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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. Dean Siekert

    Dean Siekert New Member

    If a game has other features besides Fighting, then it is NOT a fighting game. Go dig a ditch and bury that lame notion. I play for the fun and excitement/challenges, not to come on and find that I was once again targeted for a Hitlist (Bounty, etc.) when I was offline (most likely I was also in the Hospital at the time as well).

    This is a great idea as it will keep the "Bullies" from being just that B U L L I E S !!!!

    I'm currently being harrassed by a former crew member on all 4 Kano games, just because of my attacking his spouse? in one of the games. She is at a higher level than me but he feels the need to punish me daily in each game. This feature will benefit me and others who want to have FUN.
  2. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    While I'm for this feature now,Kano apps ARE based on FIGHTING.Fighting is the core aspect of their games.Everything else is filler.So yes,Kano games are fighting games.When these games first came out,there was no bosses and no challenges.Only advens/jobs and fighting.Fighting still remains the core aspect.
  3. Dean Siekert

    Dean Siekert New Member

    I understand that Fighting is at the core of these games, as are Hit listing others a part of the Achievements, but I'm against those that wil Hit list someone every day and while they are already in the Hospital. That is neither fun or proper gameplay by anyones' standards.
    The fact that there are Jobs/tasks and bosses gives the player a chance to play for fun.. If I wasn't in a Syndicate I might not even fight others as much as I do, but the GP needs to be done.
    I'm not against fighting PvP, but against repeated "beatings" by those who think they need to prove something to others.
  4. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    i agree this is a fighting game and thats only one part of it as we have many other things with the game also like jobs bosses and turfwars mini games and battle arena
    this feature if it does get introduced is gonna help those who are being targeted by mobs in the same fight range who wont truce who wont deter from attacking you but also they post there gonna end peoples games and such
    now thats going beyond normal play and goes into the realm of harassment
    this does not happen very often so the feature would never get used by anyone as there is strict criteria to activate it
    but under the circumstances i just mentioned then yes it will help those mobbers
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  5. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    the protection your asking for on some degrees i agree with, but when a group of bounty hunters and two or three syndicates gang up on one person, why can we not ask for help instead of being put on limits such as this

    You already have your friends punching someone, you can only ask your friends and Mobsters to punch someone once every 4 hours.

    dont you realize how much less your gonna be able to protect yourself becuz of this new feature and when did this start?
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  6. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    also dean what you dont seem to understand why that person might be attacking you or doing something to you everyday is becuz you ask for trouble at times, you done the same thing to me in mob wars lcn, just becuz you did not go after my bosses when they were listed in the social feed. you sent insulting remarks to me as well until i blocked you from sending anymore stuff. you demob from me also and wanted to go to war, so if your gonna make threats or insult people over stupid things, then of course your gonna get attacked. my self i usually only attack those who attack me first unless someone goes out of their way to insult or make it clear they are gonna attack me. but usually afte the first day, I'll let it go unless the people keep coming back for more. I tried to explain to you how i sent out bosses and your return answer was not very nice, and also the reasons for your complaints to me were uncalled for too. if you dont want trouble with people then dont take trouble to them
  7. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    i too (jon) had several players attack me everytime i came on the game when i was lower level, now i can beat them and they still come at me but in groups instead of by themselfs, they usually come with hitlists, punches, group attacks and draw other bounti hunters into it too, so what i do is kill everyone i can, and i use the same tactics they do, this protection thing may be a good feature for some but what it actually will do is stop a person from being able to protect himself from other members of the griefer syndicate

    If you want to make it more fair, then stopping the amount of hitlists each person can do in one day on each person would work alot better. If a person cannot hitlists more than five times a day, the person being bullied or bounti hunted, has a chance to play the rest of the day under normal circumstances. as to people who attack me first, when they do they take the chance that i'm gonna attack them back with either everything they throw at me or whatever i can throw back at them. even if i get killed, i'll take as many as i can with me.

    I've made it well known also if people dont want to be reattacked by me or killed, then to leave me alone and my crew, that if they attack us in any form of attack, i'm gonna kill them if i can. and yes i am one of the higher levels that will attack back and kill anyone who attacks me first if i can. I tok alot b of beatings to get up to where i am and to stop those same people from continuing to beat on me with woutme being able to kill them also. I had sevveral griefers on me also whilei was leveling, only four out of the dozens that used to attackme still attackme with their syndicates tothis day, while some may throw a few punches, i find that killing them severaltimes will eventually stop them until they decide to try it again.

    I dont go too faroutof my way to go after someone, usually just the 24 hours tthat were set in place unless like i said , if they keep coming back at you then they are asking for the large amount fo attacks everyday. and yes my return attacks against allof them are usually alot more than the attacks they do to me simply becuz now i can beat them and i'll attack them until i either kill them orput them in the hospital, if they keep rehealing then they keep getting attacked for that round until they die. the only timei call for punch partys or hitlists is when they doi t to me, otherwise i just fight them myselfs
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  8. MWAS Neo

    MWAS Neo New Member

    So maybe look at it as in the more a mobster cost to hitlist.. the cheaper he is to rig? that would discourage players that do just hitlist cos they know the opposing player cant afford the list or even the rig... and why at over level 2000 where the fighting is at its best can i only have 10 ambush's??? This is B/s as i have more enemys now than ever lol...
  9. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    At Dean kano at its core is fighting games hate to break it to you. Challenges and Adventures just plays a very small factor into the games Ask any players they will also come to the same notion. And while yes some players run off the mouths constantly and then they get there rear handed to them for doing it. You only have yourself to blame if your just spewing crap out of your mouth constantly and ticking off other players. If they are bigger stronger and have more money it's a given they are going to be on you until you either apologize or make them realize your not going to give in. Best solution for players like this is you keep working yourself up in the game and build yourself. And then come back and return the favor. It's a game to many players whine constantly about being beat up. What's the point all your doing is losing experience and stat losses whoopie.

