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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. Angels Kiss

    Angels Kiss Member

    You are not being rude at all. Your comments as with Polish are really appreciated and all go to help me try to understand what this person is up to.
    Come to think of it when this first kicked off, I did get a few messages. I FB blocked him. Maybe that's why he took the huff and decided to just hitlist. Anything is possible :D
  2. Angels Kiss

    Angels Kiss Member

    All excellent points, thank you :)
  3. Angels Kiss

    Angels Kiss Member

    He's a bit like a dripping tap. It does your head in after a while. No idea how he makes his money, but thanks to the comments on this thread, I am just going to ignore him and continue to level. He will be rigged and if I can ever find him out of hospital, he will be attacked. You people have no idea how much help you have been. Thank you, all :)
  4. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    i have a scenario
    say your syndicate/group is at war both syns fight each other hard until one truces or agreements are made
    some players fight hard especially the ones they can beat easily in there fight range
    the player being beaten hard knows hes not being bullied as hes/hers group is at war so this is expected
    there usually will be retaliations from heavy chaining but on the off chance someone justs ambushes 100 to 5000 attacks then decide to use the surrender protection or whatever the name will be,then they will get taunted by other members for being a coward so to speak
    as in a war no one surrenders until the war is over unless you dont agree with the war so u leave the syn/group
    but if you are not at war and someone just attacks u daily even when u ask for truce and nothing will deter them yes the feature would be very useful
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  5. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Im glad to hear you found something useful amongst all the comments. Once again...there was no intent on my end to be rude or disrespect u, I have a tendency to not sugar coat things and at times it comes across as a bit rough around the edges ;)

    The account giving you grief sounds like a classic alt account (yes they r against the rules)., whos whole purpose is to allow some cheating jerk to do what he cant with their main account or to deflect attention away from said account. Like u said...it appears that the account does not play much other than to bother you, its only a level 500 something but has probably played for a long time (classic alt). More than likely its a "cash cow" which is an alt account that just sits there and accrues money, when this player bountys you....is there another player that normally takes u off the bounty? The problem with most alts is that their owners really dont care what happens to them, they could care less how many times they die, thats why its usually best just to ignore them as much as possible. The only thing that can really be done about this sort of thing is for Kano to investigate them and try to determine the main account behind it all. The difficulty with this is that its difficult to prove an alt account if the player behind it is tech savy. Another issue is that when Kano does determine someone is using an alt they usually suspend the alt account rather than the main account.

    Ive run across hundreds of high exposure alts in my day and only a handful have ever been suspended, as annoying as they can be, they are not worth an update such as the one being discussed here as it will also affect legitimate players with legitimate reasons to attack the heck outta someone while it will do very little to actually stop the pests.

    Who know why this player has focused on you, Im sure its some obscure lil thing that u dont even realize. Ive found that often times its actually someone u know that gets off on playing both sides of the fence to entertain themselves because they simply arent good enough to be successful at the games as they were designed to be played. In the end...losers like this have been around since the games were created...there are syndicates/guilds/armadas made up mostly if not all alts, many which are very high profile players or syndicates. Just keep reporting them to support and hope they will slip up and Kano can nab them. Until then....do your best and enjoy the games as much as u can.
  6. Angels Kiss

    Angels Kiss Member

    I found nothing rude at all in what you said, or offensive. You have been most helpful. And alot of what you have said in this post has been said to me by others, but being the eternal optimist that everyone is fair has been proved wrong :D This post in particular, sounds so true to my situation, it is unreal . If that makes sense. I too like straight talk, which is what you have done, I am not a one for waffle, so I hope I did not come across as rude either.
    Thank you for your help and advice, it has been most appreciated. :) I know where to come in furture lol
  7. Angels Kiss

    Angels Kiss Member

    Oh and I would still like to be able to "Police Protect" myself from the aggravating little freak or wring his neck :D :D
  8. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    I am sure lol
  9. Eileen2468

    Eileen2468 New Member

    I don't think the surrender/protection feature is a good one for this game. I feel that, while this won't affect 99% of the people that play the game, for the 1% that it is aimed at, it won't make any difference or be effective. My vote (if we are voting) would be a no.
  10. bowberson

    bowberson Active Member

    I definitely think we should be able to get protection from players that attack every time you are alive and do not let you play the game. It does not matter the level. I have passed the abusive players levels but can not beat them. I just got 2000 mob and they bought it long ago and high quality fight equipment along with it.
  11. Patrap

    Patrap New Member

    would this apply to hitlist attacks? some ride the hitlist for a half hour or more while your attacks add up
  12. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    After rethinking this,I'm for this feature now.For someone that doesn't use fighting as their main way of playing,they shouldn't be subjected to someone attacking them constantly.Once it's reaching 1000(or even 500)attacks in a day,one after the other,that does become a problem.The only way it's not a problem is if the attacker is losing :)
  13. magicalblow

    magicalblow New Member

    Eh this new feauture wont really benefit many. I been bullied before, but probably only 3 times ever.. It wont be something I would be using frequently if at all. If i do get my page camped on. I just ambush/stay in hospital. Simple as that they just get annoyed and bored and leave.
  14. MWAS Neo

    MWAS Neo New Member

    How about just extending the ambush feature back to 50 from 10?? This would work better for me/us than a blacklist feature..

    And does a ambush also count as ' a fight back' ? if im chained 1000 times and throw 500 ambush's back at them does this count as retaliation? Or do you just have to sit there and do literly nothing?
  15. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    I may be mistaken, but I believe that counters also count... it won't put you on someone else's rival list, but it will put you on his or her game history feed, and I think that can be used to retaliate against you if it has been less than 24 hours... I think most of us have been there. Unless I get attacked a lot, I don't use counters, hits, or traps because they are cost-prohibitive for me... the more someone attacks you, the less expensive the counters are... I usually try to get a "cheap" punch kill to even the score, and I usually end up trading punches rather than hits, which are much more expensive... but there are different styles and ways to play and handle these types of situations... while I have been pestered before, it does not sound like I have gotten to the point with anyone that has been mentioned here... most players will forget about you after a few days and move on to someone else (like I do)...
  16. Danny_boy

    Danny_boy New Member

    when a syn list each other within there own syn to raise their bounty so no one else can list them for over attacks thats cheating when a syn attacks someone cause they have 2000 mobbies and someone else has 1400 mobbies so they attack 25-450 times a day thats cheating the syn Fear is famous for doing that very thing and all their players should be banned from attacking or listing anyone for at least a month to even things out for the little guys on here they bully around everyday
  17. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Not cheating.It's strategy.
  18. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    i have to agree with you Lord its a strategy and very affective
    i think Danny boy needs to realise this is a war game and because you are being attacked by stronger people or there strategy is to list each other does not call for people to be banned
  19. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Very interesting what u deem "strategy" and what u deem gang like tactics which shouldnt be allowed. Especially when it comes to the arena where its supposed to be a "free-4-all". A lil consistency would be nice.....lol
  20. Guys please don't name names or syndicates in the forums, keep it on topic please :)
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