[VC] New Achievement Tiers! September 1st 2017

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  1. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    Some of you might have noticed LCN receive some new achievement tiers recently... Well, we're excited to announce another set is coming out for Viking Clan too!

    Keep in mind that these are not final — we're posting them here to get your feedback on them, and once they've been finalized we'll make another announcement letting you know when we plan to release them in-game.

    Also, we have quite a few more tiers already plotted out that we plan to add as players get closer to reaching them. Those will require some additional work however and so we're looking to get these out soon.

    Level 35,000
    Level 40,000
    Level 45,000
    Level 50,000
    Level 55,000

    Gamer Points
    25,000,000 Gamer Points
    30,000,000 Gamer Points
    35,000,000 Gamer Points
    40,000,000 Gamer Points
    45,000,000 Gamer Points

    Adventures Completed
    100,000 Adventures Completed
    250,000 Adventures Completed
    500,000 Adventures Completed
    1,000,000 Adventures Completed
    2,000,000 Adventures Completed
    3,000,000 Adventures Completed

    Adventures Assisted
    45,000 Adventures Assisted
    55,000 Adventures Assisted
    65,000 Adventures Assisted
    75,000 Adventures Assisted
    85,000 Adventures Assisted

    Total Health
    100,000 Health
    150,000 Health
    250,000 Health
    350,000 Health
    500,000 Health

    Total Energy
    4,000 Energy
    5,000 Energy
    6,000 Energy
    7,000 Energy
    8,000 Energy
    9,000 Energy
    10,000 Energy
    12,000 Energy

    Total Stamina
    4,000 Stamina
    5,000 Stamina
    6,000 Stamina
    7,500 Stamina

    Total Attack
    25,000 Attack
    35,000 Attack
    50,000 Attack
    75,000 Attack
    100,000 Attack
    125,000 Attack

    Total Defense
    25,000 Defense
    35,000 Defense
    50,000 Defense
    75,000 Defense
    100,000 Defense
    125,000 Defense

    Kills in the Arena
    1,000 Kills in the Arena
    2,500 Kills in the Arena
    5,000 Kills in the Arena
    10,000 Kills in the Arena
    15,000 Kills in the Arena

    Attacks in the Arena
    500,000 Attacks
    1,000,000 Attacks
    2,000,000 Attacks
    3,000,000 Attacks
    5,000,000 Attacks
    7,500,000 Attacks

    Co-op Bosses killed (NEW)
    100 Co-op Bosses Killed
    250 Co-op Bosses Killed
    500 Co-op Bosses Killed
    1,000 Co-op Bosses Killed
    2,500 Co-op Bosses Killed
    5,000 Co-op Bosses Killed
    7,500 Co-op Bosses Killed
    10,000 Co-op Bosses Killed
    15,000 Co-op Bosses Killed
    20,000 Co-op Bosses Killed

    Challenges Completed (NEW)
    50 Challenges Completed
    100 Challenges Completed
    150 Challenges Completed
    250 Challenges Completed
    500 Challenges Completed
    1,000 Challenges Completed
    1,500 Challenges Completed
    2,500 Challenges Completed
    5,000 Challenges Completed
    7,500 Challenges Completed

    Thanks for reading and please let us know what you think!
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  2. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Adventures completed is way to high, been playing for 2861 days and only have Adventures Taken:62,602 compared to 3 mill tops achieve??? Energy is funny to me as well, who the heck would add 75k energy?
  3. James Wright

    James Wright Member

    Some of those are just off the chart, some players could do another 10-20 years and not get them. WTG Kano, set the bar to impossible just to make even more players want to leave. Even the existing ones for guild wars are stupid. Kind of indicates that you guys don't play, don't understand the game and have no real interest in it other than trying to milk the cash cow dry. As Jade indicated, what kind of an idiot would have 75k energ
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  4. ZSlayer

    ZSlayer Active Member

    Exactly James!
    They don't play their own games and don't listen to the ones that do. Someone ask for more achievements so what do they do... make ones you can never get too or ones that no one would even try to get. 75,000 energy who the brains behind that one lol. 7.5 million attacks in arena o_O, 3 million adventures taken doing about 20k a year so in 150 years i will get that one.
    Why does Kano make these crazy jumps in achievement??? come on we need small increments or better yet spend the time on new lands instead of creating things no one can achieve :(
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  5. Susanne Rautelius

    Susanne Rautelius Active Member

    Still max stam 7500? do you have a clue what it takes for stam in my lvl to make a lvl?? that 1 really need a big improvement to at least 10 000
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  6. Susanne Rautelius

