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Discussion in 'Ideas not being Considered' started by Relentless, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Kilo Duh

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    ever heard of facebook and hi5 ,,,yes your missing the bus ding DING
  2. The Protector

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    If she claims to not of been playing the game AT ALL before that change was implemented and then changed,yes,that is quite a mistake in her post.Reread it.
  3. polishpimp

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    Ummm i do have a ZS account as well. In i said previously...changes such as this r normally implemented across the board in all the games.

    Apparently your u also have no clue as to wth your talking about, I retired my original account (which was #1 btw)that started well before all the changes and started completely over after most of the changes were made and went to straight back to #1, only this time i did it in a mere fraction of the time. Why? because with all the new protections, limits on higher levels and the new abundance of hand outs for the lower levels made it 10 times easier. So one in these games knows this better than I ( well no one that can admit it anyways....because anyone else thats done anything close to it would be an alt). So it is your response that is "typical" my friend, "typical " of an ignoramus.

    Btw....ty 4 listing me....JJ collected and then sent it straight over to me ;)
  4. Bad attitude

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    I agree i some times get attacked by some one 800 levels ahead of me or hitlisted as well i would
    set attack or hitlist with in 500 levels of the player level say level 2035 in lcn mob wars
  5. Bad attitude

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    he is right i have seen players above 2000 attack and hitlist other players for no reason at all and dont stop

    didnt provoke him or attacked him either

    SHO KOSUGI Member

    You probably hit his friends or his faction member or his alt
  7. God of Bacon

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    List me 250 times. I'm level 700 but still my rates are low. I'll punch you, the game is blocked here. I'll heal every time, and then I will level a couple of minutes later just to prove something to you.
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    Well here is my opinion on the matter.

    I think the way its set up is just fine in the way of, you pass a certain level, and then you are listable by anyone, for as many times as they can afford.

    BUT. When It was determined that 300 should be that level, You could be on the top 30 leaderboard at level 700, and there was only properies for to about level 600.

    We have far surpassed the integrity of this rule. that level 300s should be tossed in the big pond.

    I think the level should be updated, I think level 900-1000 would be a good number.

    Keep in mind, Even at this rate, a level 1400 could still list somone that was level 700. and a levl 1000 could list down to 500.

    Its a double edged sword, because it puts more power into the hands of cheaters, but I reallhy dont believe the game should be formed around the ways of cheaters, I think the game should be molded around the legit players.

    Restoring this rule to its original value, would create more communication to actually "get" that lower level player. Would also give a lower level fighter in your faction, more value and something to contribute.

    nevermind the fact that somone could cheat and do the same things on thier own, and it would allow them to use thier lower level alts against higher level players more freely because it would be more difficult to punish them.
  9. God of Bacon

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    Well said. You've made every point that's necessary for a change. It's just a shame that last time this tried to get pushed up a bunch of Kano's regular credit cards protested to hell.(I'm not putting down the people that pay for the game, I'm just stating why it wasn't changed.)
  10. Wonder Bread

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    This has been moved to considering, as it has been quite a while since the restriction was put into place, and the average player level is certainly not what it used to be. That being said, if any adjustment were to be made, we would take Kongregate's lower average level under consideration, as well as the relevant data on other networks.
  11. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    a slight change of heart.........

