[VC] New Achievement Tiers! September 1st 2017

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Scoughman, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    I feel your pain 1300 stam per level @ Level 14.6k (just tested), a big gap stamina consumed via level :confused:
  2. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    a way to balance stam would be to eliminate the soft stam cap of 5k for people 6666 and below and instead have stam raise slowly overtime. Have the stam raise slowly as it does currently between lvls 6667-10k, so from lvl 1-10k stam would be 7500 as it is now but there would be no soft cap initially, just one that rose overtime. Have to keep 10k where people get 7500 stam since to many people would complain for good reason having their stam potentially severely cut.

    As it is now though people of higher lvl and the bosses strength 7500 isnt quite enough. It isnt uncommon for people to have a couple 1 bil health boss's in their reserve, the amount of stam required to kill them even in a boss build is quite a bit over 7500 to say the least lol. Having a slow raising cap would also make it to where people cant pump all sp into stam, energy and health when first starting to immediately gain 2k-3k lvls in their first month of play given they are not spending money.

    Post lvl 10k a scale given that at lvl 49k it is taking 2400 stam to lvl(im only lvl 18k and it takes 1400ish stam to lvl in pc but vc has same xp scaling system) would be 1 stam increase every 5 lvls. So for you @Susanne Rautelius at your lvl your new stam cap at lvl 49k would be 15 300, this would give ~6-6.5 lvls per refil. I believe this to be a fair amount since anybody with proper sp allocation in the lower lvls will be around this amount. Main thing is though that this is still a net loss in fp so people wont be lvling forever on the raids.

    Quite a bit of options that can be done, this way wouldnt require an overhaul on the xp payouts and also helps the higher lvls defeat bosses which are becoming inevitably stronger requiring tens of thousands of stam.
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  3. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Only thing with your so-called 15.3k stam Neil is leveling partners, this would enable them to level for absolutely for free, why I'm guessing just the minor bump of 10k Susanne is asking for. Got to remind you, this cap isn't only for raid leveling, it's fine line when comes to leveling partners as well.
  4. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    people with lvling partners wouldnt matter though since they are capped at 5k. Also when a person gets all 5k attacks in they are capable of getting upwards of 10-13 lvls. the amount varies depending on the persons defense and items and attackers attack ect. This includes power attacks, without power attacks its roughly 7-8 lvls. lvling partners lvl for free with a net gain, that is why kano capped them at 5k to disable people using scripts with 2 or more accounts running all day to lvl infinitely.
  5. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, thanks for all your feedback on this. I'll do my best to respond to the concerns brought up here!

    We designed the tiers to be harder to get the further you go, just like in other areas of the game — they are a harder challenge, and reflect the more powerful abilities of the higher level players who are within range of those achievements.

    Maybe more importantly, these tiers are based on where players are currently at in the game. Generally it's better to spend your SP in certain areas based on your level and competition, but some players have chosen to build their accounts in certain unique ways. We don't expect everyone to get all the achievements necessarily but players with different types of builds will be able to get achievements that match their playstyle.

    That said, we have been discussing this a bit based on your input, so stay tuned for potential changes.
  6. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    could we have some clarification on the challenge acheivement tiers then? I have posted about the problem in both PC and LCN threads. The required amount of time is beyond reasonable unless there is a severe overhaul of the way the current challenge system works.
  7. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    They're definitely very hard to hit on the high end, Neill — that's intentional. For one thing, the tiers are set based on where existing players already are, so some folks have done a lot of challenges. And then beyond that we wanted to give people some hail mary goals to chase. We'll continue to keep an eye on where people are at and we can always review the tiers again later if people are struggling to hit them and it's not fun.
  8. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Update: We've adjusted the level of SP invested into Energy for those achievements and I've updated the original post accordingly. Here's the new numbers for your perusal:

    Energy 4,000
    Energy 5,000
    Energy 6,000
    Energy 7,000
    Energy 8,000
    Energy 9,000
    Energy 10,000
    Energy 12,000
  9. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    Actually other then the Stamina concerns raised by Bully and Sus. Thank you for making this effort. Imagine my pain on stamina to level. Lets take a look at stamina though please.
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  10. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    energy achieves change is a welcome surprise, slowly getting on the right track lol.

    The problem i see with the challenges, well ill put it into minimum required hours for both only doing the first challenge and the higher end ones.

    The first challenge requires 15 shots/digs (per game varies what they are called) and has a 1 hour respawn. Assuming within the time to complete you get the max assists youll be immediately down to 8 digs remaining (1 from assist and 6 given to start).
    • VC is 7500 max challenges until top tier is achieved.
    • since they are 1 hour respawn that means 8 hours per challenge to complete
    • assuming optimal no lost time in between, this creates a bare minimum time required to complete assuming no fp spent(from my experience people who buy in challenges is minimal due to low return on investment)
    8 hours multiplied by the 7500 challenges to get the achieves equates to 60 000 hours needed(8*7500=60 000)
    Reducing the 60k hours down equates to 2500 minimum days until completion (60 000/24=2500 days)
    This again is in the most optimal and ideal situation where a player completes on the 8th hour with the next immediately starting up with no time in between. 2500 days reduced down into years (standard year 365, not factoring leap year) so 2500/365= 6 years and 10 months.
    This is the bare minimum and under optimal situation that is required to complete this achievement only using the first challenge neglecting the other challenges completely.

