[ZS] New Boss - "The Convict"

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    Steel bars and concrete walls weren't nearly enough to contain this monster, and now he's broken loose. He's seeking revenge for a life of imprisonment, and needless to say, he supports the death sentence.

    The Convict was wrongfully accused, framed by his mobster compatriots and sentenced to death for another man's crime. He spent years trapped in a tiny concrete cell, ticking away the minutes until his final hour. He was scheduled to die the morning of the outbreak. The infection spread fast through the prison--cramped cells, dirty conditions--and instead of a lethal injection, the Convict fell victim to a bloodthirsty zombie, trapped behind iron bars as his cellmate succumbed to the virus. Now he seeks revenge on the living, not just those who betrayed him, but everything with a pulse. He's whipped the undead prisoners into a horrifying riot. We've got a dead man walking, and you need to put him down.

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    Devilishly beautifully!!! San Francisko? World England?


    u guys should add Los Angeles next :cool:
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    not add scotland it is better than la
  5. Deltan

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    If you guys are interested in more back story for characters and locations, please let us know. It's something myself and the content team are keen to make if there's enough interest!

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