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  1. Deltan

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    Wedged between impassable mountains and the cold Pacific, the innocents of Seattle stood no chance once the infection broke. A dense ocean fog shrouds the streets, pierced only by occasional gunfire and the constant moan of the horde. Scattered communications suggest a band of survivors have fortified the Space Needle. If you can reach the tower, perhaps there's a chance to hold out and save the city. Seattle is a vital port for supplies and reinforcements along the West Coast. It must not fall. Good luck, Slayers, this will be your toughest task yet.

  2. finally! is it the very last city!? i think it should have been some place tho
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  3. MJG

    MJG New Member

    here are my suggestions for future cities. Brooklyn, Detroit, Boston, San Antonio, Miami, Las Vegas, Phoenix & Memphis
  4. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    What about a state: Tasmania. Lets see the Tassie Devil Zombie style.
  5. CrazyMonkey

    CrazyMonkey New Member

    Good thinking Relentless, and the inbred "married brother and sister" co-op boss, that's fitting of a state like Tassie...
  6. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    Oh your right, they should go with a mainland state and have a "jobless drunkass bogan" for the boss.

    I'm surprised my other head didn't think of this beforehand.
  7. DragTheWaters

    DragTheWaters Member

    I know that you guys are close by to Seattle, in Vancouver, and may even know about this...but the coolest Boss for Seattle would be the Fremont Troll. You may have ideas about rabid barista's or whatever, but nothing would be cool than the Fremont Troll.


    Get copyright permission and get it in the game!

    -- DragTheWaters
  8. Shard Crimsonclaw

    Shard Crimsonclaw New Member

    For the record my bosses I suggested for Portland would also work for Seattle. That is, a Barista as a single boss and Environmentalists as Co-Op.
  9. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    great idea!
  10. Shard Crimsonclaw

    Shard Crimsonclaw New Member

    Much better than environmentalists. Go with the barista and the Troll. Can't go wrong that way.
  11. Who owns the troll? Do they have to get permission to use it's likeness since I would consider it a landmark? Someone owns the Space Needle, too, but I don't think one has to get permission to use it's likeness. We've already talked about this Don, I really like the idea.

    I would like to see Kano go back to countries. There are plenty still left. Or maybe locations, like Tunguska or Chernobyl.
  12. yeah Chernobyl,give me 12 outbreaks from Chernobyl...maybe you wanted to say Ukraine with CHernobyl Outbreak LOL
  13. Yeah, Ukraine or Siberia. Though I'm wondering how many locations can be found in Siberia. Maybe some gulags?

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