Myspace Removing Games from their Network

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Wonder Bread, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    As I'm sure you're aware by now, Myspace is discontinuing support for games. You can read their announcement here, but keep in mind that this is being updated by Myspace continually as we work with them to clarify some aspects of their announcement regarding Kano. The support information that they have for us is currently incorrect. For all support related inquiries please visit our support site, but remember that questions about transfers can not be addressed at this time. Update: Myspace has now added the correct Support links on their announcement page.

    Unfortunately, we are just as surprised as you are as Myspace did not notify us ahead of time. We are communicating with Myspace and when we have more concrete information we will let you know. This is a distressing situation for all of us and we will update you when we have a clearer picture of what's happening.

    There is currently no time frame for the removal of games from Myspace, but we think it's best to get a jump on this. We've been through a similar circumstance with Hi5 a year ago and have learned a lot from that. Rest assured that we are working on a variety of options for our players although we don't have any specifics to share with you at this time.

    To that end, we will have a questionnaire we'd like players to fill out and you will be able to find that link in-game when it is available. Please take the time to answer this as it will assist us in formulating a plan going forward. It's very important to have a current email linked to your player ID, so make sure that you update this information when you can.

    I just want to stress that we absolutely appreciate the kind of frustration that this is causing for you guys and we want you to understand that we here at Kano are doing what we can to make this as smooth an operation as possible. We will be working on this non-stop and we should have something more for you this afternoon. Keep your eyes on the forums and any links posted in-game for further information.

    Update 2: Our team has met several times today about this issue, and is focused on figuring something out for our excellent Myspace players. We are currently looking into a variety of options that would allow Myspace players to enjoy their game in some capacity on another network. We have unfortunately not heard anything from Myspace yet, but will update you all as soon we know anything more or have any kind of timeline for the shutdown.

    Update 3: New section with links has been added to the bottom of each game there is a link "Click here to update your information" us that to give us some more info and to make sure we have your correct email if we have it already or to give us it so that we can follow-up!

    Update 4: Please read the latest here!
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  2. VK QHill

    VK QHill Member

    The Dog Wars developers created a standalone site,, just in the event that something like this would happen. Players from facebook and myspace can actually play with each other on the standalone site, which bases your account info off of your email address. I think a standalone site would be much better than transferring accounts to facebook.
  3. geff gur

    geff gur Member

    we appreciate you guys letting us know.. hopefully we can figure out a solution soon. i'd hate to lose the characters i have here; they're much better than the ones i have on facebook. losing the friendships would be the worst part.. i've made friends in my armada and guild that i could never ever replace, even if the armada and guild could be replaced..
  4. bikerscumsam

    bikerscumsam New Member

    I think all the apps should do this

  5. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    i hope they dont shut down mob wars an pirate clan bc i had put alot of effort in my plz tell them too keep also zombie slayers on facebook as well bc i am doing good on them so far...
  6. geff gur

    geff gur Member

    they did it for a while with the kano games on facebook, too. facebook made them shut it down, as i recall.
  7. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    Check the OP for a couple of brief updates :)
  8. brad8and8

    brad8and8 Member

    is there any effort to get players to voice there opinion to myspace going on.
  9. bangers

    bangers New Member

    If Kano can't make a stand alone place to play from, I'll be done with Kano games. I am not going to facebook.
  10. IpeeFreely

    IpeeFreely Member

    I have a bit of a prob ... i have mob-wars on MySpace, Facebook & Kong!!!. been playing everyday on MySpace for over 3 yrs...

    MySpace is my main game that I play & spend $$$ on! (lvl 3974 has 2000 mobb), .....but lately I've been playing ...ALOT... more on Kong & spending $$$$$$ there (lvl-1446, 1890 mobb) ... My crappy facebook account (lvl-772 has 121 mobb)

    Problem is... if I'm loosing my beloved MySpace play, can I get it transferred to Kong as my new main playing game, & transfer my Kong account to Facebook & delete my existing crapy FB account?????
  11. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Would you consider Kongregate?
  12. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We just pushed out an update to all games on MySpace, we added a new section at the bottom of the game with a link to update information and to provide us some details on a network preference.

