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  1. Adventure help Question

    This is crazy, I have never thought about this until today. Im just curious as to why it is that when we have chieftans "help" us with an adventure why doesn't it count towards the number of times we have done that adventure? Looks like after 5 or so people helped that it would count as a hit on your advents. Most would never really need it to count in that way but I was in a position not long ago where I had alot of undone adventures that needed to be filled to unlock bosses etc. If it does count then forgive me lol. I just had like 5 or so people help me and the percentage done to the advent was the same. I'm just a bit bored this morning and thought I'd ask about this. Thanks
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  2. Kendall

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    When the adventure help was added, we did consider it to increase the actual complete count, but we figured that would make it too easy since the helper doesn't spend any energy to help and is rewarded with free coins/XP as well as the player asking for help.

    What could be an option is if you get a full 30 to help that could trigger +1 complete, other issues that I could think of is that you could then earn that achievement without actually being the one that completed the adventure which could also cause an issue.
  3. Understood. It just seemed odd that it didn't actually help complete the advents. Valid points taken. Thanks. I haven't had anyone else concerned with this I was just a bit curious.
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    Very bad idea - if people completed a % of your jobs/outbreaks etc then you would lose out on the adventure drops. No big issue on ZS, major bad in PC/LCN/VC.

    If the +1 was implemented i wouldnt post for adventure help in PC, as would likely many others, which equals no adventures to assist with either.

    Forget this idea now please!

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