    Im ok with a cap as it pertains to this particular subject because I think it will make players use their limited bounties in a more thought out and strategic way, but I do have a tweaks. Although was just an example/suggestion but I think a cap of 10 is waaaay to low. Listing players repeatedly has always been a part of the game and it should remain that way. The whole reason this idea came about and the examples cited were players being bountied hundreds of times. Im thnking more along the lines of 100. which is more inline with what Kano has done with the whole "griefing" thing. Like others have mentioned...not only does a low level often start these bounty poundings.....but being endlessly bountied doesnt really have that much of an effect as there are limits in place as to how much XP one can lose and the cost of healing is as cheap as it gets. If a player cant handle it...its simply because there head is not in the right place or perhaps they are playing the wrong game. To small of a cap really allows for a lot of strategic wiggle room for the savy alt user in that they could easy bait a player or players into hitting the cap and then being free to wreak their own brand of havoc. Aside from alts I think its important to remember that success in these games is and always has been due largely on ones clan. These are social networking games....not only does the size of ones clan make a huge difference but WHO one has as clan is of the upmost strategic importance in nearly every aspect of these games. In my opinion it would be a shame if something like a extremely low cap took away from the importance of this aspect. Players are often forced to choose between clan and/or pitted against one would suck to have the significance of this aspect diminished in that a higher level player couldnt help out his lower level clan member in times of need.
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  12. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I just dont see raising the level restriction as doing much to help at all.....theres just to much diversity in levels and other variables that come into play. If we raised the protection limit to say 1000 what good does that do for the level 1k if hes staring down a level 15k? Then theres the whole bounty price thing.....players have the choice on how to spend their coin on empire, inventory or listing the crap outta people. If someone chooses to be shortsighted and blow their stack on listing people instead of investing in their empire/ it really any ones fault but their own? As the game progresses and time goes many times will we have to revisit this same issue if we simply raise the level restriction? The games are continuing to add content that allows for players to level faster than ever before which allows newer player a lot more options and opportunity than all those that came before them. Raising the limit would simply be a band aid and not solve anything. In addition it really wouldn't be fair to all the players that came before them.....most if not all players have experienced the bounty poundings were talking about here and it should be considered a right of passage in fighting games such as these.....but its really only a small handful that are truly being "griefed", of this small many actually deserved/provoked it or are alts? I think the unjustified extreme cases were talking about here is a pretty small number so I dont think chaging the level limit would really help all that many but in fact give many more an unfair advantage.

    Personally I agree with capping the number of times a player can list someone as long as its a reasonable number and not way to small.
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  13. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I believe this idea to be well intended and sounds good on the surface but its got a couple of issues that dont work for me.

    1) what about the higher levels that rarely get attacked?

    2) What about the 4 previous years of play under the current system? How many thousands have built their accounts on and or for this current system?

    3) This would substantially cut back on the number of bounties which has always been a huge part of these games and arguably one of the most exciting elements

    4) It largely diminishes the clan/social aspect of the games. A big part of these games is building relationships with the right people...people that have your back. This idea would just turn the game in to a big gift sending or challenge help game, no thanks.

    In the end....these games are all about making the right decisions on what to do or not do and who to Allie yourself with. Its suppose to be tough and everyone should get their ass handed to them early and often. The ones that figure it out and overcome through either brute force, strategy, determination or diplomacy are the players that go to excel in the game which is exactly the way it should be. We cant all be bad ass ...there has to be weak to feed on, so this current system of thinning the herd works just fine. sure it could use some minor tweaks but certainly not a major overhaul. Every one plays by the same rules and can potentially go through the exact same thing its a perfectly level playing field unless of course your a higher level in which things start to work against you. Either you persevere or you dont
  14. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Says you, people get listed for many other reasons than being attacked. Examples > stupid or offensive names, seeing them spout there trap off in world chat, old rival see in someones elites or feed, just to try to get someone to list you back, list goes on......
  15. Linda

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    As stated a few posts back, Says You , how about you play your way and everyone else will play their way freedom of choice, if we all played with the same mindset these fighting games would be boring as hell. Any more restrictions and we might as well not even bother to play. Everyone has their reasons for what they do in a game that has no rules, only restrictions.
  16. JADES

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    Then call me a griefer James The App Guy. I'll list whoever I want, whenever I want unless they are under Kano's restrictions.
  17. polishpimp

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    1) For starters, When it comes to slaps, pws etc etc. the determining factor is the lesser of the 2 parties involved health. So if player (A) has 100k health and slaps player (B) (10k health)the random # of damage falls with the range determined by player(B) health. So whether I have a 100k, 50k, 25k health it makes very lil if any diff when slapping someone with 10k health. So no matter my level and how powerful I become....I am being limited/handicapped by the strength of my opponent. Although there is some large part this is true for battles as well. I cant attack a player of a lower level unless they attack me first....thats a limit/restriction. If and when a lower level attacks me (regardless of reason) I cant bring my full force to bare. So yes....higher levels are extremely limited and there hard work diminished as they cant use it fully even if the lower level brought the fight to them. The fact that u would even compare what u can do to a much higher level leaves me nearly speechless.....ummmmm...your not nearly their level or u honestly think it should compare? What would be the point of leveling or skill point allocation?

