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    Yep, not going to go into specifics on accounts, but as we said in our Day 2 summary, we returned FP on accounts that were not gained through the Colonge trade-in where applicable. If anyone has questions about how we balanced their accounts, Support is ready with a breakdown for them.

    We did say that we reacted hastily in our wrap ups removing said FP and regret the shock that it caused, but it was all part of the process of trying to maintain the games after we discovered the Colonge trade-in.
  2. Your imagination does not coincide with reality, sadly. Several instances of pre-Cologne FPs remain unreturned.

    For my own part, I do not have that particular complaint, I got the 6-7 FP I had beforehand back. Several players report several hundred FPs missing however, stolen by Kano.
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  3. Out of curiousity, what does "where applicable" refer to here?

    It should be relatively easy to check the specific holding of FPs on any given account before the first trade of cologne happened there, so any discrepancies between that number and the "post-balancing" number would seem to me to be inexplicable.
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    Yes, we have the exact amount of FP that a person had on-hand before the Colonge trade in.

    If you or anyone else has questions about your account, please let Support know and they can break it down for you. This is information is between you and Support and thus will not be shared publicly in the forum.
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