    Please fill that out, and make sure we have your correct email! We hope to get a timeline from MySpace tomorrow so we can work with more certainty, as of right now we don't know when they plan to remove games. So make sure we have your correct email! I cannot stress that enough.
  13. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    We are in the process of finalizing the migration packages that will be offered to players and will let everyone know our plan as soon as these are ready. Where would you prefer to play post migration (Facebook or Kongregate)? (Note: would use either Facebook or Email login)

    Where is the I don't know yet option? Quite frankly it depends on what you offer.

    And can we change it once we choose one? i'd like to talk to my game buddies, so we can all go to the same place.
  14. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Weird so you could actually play both platforms during a day if wanted to?
  15. God of Bacon

    God of Bacon Member

    Before I go ahead and finalize this, will it be an account transfer, or something like Hi5 where you were just given some UN to compensate. If it's the second option I would like to do this, but if it's the first I would not. Please clear this up.
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  16. da infamous icapone

    da infamous icapone New Member

    what happens now

    I just read the update and i was shocked just like every one else to hear about myspace's choice to get rid of the games ..You gave us choices where to take our accounts mob wars accounts but you did not say if our accounts will stay intact .. There's alot of players like me who have spent a get deal of money on our accounts , so what happens to that ?.. if your moving over our accounts then our accounts should stay the same with no changes but if you can't do that then i think a refund of the money we spent should be issued back to us , it's only fair considering we didn't breach any agreement
  17. ben

    ben Active Member

    i agree all the way each and everyone has earn where there at in there games on ms and should not loose anything at all...if it dose happen it would be robbing us all together of our money and years that it took us to get where we are at right today...

    unfair all together to everyone that put there trust in kano to protect there games with them...
  18. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    so since some of us did pick the option will we get a transfer over to one of them sites???? but i dont wanna lose all the captains an mobbies i have an my bank balance on some of them...
  19. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    Most of this has been answered in previoous discussions but I'll answer what I remember

    Dream on in a refund. Kano in the terms of service I believe states the game can be terminated at any given time for any reason and you are not due any compensation. They are nice enough to try to work with us to allow us something for all our hardwork, smartly so as they would be out of business pretty quickly if they don't but you aren't getting a refund. How would you like if you provided a service for years and at the end through no fault of your own that service had to discontinue would you want to pay back all that? No and it's not reasonable to even ask.

    My understanding is they have not decided how they are working things yet but are requesting feedback so that they make a more informed decision. They haven't even been told how long they have.

    There's nothing fair about it but you know what that's life. Be thankful that they try to do what they can to make it as fair as possible.

    as for playing all 3 the same day yes you can however if you mean by changing it can you use the same stuff no you cannnot. That's simply for the change once it's done it's done. so choose wisely.

    Yeah it sucks majorly. And ideally we'd all get dropped into a platform rather than having to rebuild anything but we have to just hope Kano can get us close. I've already rebuilt on fb once and kong once and do not relish the idea of rebuilding. Will I? I don't know. When it happened with MW I tried but just was no enthusiasm and I quit shortly after the transfer.

    Anyway, Thank you kano for keeping us informed.

    And thank you SS I was afraid to submit and be stuck :D

    ETA: in the past they've said they can't Drop accounts in it isn't fair. Although that was for HI5 and that's a bit different than MS. MS accounts aren't all that different than FB and we are generally lower in all stats due the significant deadness of the place soooooo we can hope right? I might take alter to FB if I could keep her as is.
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  20. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    I hope we can take the accounts we have spent years building because we have some achievements that we cannot possibly get now. Thats not even mentioning the gold and stats we have. Why should we lose all we have worked hard to get just because we are forced to move ?

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