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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Scott Swartout, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Scott Swartout

    Scott Swartout New Member

    Hi all, Needs some help with filling my "Inner Circle" spots. I have 301 people in my Inner Circle, BUT it says I'm in only 5 "In Their Circle" out of the 301. So I hit the Red "Add to Inner Circle" button and place them in my 5 other open slots, but notice it says for all but the 5 - "Ye Not Be in Their Inner Circle". So how do I fill these 5 open spaces?? Please help! Thanks!!
  2. not sure exactly what your saying???

    you cant have 301 in your inner circle

    the max is 12
  3. You find other hunters in your clanmobsquad thing, whatever you play

    You agree to do a like for like arrangement

    And help eachother out.

    Your Inner Circle is only the 10 people that you select to give earnings, the rest in that number are the rest of your clanmobsquad, for you to choose from

    Stopping at 1000 for players, then another 1000 for hired.
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  4. Scott Swartout

    Scott Swartout New Member

    I understand about the max of 12 spots

    I understand about the max of 12 spots, my question is. Right now the level I'm at I only have 10 open spots. You know when you put one of your captains in there, you then see that captains/Facebook friends profile picture. In the left hand corner there are two little profile icons in the corner of squared profile picture, one to let you know they are "ONLINE" and shows green if they are AND the other one gives you a yellow star if you are in their "Inner Circle". If that 2nd profile icon is dark it says.."Yee are not part of their Inner Circle."
    Well out of the 300 Captains I have, it states I only have 5 the I'm in their Inner Circle and my Inner Circle.The other 5 have the darken profile icon and says "Yee not be part of their Inner Circle." So with that... how do I get more Captains from my 300, to be both in my Inner Circle and their Inner Circle for all the available open spots in my Inner Circle. Hope that clarify's it a bit better. Thanks for the responses! :)
  5. if im wrong on this then sorry

    but from what i can see

    you have to ask them to add you to there inner

    if thats not what your looking for im sorry
  6. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    If you go to your inner circle page, it will first off list the 12 spots for your inner circle then the remaining players who are in your clan. If you have spots that are not filled in your inner circle then it will show a blue person with an "+add!" button below it. If you click on this button it will take you down to your list of Clan Members for you to select one. Click on the red "+add to inner circle" button and they will be added. If your inner circle is full then a message will come up that says " ARRGGHH! The maximum allowable Inner Circle spots is 12. If ye would like t' add another Captain please remove someone from th' Inner Circle list first."

    Does that explanation help? If not send a message into support with screen shots so that we can get your circle filled!
  7. Scott Swartout

    Scott Swartout New Member

    ATTN: Kano Apps Support -

    Screen shot sent for you to view and help out!

    AND thanks ATHEISTIC SATANIST & Ahaygad Yaygahmaygahr for you help in this. I really appreciate it! :)
  8. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    Scott, your inner circle is full. On each of the players pictures are two icons - the first one with a green dot shows if that player is online and the second one with a yellow star shows if you are in their inner circle. So in your case there are two players who are in your inner circle but you are not in theirs.
  9. Ace

    Ace Member

    Adding people to your Inner Circle will help them by sending them a 0.25% (1/400) of what you earn on Fights, Jobs and on the Hitlist. In order to receive money back from them, you have to message them asking politely to add you in their circle.
  10. Scott Swartout

    Scott Swartout New Member

    Ok thanks all! I was just concerned with me not being in their Inner Circle. So I'll ask them, not knowing though if they have room for me in theirs.

    Then that could be a suggestion for the game. A button to send them a request to join their Inner Circle.
  11. what would be nice is if inner circle could expand just a little bit more
  12. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Yep, expanding it to 15 or 20 people would be nice.

    My Pirate is in 100 Inners, about 20 play more or less regularly. My Viking is even worse off, 148 Inners, about 40 people who play more or less regularly.

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