[LCN] New Location now available: Los Angeles!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Scoughman, Sep 19, 2016.

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    They actually did it in VC, in Valhalla and Folkvang you can craft the Elites as soon as you reach that location, but after that looks like they forgot about what they are doing, and the level requirements where set high again.
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    I think Kano ought to go to the higher level players and ask them what changes they would like to see. Members like Friendly Fire know best what they are able to use in the game and what is not helping them with their builds. There are many more potential spenders at lower levels, so if the rewards are better for the higher levels the lowers will spend more... as I have the general feeling that this is what Kano wants as a business... This forum is here for many reasons and has to maintain transparency and honesty to the over-seers of it. If you listen to the higher levels you will not lose legitimacy, as it is obvious that that has been happening... You can give better rewards to the higher levels and with doing so also encourage the spending of lower level members. Thus, creating and equilibrium within the game that satisfies all customers/ members. I am a firm believer in fair play and believe that people ought not have to spend because that creates a social inequality between the classes that causes the game to become a virtual entity that only the rich or elite can enjoy. If you do not want members to become disenchanted with your games, you will need to find a solution. I am watching from the sidelines, seeing so many say that Kano's only concern is making money- so prove them wrong and show them that you care... I am a firm believer that Kano will do the right thing, the ethical thing and keep their business and LCN strong by proving to us all that they will do the appropriate actions to make us all happy and proud.
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    really kano,is this what your stooping too?i think u should re instate paul asap?why ask people 4 there feedback if your going to ban people for doing so????? have you never heard of constructive criticism? soon no1 is going to post 4 fear of getting banned rather than ban people you dont agree with you should listen to them and see why there unhappy !its not like pauls a johnny come lately and hes always being a regular poster here ,tbh im disgusted that hes being banned
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    I agree re-instate Friendly Fire- we all have Freedom of Speech and a right to voice our concerns and thoughts in here. If we feel that we have been treated with difference, we ought to be able to voice that without fear of retaliation for doing so... Friendly Fire is a well-known member and he is stating his feelings, in a constructive matter, in this forum. People will become afraid to post because of a distrust of Kano; by Friendly Fire being banned Kano is losing legitimacy with its' clientele by exhibiting an abuse of power over those that have no control over the forum. Friendly Fire did not come in here ranting or screaming; he posted about an issue/ concern that he had with the new city. He has supported your business for how many years now... If you do not like to hear what he has to say, simply explain why it is that you do not agree; but don't ban him for voicing his opinion :( I love LCN and it really does make me sad seeing what is happening and the silencing of PEOPLE not just members, but people with real lives beyond the limits of cyber space. I have known Friendly Fire for years and he is an honest and loyal friend and all he is trying to do is help everyone- to make Kano and members alike proud of LCN by ensuring that core values are not lost and that the game is fair for all who play... Isn't that what we all want- Kano and members alike. Let him speak again and if you don't agree all you need to do is explain why... But don't take away his freedom to speak.
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    Bans, bans, bans the past 2 weeks. We have noticed, trust me. We are sharing our ss of why. But ban here? Paul/Friendly Fire is simply stating his case on what he views. Paul is a long term player and yes, he does make a lot of sense. Why ban the man for his statements? This is a forum to use as a discussion board not as a 'I don't wanna listen to you anymore so I will just shut you up board'

    More people have said they are leaving. They have had it. You are losing money Kano. Yes the new spenders are making up for that but their money will run out as well or they will quit spending once all of this starts to affect them as well ... Think long term investment. Make the players happy and you get paid. Upset them and you don't get paid. Not every new platform that shuts down will have people who want to spend here. Run a respectable business and treat your customers well. Not saying the customer is always right but many times they are .... I worked retail and managed in retail. If the customer is that upset, they go elsewhere. Simple

    Deranged, watch that H word. 1 non spender got a week long ban for using the German secret police word {not saying the actual G word} while another one who spends got a warning for saying the same word.
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    Mi7ch and Sol,
    Friendly Fire.. Paul is one of the oldest players in the game. I think his input is valuable, and it has always been firm but acceptable. It is unconscionable that you have banned him from the Forums for any reason, particularly that he is seeking to keep the game alive. Like many he is expressing his concerns about undertakings that were made and then reneged upon. Further has was requested to be a spokesperson for many players, so why ban him? only? I think your policy needs to be relooked at. I would highly recommend you un-ban Paul and actually listen to his comments. They ARE CONSTRUCTIVE.
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    We were listening. Sadly the rhetoric became less than constructive despite removing some of the more inflammatory posts to correct that. We take no pleasure in banning anyone, but when the discourse becomes more focused on disrupting things than fixing them we to have to take steps to make the forums a place for two-way discussions.

