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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Wonder Bread, Jun 6, 2013.

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    I'm sorry, but is it possible for you to be any more selfish? We myspace players are losing our accounts if we aren't transferred somewhere, so just because kongregate players are lower level doesn't change the fairness of the game. We have the right to have our accounts transferred fully intact with our fp, stats,weapons, and skill points all allocated the way they currently are. I'm not a super high level myself but I play the game with people who are way Higher level than I am and it doesn't affect my game at all. A un package for a character that some of us have spent years building is no way a fair trade and shouldn't be the only option for us, because some people are afraid of having to play in a game with higher leveled players. I refuse to restart my character and spend time rebuilding with a UN package, been there done that with mafia wars and it was terrible, the packages that were offered were in no way profitable or a good exchange for the character that I used to have, so I actually quit the game. It's good to know that you don't make the decisions for Kano. I personally hope they are able to make their own website for longterm transfer of all players from social networking sites to one designated gaming site.

    Anyways, my preference is being transferred to KONGREGATE or a kano specific site with my player fully intact because I will not start over and a UN PACKAGE does not restore our stats, achievements, and character build. Also, I'd rather not play on fb, but I would if it was the only option and my current character in myspace could be transferred exactly as it is.

    Btw, having higher levels in kongregate will not ruin the games they have now, myspace currently has levels ranging from as low as you can get to up to 16k I believe and I personally think it makes the game more fun having higher leveled competition than myself.
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    I have to agree with you going to facebook would be a nightmare. I have fb and rarely use it now and never for games. There are too many pop ups, status updates, that you have to share while playing any game. Characters intact transferred to kongregate is the best solution;unless, kano is able to make their own website.
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    u should all rate my idea i posted in the IDEA forum bc i did say something about a site....
  5. OMGoodness! I sure am hearing a lot of fear coming from players currently playing on f/b and kongregate. Buck up, it's a competition game and if you have to fight more players you should be happy about that! The death sentence for any game is a lack of an influx of new blood would give any platform a shot in the arm.

    And selfishness? Shame on you! If it were your platform threatening to dump a game you've spent years building, you would be singing a different tune. Facebook is hideous! I tried to play there and I stopped because every single time you did any thing it wanted to post it some where. What kind of BS is that? Facebook wants to promote itself at every single fart and I got sick of it!! lol

    From what I hear, this kongregate site is just a couple of months old. It would probably be the best solution, if Kano is willing to move our accounts, imo.

    But, as stated previously, I would MUCH prefer it if Kano just transferred us all to a website run solely by Kano. Then we will never again have to face this dilemma. And all of us would be in the same boat and equal footing. Can't get much more fair than that!
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    i beleave no player should take any down grade on there accts on ms ... we all worked hard in building them over the years ... if it means i have to take a lost i just quit on them all together ... why should we be punish because ms is getting rid of the games on its site ...
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  8. Bottomline, we know alot of the players play and have stuff on all the Platforms, Kano needs to make sure that if someone is moved over, Their Existing players from whereever they end up are no longer allowed to be played. We already have enough people playing Multiple accounts on a daily basis, On FB everyone knows whats going on over there.
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    i have to agree that if our accounts can be transferred in tact as is then that is what should be done i also agree it would not be fair to lose anything already achieved so i am for transferring to a Kano run site or Kong if that is the case simply because it has been stated that Kong does not have VC or PC right now
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    We have a new thread about this. Click here.
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    Right, so you bitch about me being selfish by throwing out selfish arguments. *rolls eyes* Sorry you are hurt, but that isn't my problem as a Kongregate player.

    Actually, it completely changes the fairness of the game if they decide to just merge Kongregate and MySpace. We have worked hard at developing our characters just as you did, and to just double the player base with people who are far superior to anyone that is currently playing Kongregate unbalances the server, and basically says, "Screw you Kong players, you are all now at the bottom".

    I already said, MySpace is screwing you over, that isn't my problem on Kongregate, and I will not stay quiet when someone wants to invade my server with their level 4k ultra fighting toon who would then be the top of the server. Basically what you want is for the entire MS player base to take over Kong, as that's exactly what would happen. They are all higher level than us and would own everything. All leaderboard stats are thrown out the window for the Kong players. I am fully aware that high and low level players can play together, and that in of itself does not "ruin" the game. I am nearly half the level of the highest guy on Kong. I have no idea why you would think I have a problem with that, it's when your throw in hundreds of level 3k players in a server that is 6 months old, you unbalance everything that it has done so far and makes all the current Kong players the bottom of the pile.

    If you do not see the glaring problems with merging a 3 year old server with a 6 month old server, I am done talking to you, because seriously, wtf.

    I gave out several suggestions, all of which were far more fair than throwing in all the MS toons on Kongregate. Blame MySpace about your problems, and stop acting like a princess. Sorry you are on a server that belongs to a social network that doesn't care about your character. Again, and again, not MY problem. You joining Kongregate with your MS character is my problem.

    You are being selfish, not me. I am defending my turf. Stop with the butt hurt and suggest serious solutions, don't just try to fix one group's problems by screwing over another group.
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    I don't understand the people in here that seriously think that Kano would merge the 3 year old MS players with the 6 month old Kongregate players. At least for Zombie Slayer. You have obviously never played any MMO's before if you actually think that it's fair or makes any lick of sense. It is an unbalance on a massive scale.

    Sorry your server is going away. If Kano doesn't come up with a solution of an independent server, then too bad. I have an MS account, I will lose it too, but that's life. I am not going to sit back quietly and allow my Kong server to be overrun by the high level drama of MySpace.
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    I have one MS Viking Clan character I've been playing for 1523 days. Never played on FB or anywhere else. VC is the only reason I go to MS any more so the game going away will probably be good as I won't have to go to MS from now on and can remove the account. Dumping all the MS players into one of the other 'worlds' may not be fair ... but shouldn't it be possible just to transfer the MS 'world' to another server and whatever portal it is decided to use to get to it leads to that world for that character? I would prefer to use FB to log in as I'm there much of the time anyway ... even if it leads to a separate 'world' of VC than the current FB players. I would like it less to have to log in by going to yet another site.
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    MySpace is getting an earful right now. The new MySpace? They deleted all the followers of the artists when they were moved over. Now, lets look at Britney spears. she had 1.75 million followers, and the new site? She only has 5000. Music artists are leaving as well since fans and artists have been disconnected. Many people are refusing to use the new music MySpace. They will suffer big time. They may change their minds, and work to improve the gaming experience, or they want to deactivate the games off the old MySpace, and bring them onto the new MySpace as a way to get the people to join.
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    I forgot. I saw a site called Friendburst. It seems to take the same ideas how MySpace started where you can create your page how you like it to look. It seems very simple, easy to nevagate, and they have some games on there. Not sure on how to contact them about moving the MySpace games there.
  17. Will my charachter move over intact to facebook without me having to re-add all these people? If so this is not a problem. if not I guess I am done with this game. I hope to get a response from the developers or anyone who knows the answer to this my e-mail addy is

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    The games are the only reason why I'm on Myspace anymore. I will deleting my account when they get rid of the games. I will miss playing them! :'(
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    so r we getting our cash and unused UN's transfered as well? (Zombie Slayer)

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