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    GOING TO CATCH DAVID Well-Known Member

    I try to go through the list of topics and if there was one regarding this subject, please post the link or message me with it so I can follow that thread instead of starting this one.....

    I was wondering if there was ever going to be a new character such as a LEVEL 5000, 7500, or 10,000?
    I have been wanting to switch direction in my choice but not too excited about buying another LEVEL 2500 character for 250 fp's. I was hoping to see a new Character released someday but it seems I have been waiting for a long time. Any chance Kano will be releasing a new level character?
  2. WendelinR

    WendelinR Active Member

    i hope for new chars as well, already excited with what they will come up for the next ones
  3. Vic

    Vic Active Member

    not anytime soon, there was another thread about this somewhere.
  4. Blue Nose

    Blue Nose Active Member

    I think along with a new city (Yes... Already...) This should be a priority.

    Give people more to aim for.

    GOING TO CATCH DAVID Well-Known Member

    What would be nice once in awhile is instead of getting opinions from other players who simply have an opinion typically based on how an idea would benefit them directly, I would like to see KANO provide a response with something such as "We are currently working on new characters and expect to have more information in 6 months" or "We do not currently have plans for any new characters for the foreseeable future" OR even, "What level of characters do members think would best benefit the community of players and how important is this issue to players?" The latter question inferring Kano is aware of the request or interest and is looking for more information regarding the idea.

    When Kano never responds and players just give opinions, I still end up knowing NOTHING more than I did when I asked the original question - I was wondering if there was ever going to be a new character such as a LEVEL 5000, 7500, or 10,000?
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  6. Vic

    Vic Active Member

    amen, brother.

    note: this is just a post of agreement, so it will probably be deleted before anyone sees it.
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    GOING TO CATCH DAVID Well-Known Member

    I dont think posts should be deleted because of some silly posting contest or whatever it is but if Mitch doesn't want to count them in his totals then that I can understand. LOL But you are probably right as I read that in one the threads...... HAHAHAHA
  8. Vic

    Vic Active Member

    i understand it to an extent, but it stinks that because you're only agreeing with someone to show support, that isn't "good" enough. so we are all supposed to come up with brand new ideas and not say whether or not we agree with anyone else's idea? what the heck is the point of that?
  9. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    I did answer a similar question in the character announcement thread if you missed it: http://forums.kanoapps.com/threads/...er-boomer-and-sniper.13543/page-2#post-132591

    The answer is no planned release of characters for the near future but it is subject to change. :)
  10. AXXO

    AXXO Well-Known Member

    anyways keep it less than 300GF lol or give us an advanced notice so i can rob a bank

    GOING TO CATCH DAVID Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Mitch, I would not have even thought to look there as that thread was about the characters that came out almost a full year ago. And it was not something I even noticed when scanning through TOPICS trying to find a thread regarding this subject. Plus I failed to look in ANNOUNCEMENTS.

    It seems that after a full year it would be time to create a new character. It seems unfair that players that have reached a certain level do not get the advantage of the newer character until most are that level and ALL get the advantage. Or is this part of the plan to discourage leveling? In KONG we only have 18 players above 5000 so I can see where the need might not be as great to the devs as a LEVEL 5000 character would only benefit those 18. But on FB, the number is well off the LEADER BOARDS and could be as many as 150 -200 people. And that wouldn't count the players who are soon to be level 5000.

    And it doesn't seem like this is a difficult task to accomplish and it makes a fair amount of money for the devs so why not do it?
  12. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    I'm sure some will be released at some point, but it sounds like there are other priorities (I would be curious to know what they are).

    GOING TO CATCH DAVID Well-Known Member

    Mitch - I just want to make sure that you guys have no plans on a higher level new character any time soon. I have waited a long time to see if anything was coming out before spending money to change my level 2500 character. The last thing I want to do is spend money on a 2nd level 2500 character to have a new level like level 5000 character come out and have to spend again.

    So just to be 100% clear - no new character is expected for at least 6 months? The date today is August 30, 2015.
  14. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Right now there are no plans to make new characters.

    However we have in the past made a quick pivot and turned out characters due to community requests. So while I'm fairly certain that no new character will be out any time soon, you can never rule it out. :)
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  15. Gogolak

    Gogolak Active Member

    i would take a chance, davidcatcher. of course, i would also reserve the right to be pissed if new characters were rolled out, say, 3 days after i just purchased an old (?) one. don't worry about it, though, just complain to support and you'll get your FPs back so that you can get a character for free.
  16. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Well let's not forget that you do get a discount if you have purchased the previous characters, so that's something!

    I would make sure to give plenty of warning in advance were we to start working on new characters. :)
  17. Gazember

    Gazember Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    Last time we had a nice discount for upgrading our old one in the same line, and as I remember its cheaper to buy all characters in the same line instead of buying the one with the highest tier and you get all the weapons to.
  18. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Correct Gazember, it is cheaper to buy them in succession.
  19. AXXO

    AXXO Well-Known Member

    That discount did not applied for all the level 1000 characters, only the category we used to buy our level 100 character right?
  20. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    If buy tier 1 character, each tier upgrade "in succession" is 100 fp's each as long as same character.

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