    And maddogg i agree with you 100 percent. I have come across many idiots in the game who would like nothing better to do then ruin the game play of others. Only time i go after someone constantly is if they want to hit back and forth or as said they run off at there mouth at the time thinking there a big bad player but sooner or later you come knock them off the block. It happens all the time in games someone will be on top just for a little while before someone guns for them and takes that spot.

    And as far as group attacks go yeah you may not be able to beat the strongest players but i have never had an issue of getting the mid range and smaller ones to recoup my experience loss if i die from a group attack or bounty list attacks.

    And for the ones who did not do anything wrong that constantly get bullied on for some idiot i do feel sorry for players like that. But look for higher players to help you. You show them whats going on and they look into it they will show a player who is doing that what it feels like. And if that still does not work then kano needs to address just that player. Not punish everyone.
  10. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    neoes, i agreed with you on the amount of ambushes, there should just be a maxiumn number of ambushes for everyone, it defiantly would stop the higher levels from attacking most of the time if they had to go thru 20 to 50 ambushes just to get to you or at least you could ambushed five people with ten ambushes each in a group attack. which would give you a breathing space, of course if they are quick enought to ambush while your fighting them, you would have to go thru alot of ambushes even still, which would stop the bullying efffect by groups or a higher person. I feel that if the higher levels are limited to only 10 ambushes at a time, then everyone should be limited to ten ambushes also. that could stop alot of complaints and mouthing off by lower levels becuz they know they can place alot of ambushes on the higher person and just reambush him while hes going thru their original ambushes
  11. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    They've got the ambush limit all wrong.
    Seems Viking and LCN it drops to 10,while Pirate and ZS it drops to 75.
    There is no need for ZS to have 75 ambushes since the attacks are limited to 20 with payouts 20 without.
    LCN should have 75.
    ZS should be the only one with a 10 limit.
  12. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    well If I remember correctly , the reason PC has 75 is because of the "cage matching" "OPTION" and believe me you do not want that option in another game, :( no way no how :)
  13. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    VC,PC,LCN should have 75 ambushes because of the 5k attack limit.
    ZS only has 20 with exp and 20 without.No need for 75 as you can literally ambush someone forever.

    On topic though,even 75 ambushes won't deter a true "griefer" so yes,once again,a positive vote on this happening.
  14. MWAS Neo

    MWAS Neo New Member

    Im glad you agree... The limit sucks... if you extend the ambush amount to something resonable, the black list would not be needed... but at level 2k i have many ppl who wanna slap me about... but i cant defend against ALL of them with only 10 ambush's lol... i do that on 1 enemy lol... so i cant speak for the whole of LCN but personaly for me, just give me more ambushs :)
  15. Rab Smith

    Rab Smith New Member

    Alternative solution: A random defensive increase for the person attacked X times which is designed to prevent such conflict, a further suggestion: with agreement the ability to disable this suggested feature would be beneficial.

    The "coding" for the above IMHO would be less time consuming.

    " If you don't like theses personal opinions expressed in this message, tough "
  16. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Wrong, Kano has stated that although their games are multi- faceted....the core of their games are the fighting aspect. Your not being bullied...your simply playing the wrong games
  17. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    If u attack one single player for GP or any other reason than u should fully expect to be attacked slapped or listed, thats the game. simply because your threshold for what is acceptable gameplay is diff than most others does not make it right. The fact fact is that the core element is fighting....period.

    So when u attack someone for GP do u make sure they r online first? Doubtful. So who cares whether your offline and or in the hospital? If u attacked someone than u deserve what u get, If u dont like it then dont attack anyone period. Let me guess....youve never done anything to these players listing you? LOL...sing me another tune.....you have no way of knowing that.....you may have went after a clan member of theres which makes u eligible for an ass whoopn....after all...it is MOB wars, you mess with a member of a family what do expect...flowers?
  18. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Don't think it's your call if they're playing the right or wrong games.
    Yes,the core is fighting,seems that much is agreed on.
    HOWEVER,these games have changed alot since when they first came out.
    Bosses were never there from the beginning and just how did someone play their game for the early if not most of their 1st account's life?
    Games change all the time,some good,some bad,but when they change this much,not everyone is going to fight.
    When these games began,there was no uber high levels like there are now.
    Hopefully my accepted idea of the "pop up" gets implemented sooner than later so at least everyone that joins the game has somewhat of an idea what they're getting into.
    But yes,with all the changes that took place,this feature is more than warranted.
    Just like it's a good thing with this feature anyone in the top 30 can't use it nor should they be able to.
    As we already determined though,there is many many ways around this feature.
    Griefing is a bully.Yes I was that way before and not too long back on viking I did quite a few attacks on like 6 or 8 targets constantly even plowed the counters,not caring if they leveled up or not.
    Over 2000 attacks from me on 1 target alone with them countering about 1000 times.
    I'm sure many go beyond that though including listing non stop.
    So yes,although the core of the games are fighting,this feature is warranted.
    When the blacklist idea came out,I was all for it at first,then somehow swayed away,now back to for it and it's staying that way.
    In the end,if you can't handle changes,then maybe you've been playing the wrong game.

    Ok,time to take a breath.
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  19. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Well said............
  20. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    On the grave.
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