November 16th Developer Update - Workshop (Beta)

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  1. Loren

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    The Workshop - a new feature for Zombie Slayer that allows you to combine inventory items together to create hybrid items. A brief outline on how the feature works:

    Your inventory is listed in the top left hand box. You can filter these items by selecting the corresponding item type from the drop down selector. Each inventory item includes an icon to denote its type.

    Click and drag images from Your Items, then drop them in the slots provided on the workbench.

    Blueprints hold the formulas to create items, and are listed in the yellow panel on the bottom left hand side of the page. Blueprints are unlocked by reaching level and location requirements. A Blueprint requires inventory items and cash to create; most items are destroyed in the process unless otherwise denoted with a *.

    To visit the Workshop click Inventory -> Workshop.

    If you encounter any issues or have any feedback for the Workshop please don't hesitate to post those comments here and we can address them. We will continue to release new Blueprints as this feature graduates from the Beta stages.

    Enhancements we will be addressing:
    - Including item sourcing feature showing you where to find Blueprint items.
    - More Blueprints which create a variety of item types, not just weapons.
  2. Jay Shinigami

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    Liking the constant stream of new content :)
  3. i like its it looks like from that wery first game Resident Evil when u combine items
    some like gun powders u can make blast racket or when u shoot your enemy go on fire lol

    got one done ty Loren

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  4. Loren

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    @ParashuramaBloodAxeLegend nice one, that is one of my personal favorites.
  5. Angel

    Angel Member

    nice feature! love it :)
  6. Angel

    Angel Member

    would be great if we would have the same feature for the gear and vehicles =)
  7. kimmerz

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    The blueprints need to include what the att/def stats of the item will be. I just spent a lot of money building something only to find out that even fully upgraded I will never use it.
  8. Loren

    Loren Administrator

    We will continue releasing new Blueprints which will cover the span of weapons, gear, vehicles, and destructive items. Expect the Blueprint list to significantly grow over the next little while.

    @kimmerz we just released an update that shows the attack and defense of the Blueprint items.
  9. Gina

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    take care just spent 2 bil doing top item

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