    2)Of course there have been updates and new content over the years, but nothing like what u are asking for. Your idea changes 1 of the core fundamentals of the games. The closest thing to what your suggesting was when the limit was raised from level 300 to 500 as to when players became eligible to get bountied....that update was reverted back in less than a week due to player outrage in huge numbers. Congrats on being a think tank bad it was on a game nothing like these. My think tank is actually playing all Kano games at every level on every platform from nearly its inception and n extremely active member of the Kano forum community where all are allowed to express their opinions not just a handful of players in a think tank

    3) What do u mean how would this limit bounties? Isnt that your limit what u deem as senseless bounties? If a player cant stick up for his fellow clan by listing someone for them...does it not stand to reason the number of bounties would drop off? But how is a player to do that if not allowed to list someone unless there attacked? If u took away that ability I would argue that what your calling bullying would actually increase. If a player cant turn to a clan member with more resources than they are at the mercy of who ever it is thats "griefing" them. Which in turn makes the social networking aspect of a fighting game nearly a moot point. Apparently what u consider being "griefed and what Kano considers being griefed r to entirely diff things. Kano has measures put in place for griefing already, measures that I dont personally agree with as they can easily be abused. "A person simply posting bounties on people for the sake of just posting bounties is by definition a person grief attacking", LOL, that falls into the realm of subjective to say the least. There are countless reasons one might list someone multiple times and you for every hundred players you found that agreed with a reason u would find another hundred that didnt. It all depends on whether their rival or Allie. That why it all comes down to how one plays. There are many ways of playing, there are countless players that have been griefed and worked through it via stronger or more diplomatic friends.....the social aspect of it is easily the biggest part of these games regardless of how one plays. You cant have it both ways, u cant be an aggressive player and then cry foul when someone comes to their aid and returns the ass whoopn simply because its an inconvenient time or your low on coin. To put it are being contradictory between the post in which i replied to and the post in which u replied.

    4) What rules are in place for war or guild enemies? Being a guild enemy does nothing but make players of an enemy guild visible to their rival and says "hey...we dont like you"...their are no extra rules/limits.... just those that govern the entire game. Guild wars may be a special case but only in that its a separate aspect of the games in which guilds/armadas are competing for something extra...but the wars are already extremely limited as scoring stops after a predetermined amount in each category.

    Your particular "situation" is no diff than most and only validates my point of "A big part of these games is building relationships with the right people...people that have your back.", apparently you just havent mastered that part. No worries...nobody has including myself. Thats more than half the battle right there and what keeps the monotony of games like this at bay. If a player cant handle that aspect of a social networking PVP fighting game than they seriously need to consider whether these are the right game for them. What may very well be the most important thing to rember is that these games reward the behavior in which your trying to limit. Were suppose to attack slao and kill as many as we can....its been that way from day 1. There are limits in place and plenty of ways to play to minimize what some players deem as inappropriate or excessive....but thats up to the individual not the developers. That cant hold everyone's hand and they definitely shouldnt limit everyone who is trying to do exactly what the games are designed to do. If a player thinks someone is going above and beyond than need to talk with support. In regards to your situation ....if u think that is your only option I dont know what to tell ya other than it sounds to me like u should be playing something other than a social networking app where everybody is never going to be in agreement and there will always be moles n back stabbers.

    Wow....everyone believes otherwise? I find that just a wee bit hard to believe as I know many who actually play through it including myself. Let me guess....the "everyone" you speak of is lower in levels? Its no secret that everthing increases expediently as u rise in levels, If u gain a level than u need more XP, adventures get costlier etc etc etc. Now consider the jumps in XP needed at certain level increments. Then consider what I spoke of earlier that are strengths are limited by the lesser players we face. There are caps as to how much one can refill stamina and energy as well so there is no point adding to those forever.....add to attack n def u say? What good is that when limited by the numbers of the lower leveled player? Sure we can make more money and bounty more people but then again thats exactly what your trying to take away, not to mention there are limits with the current system as well. Upkeep...r u kidding me? Any player worth anything is rid of any upkeep at the lowest of levels, r we even talking about Kano games? Access to more powerful items? Ok, but what good r they if always limited by the lesser opponent? More health? What good is that ? More damage against bosses? That means less drops. Better in intense combat? High levels rarely lose. It does help if you like to ride the bounty...but considering players dont get XP for winning while on the bounty....theres not much benefit other than bragging rights and having a decent chance of allowing who u want to get the bounty. The disadvantages are many but I really dont expect someone that thinks all players are diametrically opposed to that belief....especially when they havent lived it.

