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    As every player knows, as you typically get closer to reaching a new city, you save your cash so you can buy new properties as soon as available when you reach a new city. For those of in the last city already, it is more difficult to know when to invest and when to hold on to a large amount of funds if a new city comes out since no one has a clue if a new city is coming out tomorrow or in 6 months. I realize Kano isn't and never will be very reliable on information regarding new cities in Kong LCN, but any chance the devs might at least say a minimum of when a city won't be coming out? Like not for at least 3 months? or 6 months? Then I can plan and have some sort of idea the direction to go rather than holding on to large sums of cash for 6 months or investing today only to have a new city come out next week.
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    Sounds extremely sensible to me..
  3. Seppo

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    more locations is needed dammit, when!??!?!?!??!? gets booring up here any word about when????
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    im heading on being 3 cities ahead i couldnt imagine how some the others feel......... Used to kano would put out a new city just for 2 to 5 top players now there is 100 they seem not to worry ----little backwards to me but what do i know im addicted to a clicky click game
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    No, there is no word.

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