MySpace Games Issue(s) (VC/LCN/PC/ZS)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Kendall, May 31, 2012.

  1. SkullRazer

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    Also says my kano chat is offline
  2. Angel

    Angel Member

    same here.
    Today also Facebook is lagging and the forums too.
  3. SkullRazer

    SkullRazer Member

    Think that issue has returned again i am on all myspace games viking clan and all the others and seems to be lagging alot...keep having to refresh my page every few secs cause i cant send any gifts or chat in the social feed or guild feeds
  4. The Protector

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  5. Wonder Bread

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    @Skull If you haven't done so already, please send a message through support with all the relevant details. This is very likely a Myspace issue and even more likely out of our control, however send a message through and we'll take a look.
  6. SkullRazer

    SkullRazer Member

    Thanks Wonder Bread...Your message was sent successfully. Thanks. just sent they everything i did tried clearing my cache on all my browsers mostly used chrome and did ipconfig /flushdns did a computer disk cleanup everything i could think of but its still running slow for some reason can surf the net on any site really quickly got 18mbps download and 1.5mbps upload so its not a internet connection problem cause i had my local isp test my line and they said i got a good connect and doesnt show any errors or only thing i can think of is its that myspace proxy error that was going on a few months back...and its not just me have had multiple players telling me after i told them what i was experiencing and they say thats what problem they are having too
  7. Well, I don't want to send a message through support, I want support to read these posts. I don't see why we should have to constantly figure out new ways to communicate when these forums seem to be ideally suited for reporting issues. And yes, TP, lol, really. Myspace is constantly refreshing AGAIN. Please let them know, Kano, that this needs a permanent fix. It shouldn't be that difficult.

    I have to click EVERYTHING I do at least three to five times before it happens. If I were to be put on bounty, there is no way I could survive with the outrageous refreshing going on all weekend and several days this past week.
  8. The Protector

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    Then I guess I'm just lucky.
  9. Daniel Jones

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    Hey Kendall
    The issue is only with some of the games, most of them are working just fine.
    Ideally Myspace must consult with the developers for maintaining them, but if they are not doing so then you may send bugs to them so it can be fixed. Direct bug reports from end-users are considered more important and processed quickly.
  10. IpeeFreely

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    myspace workin on & off........

    Fallimento! An Error Has Occurred

    The developer has been notified about this issue. If this error does not go away please let contact us by clicking here.

    Go to the home page.
  11. The Protector

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    Fb is the same so its not this...
  12. Linda

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  13. And of course it happened during the last hour of the 3 day calendar screwing some of my guild members out of at least one calendar key. I'd be pretty PO'd if I hadn't already finished mine and was trying to beat the clock to do so.

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