    "Just because a person has reached a pinnacle of achievement in the game doesn't give them the right to diminish the fun of others trying to do the same. If people learn that others in the game will make it very difficult for them to have fun or proceed in the game why will they even want to try?" LMAO... the idea of fun is subjective is it not? So you say your idea of fun is one way and I say mine is whos right? Considering the games were designed to be the way I like it and they have thrived for years....Im going to go with..... me. Listen....Im not trying to be a prick here....but some people just cant handle the way these games are designed to be played, they simply cant handle what actions and behaviors these games actually reward....its really that simple....these games are not for everybody and the vast majority of players that play them like it. Nobody likes getn the snot kicked out of them.....but either ya dont care or ya use it as motivation to get stronger and turn the tables. There are many ways to play these games....ya just need top find your niche and use all the tools at your disposal including your clan.

    Call it abuse all ya want....obviously your not cut out for these games. Would I rather a limitation such as this or the game shut down altogether? No brainer my friend...shut it down. There has been way to many players that fought through all the stuff your whining about and to much money spent to devalue everything all of them did just to ruin it by putting the game on auto pilot.
  18. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    No Disrespect, but your side of the debate was pretty much over when you contradicted yourself on nearly every point you tried to make. The one I enjoyed the most was when u made statements in direct contradiction to your idea.

    To answer your question whether a person is whining simply because they choose to debate the answer would be no. A person is whining when they are trying to change a fundamental part of game that has been around since day 1 simply because its not to their liking.

    So an RPG game by definition is not a fighting game? Are u saying these are not PVP games? Do u understand the definition of PVP? Kano has clearly pointed out that these games wer founded on the fighting aspect, continue to be in large part based on the fighting aspect and that the games would in fact fail if they were to tinker with that aspect to much due to the fact they are based on around the fighting aspect.

    Once again...not to be a prick but its obvious you dont have a solid grip on what these games are all about, your naivety shown through like the sun on the subject of slaps/PW alone. The fact that you participate in gamer points is in direct contradiction to your entire mindset that youve expressed here. Did you ask these players if you could hit them for gamer points? Perhaps they consider it harassment to be hit by you if these attacks by u were unprovoked.

    So apparently its a stretch that fighting and killing mercilessly in games such Zombie slayer, Pirate clan, Viking clan and mafia wars would not be part of an RPG game? So when u started these games you didnt notice all the fighting aspects and conclude these were large parts of the game? Did you not read any of the info provided early on? Everything that was added after the fighting aspect was merely to supplement the fighting aspect....if you only want to participate in the supplemental aspects thats just fine....but to try and change the core aspect is simple ridiculous and selfish. There are plenty of games out there that have similar themes that dont involve fighting...why not go play them?

    I would love to actually know who u were in the game so I could peep your stats.....because Ive never seen a player with lil or no battle related stats. I recommend you reread all your posts here and see that your contradictory at nearly every turn.

    I might add that when these games were at their height as far as participation....there was very lil of all this supplemental fluff .... it was almost entirely about fighting. It could easily be argued that all the nonsense added after the fact is hurting the games.

    I would suggest one of the ville games or even Kanos "kindom of thrones" where u can play your games and not be "harrassed" by anyone while still getting your social networking fix
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  19. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    If someone reaches level 300 too fast thats their own fault.

    Why should newer players get a unfair free pass?

    1 star for all the right reasons.

    I remember Kano tried raising it before.

    All the complaints came in and it was quickly reverted
  20. Guardian Angel

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    But there is that Protection after 15 hitlist so I cant see what more can you restrict

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