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  1. Posted today are the New Battle "Achievements" - which a few are welcome......However, Once again some that are totally unrealistic - lets face it...Achievement for hardest axe slap 10k???? - seriously?.................There seems to be more "rewards" on the achievement side for those of a higher level...i.e Bosses etc...then trying to encourage players to stay in the game with "achievements" "rewards" for those of a lower level. The Gaps in between levels with no sense of achievement can be somewhat disheartening
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    well u gotta face it friend there are only certain ach that kano can work on which it is one at a time so u gotta give them time to set it up an everything which surely but slowly they are coming out with new things an the more u rush them about it the more time it will take them so remeber that...even Mi7ch will tell u this it will just take time thats why u aint seein me on here complaining not yet which i doubt just give it time...they are just tryin to make sure they are doing everything they can in there power to suit us on here so that we can stay which im staying in my game since i love pirate clan more then i do anything else these days well on kanoplay server 2 i do ;)
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    The 'chivs only get slower as you move up, so I dont understand the argument of the OP.

    There is much more game at the lower levels than the higher up.
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    You have to have some kind of distant objective if you think about it. Several times since I have been playing I have achieved the maximum achievement in some particular area and it is more de-motivational to think that there is no more to achieve than to think the achievement is a long way ahead of you. It is then refreshing when Kano extend the Achievements to well beyond your current level of achievement so that you have something to go for again. It can refresh the game for you so don't worry. If you think you will not achieve something then you probably won't as you are not interested enough to play the game. If you think you will get there you will :D

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