    Remember though this is only for VC, PC's top achieve is requiring double at 15k completed to achieve it. Just got to simply double the end result which equates to (2500 days * 2 = 5000 days reduced down 500 / 365 = 13.7) 13 years and 8 months ~ 15 days.

    Now to do the regular challenges people are doing due to higher xp payouts and better items on return. I will be using the same given as the last since everything is going to be under same optimal conditions, just longer time to completion.

    1 challenge takes 16 digs/hits to complete and starts with 3, assist gives another 3. So true amount of time to complete is only needing to do 10 of the 16. Dig/hit takes 3 hours and 55 minutes.
    • converting to minutes then back to hours, days ect to gain a more precise calculation of minimum time required.
    3 hours 55 minutes equates to 235 minutes per respawn. multiply respawn time by 10 to get the minimum time for completion of a single challenge. 235 * 10 = 2350 minutes (2350/60 = 39.16 hours, 39.16/24 = 1.63194 days minimum to complete single challenge)
    Now with the time required figured to complete a single challenge, multiply it by 7500 since that is the minimum for top tier achieve. 2350 * 17 625 000 minutes. Reduced down is (17 625 000/60 = 293 750 hours, 293 750/24 = 12 239.583 days, 12 239.583/365 = 33.53 years). So this is a minimum of 33.53 years bare minimum to completion under optimal conditions no misses or anything for the entirety of the 33.53 years.

    Now as this is only for VC, doubling it would result in Pirate clans required time if doing the standard challenges, which equates to a total of 67.06 years. (17 625 000 * 2 = 35 250 000, 35 250 000/60 = 587 500, 587 500/24 = 24 479.16, 24 479.16/365 = 67.066

    With both the minimum time for both the quickest route and a standard route, the minimum time required is unreasonable. The only realistic way a person is going to be completing these achieves is by spending money... and more then just a little due to the sheer amount needed for completion. with even the people who strive for the achievements, the likelihood of them getting it is essentially slim to none. Especially since the high end of peoples completed achievements is between 2500-3200. Of course there are some that deviate quite a bit from the amount others have done. Just went through all of the games and their platforms to count the amount of people deviating from the amount i listed above is 10 people. This is after 2k days close to 3k days that people have played.
  11. ZSlayer

    ZSlayer Active Member

    Could you PLEASE have the achievement update themselves without us having to "trigger" them. Don't want to add to something i am already maxed out on like stamina, come on guys should not be that difficult to update achievements when you log back in.
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  12. Susanne Rautelius

    Susanne Rautelius Active Member

    Question then... i see most things are there now so wen do i get for all that i have done? Right now i only have get [SIU] Sus has just completed the Rising to the Challenge - 1500 Challenges Completed Achievement. fore example lvl ups!!!! And very very big disappointment that you just give a dam about stamina... Must be for you need our money big time yes? You cant have a dam clue what stam in need at my lvl or you as usual wen come to that just give a dam
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  13. Susanne Rautelius

    Susanne Rautelius Active Member

    so annoying i have to do every thing to get the achievement!!!!! So do i really have to enter arena to be able to get them that i have earn already?
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  14. Susanne Rautelius

    Susanne Rautelius Active Member

    I am now in need of 2540 stam to do a lvl.... SO IN BIG NEED TO BE ABLE TO HAVE MORE STAMINA.... If afraid that to many will get higher at ones then do..... 8500 at lvl 30 000 9500 at lvl 40 000 and so on!!!!!! WE NEED STAM... 1511700 xp for 1 lvl in need for me... is a hell lot off battles and bosses to do that.... and to be able to battle we need stam
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  15. Grand Master Fielding

    Grand Master Fielding Active Member

    Sorry Kano - I like most everything but until you allow for refills past 7500, it won't be enough. Us high level players are only getting about 3.5 levels for 7500 stamina. This really doesn't cut it.

    Thanks for reading and please let us know what you think![/QUOTE]
  16. Susanne Rautelius

    Susanne Rautelius Active Member

    Right now i get just under 3 lvl per stam refill ... and you dont even give us 100% on daily 1 there....Kinda sucks to be true
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  17. bully thor

    bully thor Active Member

    I AGREE WITH SUS GOOD IDEA, 8500 at lvl 30 000 9500 at lvl 40 000 and so on!!!!!! WE NEED STAM... 1511700 xp for 1 lvl in need for me... is a hell lot off battles and bosses to do that.... and to be able to battle we need stam
  18. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    I don't think there will be more stam for money. For one simple reason, if they increase it now, a lot of old players who went up there with the current refills will be hilariously butthurt about it and likely pissed off that new players don't get forced to grind as badly as they did. New players are already overly coddled as is.

    Also, I think that a discussion of more stam for money doesn't really belong here, this is about achievement tiers.

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