    This is neither here nor there on the actual topic of the Location. If these posts persist, I will lock the thread. Banned players are more than welcome to write into Support and appeal their situation.
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    ive been bannedd for certain things lately and now im scared to say anything anymore for that reason and the other times ive had it deleted
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    This post is about the new location because this is the thread in which Friendly Fired was banned from when voicing his opinion about the new location and what he felt needed changed within it. Friendly Fire is the least inflammatory person I know- he does not swear or inflame or encite situations to cause disruptions with any intent- from what I understand he just stated what he felt the issues were in attempt to help Kano make LCN the best it can be. He will help anyone who asks in LCN and protects his lower level friends. He mediates disputes between syndicates and members. I know him well as he is my leader, I am only a temporary leader atm. Our friends are important to us and their feelings ought not to be negated, if they are just sharing how they honestly feel.. just as the developers have their group of loyal and trusted friends, we have ours and that's one of the things that makes LCN like no other game- the bonds that we have all created with each other. Friendly Fire has been a friend to many inside and outside of the game and has been understanding of real life situations that may interfere with members gameplay... To lock this thread would only silence more members and cause more discontent with Kano, which none of us want- to inflame the situation. I won't ask again in this thread, but, Please re-instate Paul so many of us look up to and respect him and want him to have his forum privileges re-instated
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    Locking down the thread won't matter, another one will just be started. If repetitious threads keep floating around, they will continue to be locked down or deleted until they stop, which they always do. TPTB have spoken.
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    Just relax, there is nothing left to say, that wasn't already said in the previous 50 pages of discussion and like 10 deleted pages of discussions and 5 closed threads.

    After all this:
    At least we got some minimal changes, if you want more, just type in google: best games
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    k mitch thanks for your explanation on the new location and you say that the drop from that can be used by most of the higher levels,

    I am over level 10700 and i have received a lot of the new bosses on all levels, how come the higher levels I have talked too even tho the drops do replace lower levels items they say that the stuff that is replace isn't even on their fight strength lists, so therefore they cant use them,

    the drops I have received from so far are not there either that I can find but i got a lot to look thru now, sure i can craft those but I don't see any of the stuff I crafted for appearing on my fight strength list either. their might be a few on there I haven't found yet, but with so much stuff in my inventory that you say is supposed to be useful to us, I have not found any yet and it takes awhile to go thru everything and still play the game also.

    your example, the despot pistol is a prime example of one item I have not found yet to be useful, I know its in my inventory but it doesn't come up on my details. after the raids I will take a lot better look at my fight strength lists and my inventory and see if I can provide examples of the new drops from Los Angeles that I may or may not be able to use.

    but when a 6000 level can buy a lot of gear and even out gear me on crafting items to win, something is just not right there with the stats, and I spend a hell a lot of money on gear also, but according to their stats , their crafting items out gear me by 20 percent and they haven't been here near as long as i have.

    it could be that they continue to keep buying the highest limited items they can, right after I buy a large chuck of gear which would be the only reason i could think of to allow their crafting gear to out gear me and i do keep track of their details they use on everyone I fight for along time or who can beat me now
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    very well put gaze, but also, there are limited that have 526 or higher attacks or defense, while their other stat may be in the 200 area, I know one person that buys out at least 100 of each of these 500 or higher stats every time they come out, I also bought some of the higher stats around the same amount.

    so of course they can out buy you on limited items which would in turn outdo all your crafting items,

    this person, someone like me would have to spend at least 30 grand every month just to stay far enough ahead of them to stay at least even with what they buy to have a fair fight. , so lets put the buying power aside for a minute and go with just what they buy and craft. for someone that could not afford that kind of money even to have a chance of not getting beat,(at least 99 percent of the players) they would have to craft over lets say 10,000 or more of the crafted item, to even get anywhere in the game.

    isn't the ideal of the higher citys and bosses is for the higher levels supposed to have a way of crafting and leveling to keep up with this kind of purchasing power and that's where the main problem lies and always will be.

