November 22 - Gamer Points / Seasons

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Eric, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    We've released Gamer Points and Seasons. These features are still in beta. Gamer Points are achieved through doing quests/bosses/fights and other features throughout the game ( see the help page for more info ). If you're part of a faction these points contribute to your faction. Factions will battle it out during each season weekly (Monday 12am PST -> Monday 12am PST) for trophies ( achievements/unlocks to come ) and leaderboard status. These features are still evolving and there is more to come.

    As always any bugs please let us know, thanks.
  2. Does this mean, those of us who have remained independent are going to have to join a faction??
  3. Druster

    Druster New Member

    Same question here. I understand it so too!!!! Next question, are the GP`s limited???
    I ask because i got 5000 in Bossfights and no more. It stops counting...
  4. kimmerz

    kimmerz Member

    I would like the answer to this as well.

    Warlock we might have to create a un-faction faction.

    I like being independent because there are people from different groups that I like to trade attacks with. They give me good xp, I give them good xp. Nothing personal. If I had a 3 or 4 letters at the end of my name I'm afraid it would become a "she's hitting me for a faction kinda thing" I like to play this game for the boss'. I love the lack of drama and I really don't want to put my foot into that ring in ZS.....
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  5. Buzzbomb

    Buzzbomb New Member

    Something like this was suggested several weeks ago and I pointed out how easy it would be to manipulate this option by using alt accounts and fake factions to boost stats. There's already people with multiple accounts heading up several allied factions. All you have to do is use ghost accounts to make fake factions to fight your real faction and always lose. Your main faction gains points and wins and goes up on the leader board, earns trophies and achievements by cheating the system. How are you going to keep this legit?
  6. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    You do not have to be involved with a faction if you do not want too.

    Gamer Points in the future may be used in other aspects of the game (used to unlock special content, items, player achievements, etc), right now they can be earned by everyone by performing tasks in game daily. Their only and initial use right now is in faction seasons.
  7. jon french

    jon french Member

    Whats with the 10500 cap on points a day (i assume), that took me no time at all to reach. Also, i take it a "season" is 7 dayas, monday to friday?

    Anotjer interestin new feature, yu are bombarding us at the moment, it is awesome :)
  8. goodeqplayer

    goodeqplayer New Member

    hey no idea where to get help about this but since the points have been introduced i can no longer see the basic page for my alliance i need to accept a new member and an ally request for my alliance and am unable to see anything but the feed and the point meter please send any assistance you can.
  9. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Looks like we pushed a bug with Internet Explorer browsers. We will push out a fix shortly.
  10. AbNo

    AbNo Member

    Yeah, the bug is people need to quit using IE. :rolleyes:
  11. Jay Shinigami

    Jay Shinigami Member

    Firefox is horrible nowadays too IMO way too slow so I prefer chrome personally
  12. Angel

    Angel Member

    Im not sure if this is a bug, but the percentage dont correspond with the grafic :confused:

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  13. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Yes that is a bug, we will push out a fix before lunch. Thank you for letting us know!
  14. Angel

    Angel Member

    you're welcome :)
    btw I like the new feature, now I can easely see, how activ my factionmembers are, thanks for this :)

  15. Well Kim there's already a faction like that. 3/4 of the members in it I KNOW are in your squad and think very highly of you, so getting you in shouldn't be an issue ;).

    Rule number 1, No Drama.
    Rule number 2 ABSOLUTELY No Drama
    Rule number 3. read rules 1 and 2
    rule number 4. have you read rules 1 and 2 yet?
    rule number 5. Absofreakenlutely NO, Nada, Nein, Cero, Drama At All!!!

    wait.... people still use IE??? I thought it had already gone the way of Doshell, and windows 1. you mean systems still support that open virus window, bug laden, system crashing program? I thought most antivirus software deleted it instantly in their immunization protocols.
  16. Jester2905

    Jester2905 New Member

    When viewing the Faction Stats - is it possible to list the members in order of who has earned the most points? I like the the scroll bar (when I am on my PC or laptop) but when I am playing on my ipad or iphone I can't scroll.
  17. Big Ken

    Big Ken Member

    Aint that the truth. LOL
  18. Hated

    Hated Member

    GP was a great was to get people to fight again.
    would be nice to see some items up for sale in return for saved GP,

    } Limited Edition Destructive items, possibly defense Destructive items..

    } maybe a LARGE amount can be traded for 'safe mode' cant get attacked for a hour?

    } (iv said it befor but its just 1 use) bring in avatars, and you can buy avatar outfits for GP

    }Faction GP- buy add-ons to your faction eg, chat, limited message board for the public, faction fight boosts Vs enemy factions, open more slots for members-allies-enermys....

    IE should be removed from the World wide web!
    but feel free to use it if you enjoy leaving your system open for attacks ;)
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  19. ya maybe use firefox or even google chrome..internet explorer is considered ancient history LOL!! :D

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