize an attack every 4 hours, but allow those attacks to build up like shots in the shooter. off the top of my head I'd say 6 shots, as 4x6=24. or 3, to encourage logging in twice a day.

    Overall however I really enjoy the world boss concept and I thank you greatly for including it.

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