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    interesting thought. what about forward progress for the rest of us? so without the 1%, the rest of us are screwed? maybe i should thank you for allowing us to play your game. especially considering that there is nothing else i can be doing with my time. when i log in tonight, should i ask permission from you first? just goes to show: those who make (or spend) the money make (or break) the rules.
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    i haven't even gotten all of the ones available now yet, because there are no other ones to get. and i could have easily gotten them all by now, if i'd wanted. there are quite a few of us that have played more than 3 years that could use another set.

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    If you had to ask my permission, since I already know you from the game, I think I could get just about everyone I know in the game would vote "DENIED" on your permission.

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    I don't think I have ever played a game where everything seems designed to advance with "levels" but any time a player builds his mobster to level or dedicates their time to moving "forward" and leveling people whine about it so much.

    Everything you do except for dying is set up to give you experience which moves you closer to leveling. Leveling gets you into better job drops, better bosses, and more skill points. You even get awarded bonuses for reaching certain levels and a fp for every level you reach. Early in the game, a player can do 100-200 in a couple of days. And if a player wanted, being level 500 could easily be reached by the first month.

    However, for some reason too many players think there is a point where leveling should just "end" and they don't want anyone rewarded for leveling too far past that point and they are happy staying this "low to mid" level forever. Maybe Kano should redesign the game and once a player reaches level 2500 they just "stop" levleing. LOL Everyone just gets to level 2500 and that's it. Maybe then bosses could be opened based on "time played" along with new job drops as well. Maybe then the whining could stop.

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    It would be awesome to see something new come about in the mobwars game that wasnt centered around spending a lot of god father points. Exactly what, not sure! syndicate wars, all about having your entire team spend 48gf's which is a couple hundred dollars as a team, battle arena top ten people are dropping a few hundred dollars together, raids equate out to hundreds of dollars, per person, for at least the dozen players that try to enter everything (i was one of those). Even a new character upgrade is valued around 50 bucks worth of gf's

    I am grateful for the existence of the game, it has had its moments of enjoyment for me of course, and i am happy that Kano found ways to monetize their efforts.

    There was a hitlist frenzy a few weeks ago in viking clan, kano promoted slightly, that lasted about an hour. Huge turn out, the most entertainment I've had in the apps in months. Simply a lot of fun. This is a perfect example of what im trying to say, something new in the game to grab attention, strengthen participation and doesn't cost ya much of anything besides your time.

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    I would agree! Everything is about spending from playing to items to be stronger! But not sure how you can make anything "equal" as anything that requires stamina or energy can benefit either those with higher allocation or refills. The only thing that is about "even" for everyone are calendars. LOL Everyone has the same number of keys and easy to do without needing to buy keys. Buying keys and getting done sooner has no real advantage over those who take the full time to finish them.

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    Yes and no. You did say that if I try to change to a new level 2500 character despite already owning one, that there is no discount for moving laterally even if moving across on the same level - the discount is only for moving up the same line of character. So for me, I have been waiting FOREVER to change lines but not wanting to spend 250 fps for another level 2500 character. I would prefer to wait for say a level 5000 character and spend the 250 fps to move across and not get a discount as I might if I moved up in the same line.

    Just curious - any chance it has even been a passing thought? Or is something in a tall stack of ideas that might get looked at? I mean come on.... a level 5000 would have been nice when I was level 5000. A level 7500 would have been great when I reached level 7500. And a level 10,000 would have been awesome when I reached level 10,000. That is supposed to be one of the huge incentives of leveling is to reach those new characters before the levels below those marks. By time I reach level 20,000 maybe you will come out with a level 5000 and then that just seems so unfair to those who have long since reached those milestones.

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