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Discussion in 'Ideas not being Considered' started by Relentless, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    I would like to see some kind of restriction when it comes to how far down someone can list.

    Currently, while a player is under level 300 they can't be listed by someone more then twice their level and the bounty of anyone under 300, will double with each listing.

    Once you hit level 300 you become available for any level to list you. In my opinion, this is unfair to newer players.

    In Zombie Slayer you can only buy one of each property. So the average bounty of an active level 300 fall's between 200mil and 300mil.

    A level 1500 player can have a base bounty of 45billion.

    So it is pretty obvious that higher levels can keep a lower level player dead with very little effort.

    I am not trying to get low levels complete protection from anyone being able to list them, but at some point it should become unacceptable for a high level player to sit an list one low level after another.

    I have seen someone hit level 300 and be listed over 250 times. The higher levels are always complaining about not having a fight list, well I wonder why! How are new players meant to try and get somewhere in the game when someone 2000 levels above them, lists them non stop.

    This has nothing to do with attacks, punches or bounty hunting, so please don't try to steer it there.
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  2. Kilo Duh

    Kilo Duh New Member

    totally agree,,, unless you provoke them then there able to list you ie if you punch or go for there bounty,,there should be a level cap below your own,,example a level 1000 can only list level 800 and above,, unless prevoked
  3. 245 Trioxin

    245 Trioxin Member

    I agree on that. brought this already up a few weeks ago and still like to see a cap on how many times someone can be bountied per day.
    It's sure not that i'm worried about me, lol.....but i see the same shit on MS every day. some high level all energy account has nothing better to do then list players 1000 levels below or more up to 150 times a day.
    Some of you may now say why he keeps healing then? Well i'm glad he does, cuz it proves that he doesn't give up just because some troll thinks it's funny to run players out of the game.
    too many quit already and those who just started should be protected.
  4. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    unless its diff from the rest of Kanos games....the lower levels bounties increase at a much higher rate than those of a higher level, in any of the 3 games i play it would be near if not totally impossible to list someone 250 times. Maybe more importantly.....everyone else that has ever played the game had to endure the same stuff.....not really fair to all them that others would have an easier time of things.

    I get that many came over from Hi5 and r being targeted specifically.....but i view that as a seperate issue that needs to be dealt with separately.

    Will hold off rating the idea until i read a few more opinions
  5. 245 Trioxin

    245 Trioxin Member

    thats so not right, cuz when i started this game there wasn't a level 1500 who was able to list me that many times. there was also a totally different property income since the medical center for example was added just a year ago.
  6. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    After 250 listings that players bounty was just over 50billion. Still very much affordable for higher level players, especially when the money is being passed between accounts.

    This isn't just because of the Hi5 transfer, this happens to a lot of new players.

    Others have also had to endure the hitlist delay as well, polish. You are leading the charge to have that changed :)
  7. muppetkiller

    muppetkiller Member

    i have to agree as-well, rated this as 10 although im not so active on Myspace as i was i do see the same higher levels listing low level acts and 9 times out of 10 when im listed its always the same people who list and take me down or god forbid you attack one of there umm their *low level faction players* you seem to go up 5 or 6 times within seconds of healing.
    I know its a fighting game and attacks listings come with the game but when certain players are being forced to walk away from a game surely thats going affect the game to, when people refuse to play therefore leaving one platform with less and less active players

    SHO KOSUGI Member

    So how you want the new restriction be?

    SHO KOSUGI Member

    I haven't vote, have you?

    Need to see more opinions in this thread before I vote because if I can only list someone that is lets say 20% below my level, I could end up listing myself then LOL
  10. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    I would rather leave that to Kano to decide. I have tried to come up with a few scenarios myself but they all end up being bias and that's not what I want.
  11. Jonathan_X

    Jonathan_X New Member

    I'd have to agree with this I've seen so many level 300's being listed by 1200+ over and over again i suggest the limit be a little more than 200 levels though maybe 300 or so
  12. 245 Trioxin

    245 Trioxin Member

    i still think a cap would be best. this way you can keep listing lower levels but maybe not more then 10 times a day.
    but thats just my opinion
  13. I like both ideas. The one put forth by Trioxin as well as the original poster.
  14. superc125

    superc125 New Member

    This just happened to me last night, people toss up low level playersw to increase their stats. Bounties arent about someone being "mean" its just idiots want the "bounty kills" stats. I left a faction because certain members were bounting me in my own faction and I quit playing for a long time and some level 2000+ not to mention names YESS told me that it was not a game of stats and not to worry about the losses, so if its not a game of stats then why bounty helpless low levels just to get the kills???
  15. superc125

    superc125 New Member

    Sorry I didnt adress the issue, I used to play a game call Pirates:rule the caribbean. There was not a "bounties Killed" stat on your stats page so killing low level players for the stats wasn't an issue. I say do away with the bounties killed stat and that should fix the problem! Anyway if this game was half as good as PRTC they would do away with it too!!! :D

    SHO KOSUGI Member

    I like the limit as TRI suggested but not a level limit. That's really would reduce the activity of the hitlist itself. Well for those lower levels, I suggest you to try to play safe and the important thing is do not PROVOKED high level players. There is no way a high level players suddenly coming out of nowhere listed you 10 times for fun. You must have done something to make him/her listed you that much, right? Even in real life, if you are new to a place, you can't change that place of environment to suit you but it's YOU who need to adapt to that environment. You can either take a safe-straight-road and make your way peacefully to the top or you take the hard-winding-road and struggling all the way. It's your choice ;)
  17. superc125

    superc125 New Member

    sorry, there was a bounties collected stat in PRTC, but I dont remember a problem with hl's posting lower level players. I say we creat some sort of "safe house" and let players send and trade resources to protect themselvs. Lower level players could have a certain type of "room" or whatever that he could build with certain resources that would protect him from being bountied by the same player more than once or not at all if he hasnt provocted anyone! Just my thoughts, thanks!
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  18. Jonathan_X

    Jonathan_X New Member

    well there is something of that sort they can booby trap but i know from experience BTing the higher levels can get expensive for example trio aint cheap lol and i try to keep one on him and 20+ billion is alot for a level 300 but as sho said just don't piss em off for a lack of better words
  19. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    Isn't there already a cap on how much XP you can lose? In which case why would it matter if the high level wants to keep spending money it's not hurting the lil guy at that point anyway.
  20. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    You can go negative by half the xp you need to level. How is it fair for someone to have to make back all that xp each day just because high levels have money.

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