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    I got no problems with anybody spending cash on a game, I've spent a lot in the time I've played (8 years & 9 months). What I have a problem with is the newer players being able to build a stronger mob at a lower cost - discounts on package of hired guns, favor points and limited weapons. I don't recall any of these offers when I was building and even a lot of players who started 5 or 6 year ago can't recall ever being offered these discounts when building their mob.

    And not to mention all the discounts on favor points that would appear to pop up at a higher frequency for newer players than older players. I've seen the screenshots from various players in various Facebook groups I'm in reminding other players now is the time to buy favor points. Unfortunately not every player gets these discounts from Kano.

    Over the last 3 year it has become considerably easier and cheaper to build a very strong character than what it was. Kano should have at least kept it fair and offered the same discounts to all rather than just some.
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    biggest turn off is the change in daily reward, as many part timer hate this format if they missed a day, the staminas option reset to day 1 10%... which is not helpful at all.... kano need to be fair to all, leave it at 60% everyday, please kano. otherwise it dying game for most part timers
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    if they run off all the free players they will not be in the same tax bracket they might want to ponder that idea
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    simple thing would be do redo the stats on any item 3 years or older and give them the same stats as the new items out the trade in value sucks we spent 30 fps on alot of those items to get just 5 back we lose 6 items that way to get 1 that makes no sense.... I remember when it first started before it was sold who knows how many times really the guy who invented this game would annually update all old items with new stats.

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