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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by RealPog, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    So what exactly was your complaint again? (chuckle)
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  2. RealPog

    RealPog Member


    if your pre 2014 your account with the aid of KANO is now rendered useless
    as ....the mechanics of the game have changed ...dont worry about health KNAO TO THE RESCUE

    macros and
    AI can get your hands on
    till we figure out if ...we really need to do anything about it

    WE PLAY ...small accounts ..............not ones that have levelled and stuck with the gameand actually added skill points

    seriously ...its like a new wardrobe

    the EMPERIOR WANTS new clothes
    time to get rid of the OLDE players and

    because...we WORK hard.

    your just simply playing a game:D
  3. MigiziMenewa

    MigiziMenewa New Member

    Mitch, you can't be serious, let me address your 1st point...The power heal absolutely confers an ability to lower level players and to players with an "awkward" character build in that it boost their health and allows them to attack players of all sizes on thew hit list longer...thus wearing the opponent down all the whilst the victim's health is not boosted a bit. Now you can not tell me or anyone one else that is reasonable that this is not a shift in play balance.

    Also there appears to be a "cap" oh just how hi one's health can be this is unfair to players that have taken the time to put extra in to their character's health.

    Now, having said that. maybe the health boost should be restricted to use only when attacking bosses but to allow players to boost healh and hunt the HL is an obvious shift in play balance to lower level players...if that's what you believe is correct then I propose we do away with levels and abilities all together...wait....if we do tat then what would be the point?

    Please don't insult us by telling those of us who play daily that we are imagining something.

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  4. RealPog

    RealPog Member

  5. im the beast

    im the beast Member

    all i can say guys and no im not trying to stir this up but i like it for pretty much every reason kris i am a fighter and hunter its great i heal was less... and we all know kano has always disliked riding the hitlist. history has told us ill agree theres some kind of bs going on with the hitlist its fing crazy now cant hardly hit anything..
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  6. MigiziMenewa

    MigiziMenewa New Member

    Yes, awesome...thank you for making our point...they have made you a "hunter" by making this artificial and unfair change...where as. the rest of us made ourselves hunters by putting in the time and effort and building strong's unfair and demeaning to our time and effort spent.
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  7. RealPog

    RealPog Member

    less than

    12 hours ago we FILMED ourselves playing how the game interacted with us and vice versa.

    before we wrote the post ,, we KNEW MITCH would play hockey with our accounts

    and VOILA

    we state the obvious and there is a problem, they deny it ....NO NEWS THERE

    but this morning


    and you don't think we can't forward these ,,,,images and videos to the banks
    when were looking for our money back ???

    if you played KNOWING you are on a LEVEL playing field IE one size fits all and everyone HAD TO STRIVE to invest time into their game , not as we currently have it , anyone can SLIDE into great advantage .
    then there is a breach of game play.

    If your going to change direction, all parties need to be COMPENSATED in game play

    not to the advantage of some

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    JARVIN Active Member

    this was a problem before the power heal was implemented. i couldn't catch any hits then, and i don't even bother trying any more. if it has gotten worse since the power heal, i would have no idea.
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  9. MigiziMenewa

    MigiziMenewa New Member

    It's gotten much worse and the power heal feature now allows those with an artificially inflated heath to attack longer using their "rapid fire mouses" or enhanced "clicking scripts / bots / programs" to block others out for longer earning them and others kills they'd never be able to make so easily. It's totally unfair to those who play within the rules who spent countless hours building up their characters. If it's to be this way my interest in the game will wane away rapidly.
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  10. RealPog

    RealPog Member

    your right

    but as far as kano is concerned .....there is no scripts ...
    back to the app model
    the MAU cannot lie
    2000 dropped out in a month

    and the rest they say is HISTORY

    I do feel for you ... its blatantly wrong ,
  11. im the beast

    im the beast Member

    i was trying to b nice avery i was always a hunter its only made it easyer to take people like u out with less healing lets b honest i still took u off the hitlist b4 boosted health in fact i have a hunters account always have high att good health good stam just enough d for not just any1 to have there way with me...lets be honest only reason yall dont like this is bc yall cant ride the hitlist thats the bottom line..i like it alot and think its one of very few updates.. now the bots is a issue for real...thats been here b4 boosted health..anyways my 2 cent...
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  12. im the beast

    im the beast Member

    the only unfair chagne in this game was hierds...when i started every1 had 20 sq and its was way more balanced then now... now sp bc hierds dont mean as much as they did b4 and that bs got ramed down our u think yall can control kano no othr thing is the lame ass ba changes but o well ill still get mine as im willing to evolve with the game... anyways have a good day
  13. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I luv the power heal, but bots ,scripts, gaming mice programmed to click like crazy, not at all.
  14. RealPog

    RealPog Member

    The bots AI and scripts are rife,.....dont bother denying it
    The only reason you cant ride is you invested all your skills into attack
    Wait till kano decides your build isnt ,,,,working for the good of the game....

    Then well see how you feel about an issue where you spent time investing is then decided to adventageous for your level and for your build.
    Avery built health his choice ...most of us chose it...but not to hand all those that didnt the same advantage.
    Im sure you like it didnt work for hey more free stuff.....mmmm
  15. RealPog

    RealPog Member

    color me suprised:eek:
    You adore something you didnt work brainer there then
  16. MigiziMenewa

    MigiziMenewa New Member

    I ride / rode the HL because I earned the right to by fair play...never did i complain that you got me off're one of the ones I thought did it fairly and honorably and I always complemented you for I don't even have a chance to ride the HL...what's the point of all the whiz bang HL kills...they flash and are about boring and monotonous...seems like we live in a world that doesn't want to reward hard work and everyone wants everything handed to em...well so be it...II can leave you all to it. But I am not going to pretend to like the gift dropped on you...guess I'd be happy too if kano artificalliy made it easier for me to take down my opponents in the game by an arbitrary feature change...Ha..actually no I would not...destroys the entire purpose of leveling, assigning Skill points and ruins the individuality each player has in designing their own character. If kano or the majority of players don't like my style of fair play I am open to getting a refund and leaving the game to you. Too bad I can't ask for my time spent back too.
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  17. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Refund will never happen, just like your time spent playing.
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  18. RealPog

    RealPog Member

    eh NOT SO .. breach of agreement ..provider TO user ........there is a case here

    changing circumstances of play and predudicing players , either afford them a re allocation of skills to accommodate the change
    give em their money back
    law is the law
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  19. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Was no breach to anything, it was sent across the whole board of players, not a single player, things evolve in games, deal with it.
  20. RealPog

    RealPog Member

    WHen u have spent time and cash on a charcter get back in touch...easy for you another fee gift

    Oh sorry are yiu another non staff moderator.....mmmmmmm

    Well see ...things are already in motion

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