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    As a long standing player i have seen alot of changes within this la cosa nostra game. Some good, Some bad, And some down right stupid. But i have to say as of late this great game as just lost its way. Me personally dont mind new blood coming to the game as we need the new players to keep the game flowing. I recently have been losing some attacks to a level 4975 who as been playing for just 70 days. As for alot of players that are lower level than me they have been completly disalutioned with what as happened. I come to the conclusion a while back that doing raids is not now viable as level does not mean anything anymore. As the game as turned into a buying items game. I love this game and will carry on playing. But i fear for the player that will aventually stop playing and move on. Kano please sort out what this great game needs for it to carry on being the best fighting game around. You have been given more than enough feed back from a large range of players who have cocerns. Thank you. Long standing devoted player.
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    good post, im with you 100% :)
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    me 2 2 <3
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    My concern is that if there is no point leveling to get stronger what is the point in playing. unless you buy loads of items. that makes the game less fun and pointless for people who cannot afford it.
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    100% agree with you. That's why I don't worry about leveling.. Prefer to stay lower.
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    100% agree with you. I would have thought this game would encourage you to play for longer therefore creating longevity for the game. There should be achievements and rewards given for longtime loyalty of players to the game not ones that can be bought. The veteran players have stuck with this game and have been the essence of which has kept it going all this time. I don't believe that a player should be able to buy their way to being the strongest over someone who has put in years of time getting their character to where they are. The best part of this game is the strategy that you use to build and play which does not always require spending lots of cash. Please don't alienate the players who can't or choose not to spend as their knowledge that they kindly share with others is worth far more than money. Without these players the game would be an empty shell of who has the largest bank balance.
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    this right here is so on its crazy for kano even to ignore this problem as long as they have, you have made it a point to basically tells us if you dont spend you wont get nowhere, you messed up the best PVP game ever WTF are you thinking.........
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    What company, in there right mind, ignores it's long term customers? What company can find further and deeper success and move the company forward by not listening to those who have helped them be successful? Over the years the game has changed dramatically. Remember when BA was about strategy? Today, anyone can win depending upon the amount or refills you are willing to spend in order to come in first place. What happened to do the days of carefully crafting your profile, seeking alliances, planning on how you are going to spend your 5 skill points after each level? More stam? More energy? Attack or defense? Today, we have raids. You can gain 2000 levels per month and receive a modest weapon. Remember buying weapons early on? it you got one that was 125 att and 125 def you thought you were king of the world. Today, weapons are approaching 450 att and 450 def and soon, will be topping the 500 att/def. Remember when Kano sought our opinions? Unfortunately, Kano no longer needs our opinions, they need our credit cards. They have turned this game into a cash cow and the victory will go to Kano as they laugh and laugh and laugh at our stupidity while we think we can be victorious by spending real money to buy fake weapons and be the ruler of the game! We are stupid for allowing Kano to play us like they have. Spending money on a click game where it is all imaginary, everyone is issued a heal button and in the end it really does not matter. Bravo, Kano! Bravo! You have proved you no longer need us only those that are duped into spending real money on absolutely nothing and we have made you wealthy. Remember the days when this was a great game...?
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    Spot on mate, i had said something very similar in another chat http://forums.kanoapps.com/threads/addressing-player-concerns.21295/page-2#post-160279

