New Hitlist Restrictions

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  1. Jeremy Hall

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    I can respect that too...I wasn't in a group for quite awhile, I eventually did, and we worked it up, they wanted to branch so i went to that one, and had a heck of a time doing that for a long time as getting and keeping people who would stick it out was a hit and usually miss thing, could be the reasons you mentioned, could be some of mine... Never got an explanation either way, so can't say for sure.. If this hadn't been a challenge, and I wanted to see how I would do as I figured things out better.. I took mine and dealt a few as well.. I have a few enemies of my own, but I generally handle my own, on my own... But to each their own.. I know I enjoy the game and you all didn't, we probably wouldn't be having this conversation, all we do 100 percent agree on is, something needs to change, which one or both I guess we'll find out eventually, would hate to see the hard work people have put in go to waste, including mine
  2. polishpimp

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    @ Jeremy hall. Youve got a pretty good attitude about things and your do for yourself mentality is to be commended. My whole point was really just that everybody plays differently whether by choice or real life circumstances and that supportive clan regardless of which way they are supportive is essential to the success of games like this.. We agree that something needs to be done just not on how it should be done. My argument is that kano already went the route u tend to be leaning towards and the results are what we have currently. Nobody prefers to be on the receiving end of an ass whoopn but at the same time its whats needed to motivate the type of players these games were intended for. The whole autopilot/fluff thing is fun all but in the end it just made things to easy and the newbs got use to at the first signs of any real resistance some feel like leaving. Dont take me wrong I enjoy most of the new content but at the same time I also went through hell n back and actual feel I deserve the fluff....ide be lying if I said I didnt feel a lil resentful that those joining after the fact have it so much easier/cheaper and that it bugs me that they dont seem to appreciate it and have the gall to even ask for Its all about loyalty and the lack of it that Kano has shown to its longest standing players. New content shouldnt ever give newer players an edge over those that have played for years. The new characters that came out is a pretty good example of this. Kano should have came out with new character classes for the highest of levels first and then worked backwards not the other way around.

    In the end I think Kano could bring back a lot of the old players but they would have to bite the bullet and dig deep into them pockets....but I just dont see that happening.

    It is what it is and we will see what Kano has in store for us, until then ....just have fun.
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  3. Demonik1

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    ignored this thread for a while but after getting into zombie slayer i can see what he means....if i werent an experienced gamer and didnt know how to level my ass off then i could see how being listed into oblivion can deter some newer players from really getting into it. ive been chainlisted on there but not 250 straight haha probly about 30-50 straight and it only took me a stam boost and some boss killing to make up for it...i thought it was fun actually...i got accused of being an auto healer whatever the hell that is haha quite ammusing and easily laughed off but i digest ;p i gave this a ten after reading all the arguments and actually playing the game
  4. Jeremy Hall

    Jeremy Hall New Member

    Thank you, I appreciate that.. I really enjoyed the back and forth, You and a few of the others made solid cases, and had valid points all the way thru.. Yeah, we all have our own style of play, and either one is fine really.. Having a good squad and faction is part of it, and essential to the success of these style games. I know I started prior to the calenders, but not positive about the shooters/death deals, so I was not totally aware they were made to make things easier, or even if that was their true intention.. Nobody likes a beating, that is for sure, we've all been there.. Yet we pulled thru, made adjustments where necessary, and started winning more than we lost.. Seems like now though everyone "runs to their older brother/sister" instead of wanting to make themselves more formidable... Half the fun of any game is the challenge.. I know it can be frustrating, when it is easier now then what it was back then, but that is how things usually go, in games and life.. The fact that most the newer players don't appreciate anything is, they don't know,they've never had to really earn anything including their own respect on their own.. Seems to be more about who you know opposed to what you know.. Hopefully someone, somewhere at Kano can figure out the solution to our conundrum.. I can see the validity more clearly in both sides of the argument than I could before... Until then, I guess we just go with the flow, and hope it doesn't dry up
  5. This is the reason I quit zombie clan as I couldn't git past level 130 because just as soon as I healed a level 1000 or higher killeded me!!!!
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  6. polishpimp

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    How about an idea of what kind of new restrictions? As the original idea was proposed? some of the other suggestions thrown around in this thread? how about some details in advance of it actually happening so the community can voice their opinions first?
  7. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    i agree with Polish on this . we all had to put up with it when we started so why should anyone else get special priviledges just because they don't like being bountied.
  8. Carlos Martinez

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    I want this games on apps for my Android idk where to post this feed.
  9. LCN Player

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    If you punch a higher level you open the door. Careful with your punches.
  10. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    Yes, but only for 24 hours. It's worth it if you can pick up a hit on them. Sometimes I "open the door" just to be a PITA.
  11. [SIKU] KillerK

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    If you punch a higher level and they choose to keep you controlled they will do so by punching you again within that period and carrying you over into Rivals list. To me a fight game is focused on fight strength not just level. Those who played Mafia Wars with me for 8 years can attest that HL was frowned upon but fight strength and power counted for more. As long as a focus on HL occurs really anyone at any level can gain some notoriety by gaining bounties which are basically a gamble. I'd like to see a higher emphasis on true fight and attack strength in coordination with this act of HL.
  12. Sir Opinion Alot

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    Heres a great idea when your on the hitlist (it should act like the cagematch) basesd off your own skills and your mob dont count and all those bought items there needs to be an area where money cant rule all and with it just being your weapons load and ur own skills it would sure flip the scene with hitlist I think a interesting twist really
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