    Susanne Rautelius Active Member

    some of them i need play for about 100 years more to get to.... Kinda hard stop laugh at that
  7. ok while new achievements are a good thing seems to me these are missing the point the whole object of the game is supposed to be fight based so why no new achievs for fight kills or fight wins or hitlist kills a lot of players have surpassed the current achievs in these areas yet nothing to give an incentive to go further
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  8. Susanne Rautelius

    Susanne Rautelius Active Member

    Yes all that part is missing.. Kills , bounty kills. Battles, battle kills and Battle wins and so on... But now a days they just want game to be a Leveling game ;) Not a battle game we did enter
  9. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Let's do this achievement by achievement.
    Looks fine to me. Not anything I need to worry about, though.
    Also no objections, it's a mighty grind, but then what isn't.
    That is quite big. I'm not even at 100k adventures getting to 3m? Way off in the future. Then again, with the new energy achievements, it might not be so far off. Still, massive grind.
    Oh, yeah, assists, those are a thing. Adventure assists may need a revamp. Doing them is tedious and beyond some XP they don't really matter.
    No complaints here.
    I'm not convinced that 75k Energy is a wise end point. Still, at 75k Energy, farming adventures may just become possible and 3M adventures viable.
    Seems okay to me.
    Also okay in my eyes.
    Just, people better not expect to see a whole lot of the final achievements of these character achievements. Without factoring other Skillpoint gains, level 78.000 is where you'll have enough skill points to have fully upgraded your character.
    Is this with or without Bosses Helped stat? Either way, it might motivate more people to start bosses and to join bosses as well.
    Another grindy achievement, it'll take quite some time to get there.

    Well, overall it seems pretty solid. A massive grind, but solid. Also not something people will easily achieve.
  10. bully thor

    bully thor Active Member

    get a grip higher stamina, dam do you even play if you did you would higher it, i agree with Sus 10k stamina we use loads to level, if your worried about it start 10k stamina at level 35k, oh if you in a good mood 15k would be even better higher you get
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  11. Susanne Rautelius

    Susanne Rautelius Active Member

    Level: 49365

    37596 / 1480950 xp Think that will say some what in need for xp to do a level up
  12. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    I believe not only on achievement asking for "correct" Bully? But the complete refill of over 7500 stamina?
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  13. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    why not complete refills over the 7500 the limit on stamina was used to cap leveling but with raids what not you have changed it all you have no excuse now not to change the refill purchased to 100%
  14. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Raids will let you level at a net FP loss with 7500 stam. If you get a full refill, getting for example 15k stam, pretty much ensures endless leveling without worrying about having the FPs for refills.
  15. Susanne Rautelius

    Susanne Rautelius Active Member

    Oh yes :))) sure we get.... I get 4 lvl with 7500 stam wen do raids
    So yes there is need to increase the 7500 max stam we have today to at least 10 000 stam
    Rest of time wen no raids i do maybe 2-3 lvls in a day with 7500 stam
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  16. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Raids take energy just saying Das, but yes,
    I forgot about the people that soley hit each other to level up, which is a problem with the cap of 7500 if increased :confused:
  17. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    I don't think Stam will get uncapped. Or even increased for that matter. Because first of all, at which level do you propose uncapping? 25k? 30k? 35k? What about the people that went over that threshold and in the end paid up to considerably more for their leveling? Reimbursing them isn't exactly possible and it will always leave a sour taste of "Why did I have to pay so much more compared to these upstarts?" Because let's face it, uncapping stamina now, after it was already lowered from 10k/refill will be seen as a cash grab and pandering to people more interested in P2W.

    Also, the discussion isn't so much about uncapping Stamina, it's about achievement tiers.
    Raids also drop energy, I have a bit over 4k of it and even when dumping 20k stam into a raid, running out of energy tends to not be a problem.
  18. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    lol if you got 15,000 stamina you are lacking in other areas and most spend fps on items to offset for the mass amount of stamina. I get 7500 stamina for a refill and i dont get 10 lvls per refill i get maybe 5 at best with raids and im a lvl 8000 the loop you are talking about stops around the 3rd xp bar jump after that you cant get infinite levels i would know when raids first started i carried high stamina and best i could do was get 13 lvls outta 10 fps but that only lasted my 2000 lvls and that was early in my career. So there is a room for improvement in this area
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  19. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    I'm level 11k, when I am doing a raid, I need ~1200 stam for a level. I'll double-check it with the next raid.
  20. Susanne Rautelius

    Susanne Rautelius Active Member

    Have now check and dubble check again how many stam i need to do a lvl wen do raids 2400 stam for 1 lvl. So yes i really do think there have to be at least a ad up to 10 000 stam. But ofc then i am at lvl 49 000 ;) is not cheap to be up here
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