    I had to play for eight or almost nine years now just to get where I am today, now someone can join and within a week or two at the most become the highest player in both strength and levels and that's why your losing all the higher levels and the loyal players that's been here for years period.

    and while some things have been tried and done and a lot of people have suggested a lot of ways to make it a more fair game including myself, from what I saw, very little of what we asked for has been done but I do see some good ideals in here also that would help if they are done the right way. but so far Mitch, your company has many of the long time players pissed off and just not willing to spend that much money anymore. so you get boycotts on things in the games, raids are a joke now becuz so many are boycotting them , getting in the raids and just sitting on the bottom, not doing anything in them and not even getting the minimums.

    btw, I do like the stat changes in there also, but there needs to be a way to either get rid of these bottom sitters from the raid or force them to do at least the minimum, cuz they are just wasting our time and slots that someone else who is willing to play and help could use.

    as a business owner myself, I defiantly would make the designers and artists come up with a way to use all of the gift items for future use and I defiantly would put the stats of the boss drops at least up to the 300 stats range instead of the 100 to 200 stats, cuz at that low of levels on stats for boss drops and challenges and jobs, nothings gonna be fixed and you'll remain having the same problems.

    from what I understand Mitch, your one of the owners of kanos, and the owners have the power to inforce these changes if you want too. players are tired of getting excuses and new items that don't help at all. that's my opinion tho and hope it opens some eyes
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    ive even suggested making a couple newer levels to the elites and opimals with higher stats jade, kano or mitch has not responded to that ideal either.
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    Another issue is the ghost armor it takes so many to make the elites, when you go craft them, I have crafted over 400 of the but using 20 at a time if i crafted all at once it actually makes me weaker since it takes out the the ghost armors i got i have 800 regular left the total amount to make optimals and elites need to be changed.
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    just to show a exampleof what we are talking about even with the los angeles drops.
    1 elite big shot car has the stats of 138 attack/141 defense tocraft that item, we got to use 20 big shot cars thathas the stats of 125/128, soif you add those stats up, would make to my addtions elite big shot car would have a total of 279, the big shot car would have a total of 253
    elite big shot car 279
    big shot car - 253 x 20 = 5060 total

    so if we crafted just one elite big shot car, we are losing 4781 total stats just to craft that one item and the rest of the craft items for los angles are just as bad, some we lose more, others we lose less, and that's only after we have to wait till we cannot use the regular big shot car on our fight lists and by the time we can not use it anymore, the elite is also not really useable either, so tell me how are we higher levels that get these items and wait to craft them able to even come close to competing with those of us that can just buy limited items with 526/243 stats or stats that are near that.

    its impossible and it would even be worse with a lot of the lower levels that are unable to buy higher gear. and basically that's the biggest problem with this game that the higher levels are upset with in as simple of terms as I can put it and those stats are almost the same with all the new gear
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    I believe the elites for boss rewards for anything Tangier and up needs to be adjusted and those stats for items created would be larger than any item you can buy. It takes insane amounts to create these as it is at least make it worth our wild to spend the favor points and i think the amount to create them should be cut at least by 50% with them unlock with there respected city. World boss crafts should carry insane stats also it wouldnt hurt those hard very rare to make..... I cant even use any of them i can think of. There are many area's where you can give the long term players something they feel that they are appreciated for the time put into the game. When I look through my inventory since im a average player boss and buying wise I see anything after Tangier is just not up to par...........
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    high level -low iq ;)
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    I always wanted to know kano logic when it came to item stats. it may have worked for new and low level players.
    Seems that kano does not know/play/(do proper real tests) their games.
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    The logic is simple, some have spent huge amounts of cash on the game, and they want you to match and/or overspend them, or you are 3 times weaker at your best, whatever you do.
    30 FPs X 6000 Limiteds = 180.000 FPs, or even double.
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