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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Reesy901, Aug 3, 2018.

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    Wasn't sure if this was a ticket/support issue but it seems a few people were having this issue (at least on kong) so I thought "I can make a forum post and figure out if more people are having this issue".

    So, I've been signed up to the newsletter since I started playing LCN on Kong (so 4 and a lot years now) and haven't received a newsletter in quite sometime even though I have my email set in the settings page (see attached picture that I have actually got a working email set up).

    Are there any particular email domains/servers which your mailer does not support or is there something more widespread at play?

    Also, if anyone else if having issues please post below. I use a hotmail (ie prior to the outlook shift), so if you could post your domain as well we can hopefully collect some data on kano's behalf if it isn't a known problem on kano's end.


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    According to my settings I am signed up but I haven't gotten the newsletter for quite some time. And yes I checked the span folder and all the other usual hiding places.
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    Yeah I checked my spam, archive and even my filters to make sure it isn't getting blocked but nothing in any of them.
  4. Same here, not received newsletter after editing settings info
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    Haven't received a newsletter in ages
  6. The quickness of response to this issue is very encouraging...I guess the carrier pigeons have ran into trouble
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    It could well be that the real support team have been killed and replaced by doppelgangers. They know how to mimic the usual routine of posting TGIF and loyalty rewards but not the forum replying part. That or they've just not seen the post. Maybe we need more tags. Maybe that'll get them to finally notice our cries for help!
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    Pretty simple answer here and I believe I've said it before although it is hard to dig through my reply history. Newsletters are not sent to Kong/Armor and haven't been for some time. This is for a variety of reasons and we may start it up again at some point.

    That said, I do post the reward links in the TGIF posts when the newsletters go out so if you are regularly checking the forums for those posts you shouldn't miss out on any rewards. Additionally the newsletters are just collections of the updates from the TGIF, so if you're reading those you should be in the know. :)
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    That would explain that then. Thanks. Will try to remember this time.
  11. I can't recall having seen any newsletter reward links in those TGIF posts...will take a peek in old ones tho.

    EDIT: Found it...
    TGIF! Development News for May 25, 2018
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    Do you know when you made this announcement? I don't remember seeing :s In all fairness, I don't read every episode of TGIF. It's not that I don't care, but more I'm just not in a routine of checking all of them or catching up if I miss one.

    Would it be possible to make a more overview/quarterly highlights version of TGIF when "newsletter rewards" are released with a round up of important events/notices during the period since the last?

    On a related but slightly tangential note, the option for subscribing to a newsletter still comes up on kong and the app will pester you to enter your email if you're not "signed up". Will there be any updates coming to amend this side of the UI? This is where the confusion arose for me as, with not seeing the original announcement, the clash in what the app is saying and what is actually being received by the user lead me to question what happened/is happening. It's not like I'm new to the game and missed this change due to my lack of presence on the forums/in game either.

    That being said, on the subject of new players... The promise of loyalty rewards for entering your email by subscribing to a newsletter is appealing. However, if they are not told/aware of the fact these rewards are released via TGIF then they'll just miss them and wonder where that newsletter is/share in my confusion.

    Either way, some points to chew on and thanks for the eventual update.
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    Update, checked the TGIF Kay-Arne mentioned and links were present but it only said something along the lines of here are the newsletter links if you haven't seen them. In addition to this, when I searched newsletter I didn't see anything in the recent (last couple of years) referencing Kano pulling the newsletter from kong/armor users.

    Funnily enough, I did find a post I made in 2015 where I hadn't received that winter's iteration of the newsletter. If I remember rightly that was the last time I actually received a newsletter but I got the reward link forwarded to me via another player! So not a new issue with me/the newsletter!
  14. This is a horrible idea, I have a much better one.

    Tell all the people that every once in a while, the hidden terrible joke punchline will in fact not be a punchline, but instead the newsletter reward link. That way, EVERYONE will have to read your TGIF jokes!

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