[VC] New Fast Raid Group on FB Server

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Brown Barbaloot, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. Brown Barbaloot

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    I've created a Fast Raid Group on the Facebook server. This is for Power Raiders who want to help kill raid bosses in an hour or less.

    • Do at least 15M damage before you post your own boss
    • Make sure public sharing is turned on
    • Do at least 15M damage RIGHT AWAY to bosses posted here - not when you get around to it, not when your boosts come in, RIGHT AWAY. If you can't do 16M damage RIGHT AWAY, don't join the raid party.
    • Don't share other people's bosses. You can refer them to this post and they can follow the joining instructions below.
    • If you share your own boss elsewhere (like to your own guild or close friends), make sure they know they need to do 16M damage minimum RIGHT AWAY
    • Failure to comply with these simple rules means you have self-selected yourself OUT of the group. Translation: you'll be punted out of the group RIGHT AWAY
    Joining Instructions:
    To join this group, either post your user link below or message me in-game with your user link. It looks like this:

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  3. Badbeard Axe Slap

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    I would like to join the group Brown, we are already clan on VC, I know raids just finished but for next time. If you can invite me to the group, that would be great!
  4. Yes I am still interested

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