Need Help with a chain attacker

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Mad JJ Corleone, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. sparkyvee

    sparkyvee New Member

    I would LOVE to know Kano's reasons for not doing anything about this scumbag.

    I know of SEVERAL people now who have complained about this guy, yet still he is allowed to carry on? Evidence has been presented, and yet he is still out there attacking HUNDREDS of times in VERY short time-spans.

    He has ADMITTED to bot use yet is allowed to continue..this is very reminiscent of the current situation in Mob Wars where the Devs actively refuse to do anything about script/bot usage - and look at the drop in user numbers they have had - from 1million down to 150,000ish in one year...

    I know we are not allowed to discuss bot use, but I feel very strongly that CHEATS should be removed, I don't mind if I get removed from the forum either - small price to pay.
  2. bout the ones that complained:how can you "prove it" some have a VERY fast connection and top of line can very easily get some attacks done in 1 second.

    bout the ADMITTING part:did anyone get a screen shot of it????? pics or it didnt happen

    im not saying anyones lying and im not saying hes not using a bot or some type of autoplay

    now if screen shots were given then i would wonder why nothing was done
  3. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Each punch will deal UP TO 5% damage, based on a health stat. The player (puncher or receiver) with the lower health, that it the health stat that is used.
    So if you don't heal and your health doesn't regenerate very quickly, then 25 punches an hour WILL kill you...especially if your health is lower than that faction's.
  4. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    if 25 punches per hour is stopping someone from playing then i have no words for them, i dont care if u had 50 punches per hour, that is not gonna stop anyone...LOL

    this dude is either lying or has no clue that all u do is hit the heal button ONE time and they have to wait 60 more mins to punch
  5. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Touche. A death wouldn't stop me. Would it stop you, Bo Baby? Cause the situation I posted about (elaborating on sparkyvee's post) would wind up with +1 death for his Mobster.
    Curse your ill luck and move on, sparkyvee.
  6. sparkyvee

    sparkyvee New Member

    Maddog's post, whilst not entirely relevant to this thread is quite amusing...

    Punches, whilst irritating, should not stop play for someone. As a Negotiator in both MW and LCN (although I have recently retired - sick of dealing with idiots, cheats and foul-mouthed abuse..) I would advise this guy just to truce... obviously something happened to start all this off and sometimes, even if you didn't start it, it can be tactically astute to suck it up and move on.

    As for the Sweet William situation - I have on occasion listed him multiple times in a row. 2 days ago I hit him over a dozen times in one minute - he just heals and carries on attacking whoever he is attacking. He NEVER rigs, NEVER retaliates and NEVER stops. He just insta-heals and carries on....
    I would suggest that this behaviour alone would merit suspicion - rarely would anyone who is being listed so many times keep healing knowing they will just get listed again and again and again. (unless you are at war ;) )
    He has been kicked out of the group he was in, they told him to stop using a bot and then booted him a while back.

    Personally I will continue to blow all my hard-earned bounty cash on keeping him dead so he can't ruin people's playing experience.

    For the record - he has never attacked me (I am a far higher level), only people I know, but I was the Negotiator who dealt with him originally when my Family member was about to quit LCN because she was unable to play the game as every time she healed she was being attacked 100 times a minute.

    The advice given to just level up so he can't win is great for one person, but doesn't stop this guy from ruining the game for others.
  7. innocent

    innocent New Member

    Chaining is bad, you should negotiate with him. I don't like chainers!

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