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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by dbtkenny, May 15, 2011.

  1. magicrat

    magicrat New Member

    Personally, tried Chrome on two Vista machines, and one XP

    Just now tried IE8 on the XP

    No go - and I can't use the phone anymore either. Goodbye, daily gamer points :rolleyes:
  2. Kanusti

    Kanusti New Member

    has try IE,Firefox,Chrome and safari and stille dosent work
  3. Ace

    Ace Member

    Hide the single & coop bosses list, and I think you can hit the World Boss with that problem.

    Still, it's odd that it hasn't been fixed yet, and that it only happens to some people.

    What we know, it's that it ain't a browser issue, but in Mozilla there's a way to sort of fix it.

    Go to the outbreak/boss/whatever screen and right click. My browser's on Spanish, so I can't tell the name of the option, but it's the only one that shows more options, and from those options pick either the second or the third, both worked back when I had that problem.
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  4. im the beast

    im the beast Member

    sry to say i havent had this happen yet, but u can highlight the page and scroll down something like ares said to do should work ur has for me when this has happened in the past but all good right now
  5. D E O X Y S

    D E O X Y S New Member

    IE, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome all not rendering properly on 3 different computers... sorts it out please ;)
  6. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    I've had this problem a few times in firefox, a reload usually fixes it, but if not i can hold in the scroll wheel on my mouse and drag the page view down to see the bottom.

    This is not a fix to the problem but a way to continue playing.
  7. magicrat

    magicrat New Member

    It worked! I love you dude! I'll never punch you again :p
  8. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    hey now! lets not get hasty, maybe i like the attention lmao ;)
  9. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    As KANO has already said, it is a problem with Facebook, and not the Kano Apps themselves. So using IE/Firefox/Chrome/etc won't give you different results - it is the social network itself.
  10. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    This is an issue that Facebook pushed out over the weekend that impacts all canvas apps that use Facebooks supported JS SDK which we do.

    "Current Status: Javascript iFrame resize issue

    We are investigating an issue with Javascript iFrame resizing across some applications. Please follow bug 17577 for more information. Further updates will be posted there as they become available."

    From the source:

    Hopefully they will get it fixed shortly.

    All cut off pages are almost always due to issues with Facebook.
  11. magicrat

    magicrat New Member

    I must have missed the part where this has been explained before, but thanks for replying and explaining.

    Strange though that it only affects one of my games.. but then again perhaps the others don't use the same tools in the first place. Besides, explaining this to me, would be like explaining quantum physics to a monkey anyway - not that I'd be any better at that than the monkey either :)

    I'm just happy it's an identified problem, and someone, somewhere is working on it :)
  12. Angel

    Angel Member

    same problem since yesterday, in Pirate Clan und Vikings too
  13. dbtkenny

    dbtkenny New Member

    MMMm funny that i had a look before post and did not see anything about it.

    Also it did happen over a weekend. it does pes me of that facebook and the like will put out update over a weekend. so no one is there to fix problems.

    DO it on a monday will you facebook. and it did take till tuesday get a post from kano :(
  14. magicrat

    magicrat New Member

    Anyway, it works again now :cool:
  15. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    A post in THIS thread, yes. Before I had posted, I checked the timestamps on both YOUR post and the OTHER posts by Kano.
  16. dbtkenny

    dbtkenny New Member

    MMM ok am i the only one that can only see one post by Kano? post number 30# in this thread. which is date today for me tuesday.

    IF Kano posted in a differ part of the forums it is good maners post and say after all this is bug area. and i did ask if any one was having problems as you can see the post peole where have the same problem. I link to the post will be use full as well.
  17. malific

    malific Member

    This issue has happened before, it didn´t happen for me these days, but as a way of solving it 'partially' in case it happens again and you´re using Firefox browser, you can try opening a new frame (right-click on your ZS window, somewhere like the game history) at a different window/tab. It worked for me when it happened, but as far as I know Chrome doesn´t have that feature and I don´t use IE anymore, so it would only help FF users. Only downpart of it is you won´t be able to scroll down with mouse wheel, but you can use the arrows or PgUp/PgDn instead.
  18. LunaOdin

    LunaOdin New Member

    1/2 page loading

    :mad: well I thought I'd come see how Zombie Slayer was working since the other 2 Kano apps I play aren't working properly. All 3 (VC, PC ad this) are only loading 1/2 pages for every page in the game. I logged out of facebook, closed and reopened the browser, cleared cookies and cache, everything I can think of... nothing's working. Please fix :(
  19. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Yes, it does look like Facebook is having issues again with setting the page height for some regions.

    I have confirmed that other developers are having issues on the Facebook Developer Forums, I have also gone ahead and added an update to the closed bug that Facebook logged since it does not sound to be closed.

    Hopefully there is someone working at Facebook today since it is the Memorial Day long weekend.
  20. Duje of Skuje

    Duje of Skuje New Member

    I've had this problem intermittently for what seems like ages now. Sometimes the page doesnt load fully, but I usually find reloading the page sorts it. Maybe not the first reload, but after at least a couple of attempts. It was hella annoying at first, but I've come to live with it now. Would still be nice if FB fixed it though.

    Ares, what's this about them banning you for an hour (you mentioned earlier in this thread)? Did I understand that correctly - because you caught to many hits or something? Is there a limit to how many hits you're allowed to catch per day or per hour these days?

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