    Sol, the biggest problem with the referrals was the weapons players got and the HUGE discount on hired hands to get a full mob. Further, the current problems with raids etc are the weapons stats drops. Again the big problem with GF weapons is the huge increase in attack and def stats. the warnings about these have been raised time and time again. and from EXPERIENCE learnt in the original MW weapons with fixed stats create an imbalance in the game. you find players who buy huge amounts of weapons allocating very little skill points to attack and def and focusing on stam and energy in order to do raids for leveling. this is something no older player can do as raids did not exist. why not make special items such as GF weapons etc give you a percentage bonus on your existing skill points in attack and def. if this were done then players would be forced to allocate skill points to attack and def to maximize the weapons benefit. a player who focuses on stam and energy would only derive a small benefit from a gf weapon because their attack and def skill allocation would consequently be small. the balance in the game would thus be maintained. additionally those that allocate skill to attack and def AND buy GF weapns would still become very strong... but thats ok, it makes a mockery of the game to get beaten by players 5000 levels lower than you with next to no skills in attack and def because of all the raid drops and GF weapons.
    the idea of a percentage stam suggested by relentless has been raised before and no feed back was received on it.... i think older players would not be too concerned about the retro application (or lack of it) IF the percentage was coupled with level attained. the difficulty i would foresee however is that this would have to be constantly adjusted as more and more players reach higher levels... the solution might then be instead to award stam based a players position in the world ranking. thus the top say 20 would get 80 percent boost per level the next 20 would get 60 percent boost etc till say the top 100 who would then get a standard amount of stam boost. this would serve as an incentive for players to try get to higher positions since levels have become largely meaningless" currently with raids and gf weapons.
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    Hey guys, like @Xipe Totec said we have another thread here: http://forums.kanoapps.com/threads/addressing-player-concerns.21295/page-4#post-161223 Where people are sharing concerns like this. In my mind, this issue is caused by older players having bought Limiteds that are not as good as the current ones. If you all had the same items as new players, you'd be much stronger because of your far higher Attack and Defense stats. So I'd like to change the Pawn Shop and improve Location and Boss drops to help you guys get better items and compete on that level. Hope that makes sense.
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    What part of business to make money don't people get ? Doesn't matter if your new or old you're supposed to spend lot's of money if you want to be the best. If someone on 70 days spent ridiculous amounts and they must have then it's fair game..... If you can't spend the money needed then you really can't expect miracles and old timers will have to suck it up. The long timers have advantage of cash and since ambushes can be used to stop chaining then that's your answer.
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    The issue is not about who is spending money, the issue is that we were until recently paying 30fp for the best item with att 250 def 170. Now the same amount of FP gets an item with att 500 and def 340. So a newer player can become a lot stronger by spending half as much money.
  14. Barry Turner

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    you know your the only one to actually explain your reasons for being angry..

    ok i totally get why your now doing it.
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    We should maybe have the option to trade old limited items in for favor points.
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    I totally agree with Telly 100% in that Kano have very deep pockets and that it is totally useless reporting account sharing & alternate accounts because Kano turn a blind eye to it owing to their eyesight being blinded by $$$ signs which they would rather see than worry about somebody sharing somebody elses account or having altrenate accounts.

    The same way they gave the new players a leg up in the game & screwed over the older players, I for one will never contribute a single cent to a corrupt comapny that screws its' origonal players over...good old Kano stick it to the players, common nice & deep just there in the middle of their backs!
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    No game last forever, they go through phases until they are put to rest and a new project takes over. When a game maker decides the game is approaching a point where supporting it costs more than it brings in they will opt for massive short term monetization followed by a quick pull of the plug. That's just a general statement based on bullshit and thin air.
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    theres good points here however it is business. The recurring theme I have,having not spent is that I get chained and have to ambush and theres only 10 lol so Iike to hunt - have to hunt to bpunty the chainers.....so ur chained, ambushing / hunting to combat pvsp, well what otherwise would have been a more equal pvsp setup.
    I do not mind if people buy their way to the top but it makes the game tougher for the working joe.
    Thats not bad if joe is tough too lol
    but the embarassment of serious veterans getting smashed by the rich and younger hurts the pride.
    I understand that.
    Money is the wildcard in the whole equation but thats business.
    Get rich.Its good Go skiing.

    2. the other theme that circulates, whether or not by wowsers, like a germ through the air conditioning is that high profile cash spenders have a colluded immunity to play above and beyond the law and that protection is afforded to them by kano staff, which is pretty cool as it reflects the real world that smacks of gangsta ethics lol
    and may or may not be true but circulate it does.

    3. with just 10 ambushes available and then u have to remove to counter another player,it ends up like this

    Attacks from: 599 attacks,2 hits,2 punches,5 rigged ignitions in 2 days, 2 hours Attacked first: 2 days, 2 hours ago Last attacked: 17 minutes ago

    Attacks against: 6 hits,2 recent hits,7 punches,72 ambushes,2 rigged ignitions in 1 days, 19 hours Last attacked: 2
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    This game has turned into what the old MW was like if you don't spend cash your out of it so no need to play as that's all that it is now about! very sad!
  20. wakosako

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    I have spent money on this game (Yes I know sad) But wont any more as you don't any where! Bonus has gone right down so you don't get 100% of energy or stam or anything else seems the game owner is thinking of only his pocket and nothing else! I think it's time to stop any cash going in as it's just a waste of time :(
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