[LCN] Mother's Day Raid Shop Update - Day 2

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, May 16, 2019.

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  1. GTR

    GTR New Member

    Removing comments from players that you dont want to see is below any level. We can all see how much you want to talk with us.
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  2. Numptywaller

    Numptywaller Member

    So nothing done after 2 days except to plug the mistake made over there and rob the players. Some service standard that is. NOT.

    Do you want to remove this payment method? I do!

    How's the job market looking these days for game developers?
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  3. Annita Flannery

    Annita Flannery New Member

    I wouldnt be too worried people are still playing they cant help themselves they say they wont spend but you know they will spend so they can maintain their strength. This will die over sooner or later. Still find it funny thou, the funniest part thou is all the ones ousting themselves lmao NOW FIX THE BOTS PLEASE
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  4. GTR

    GTR New Member

    The only things that are dying here is the players' faith in you and this game. More and more old players are leaving. Less new player are joining the game. I did bought FP from time to time. But after the action with the change of promotion to it (once it was much more good and clear for the players) and eliminating stacking of dailys boost I did not buy and I will not buy FP. This is free to play game so from now on untill i see changes that make game more fun to players (and not only to make us play less and spend more $$$) i will keep playing that way. Now i play mainly because I do not want to lose contact with other players. Playing for 3 years made them closer to my heart than this game. I know you can't let players have those FP but unprecedented taking them all is the worst thing you can do. the best solution should be worked out through talks and negotiations. I know that you are the creators of these games but your players who have been here from the beginning have an equally large impact on this creation. Without them, the game would not be here either.
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  5. Reesy901

    Reesy901 Member

    An excellent point and one I made in passing in the last post on the Raid Shop/Pawn Shop. Yes this was incredibly broken, I earned a little over 1100 favor points in about a 2 hour period. From what I heard the early hitters on facebook were up to about 10,000 favor points. Admittedly the method you mentioned is effective, would have been more effective if you used a favor boost. The issue with that method at the end of raids is that it kills off raids from a limited pool. I found single stamina attacks and heal for raid tokens was a way to truly get infinite raid tokens. I did about 70k heals for about 2,000,000 (2M) raid damage. So you get the idea of potentially millions of actions per raid. Totally game breaking and they made the right decision to put a stop to it. But I digress, I feel the unintended benefits are what I really want to see addressed by Kano.

    A lot of people went with the 20 stamina barrage and heals to earn raid tokens and use the cologne -> FP method. This lead to a lot of dead raids. Are the raid boss drops earned by people are actively/passively involved in killing the raid via the exploit going to be removed as well? If not, what about the people that missed these raids and were robbed of the opportunity to get even minimums for a boss drop?

    Also, what is going to be done about the upcoming syndicate wars? A few players in my syndicate made some serious levels and subsequently skill point and strength increases. Now, as much as I dislike our competition on the Kongregate/Armor servers I know that ReD2 did not as heavily invest into the cologne -> Fp method. Will power issues be redressed before, during or after syndicate wars? [I must confess that I don't think the power gap at least from me will be that much. I levelled up once from the cologne and the favour points only game me a 10k+ in attack and defense, so not exactly game breaking from my point. Again though, I digress]

    My final point is about the reimbursement of raid tokens. I appreciate the reimbursed and know I really shouldn't have gotten anything back. I knew I was taking the mick and that it was a matter of time before you needed to make some changes, try not to take the criticism too harshly @mi7ch and co. However, you gave me too many back if we're being realistic. I received 293 raid tokens as cologne reimbursement. In reality I should have only received my initial cologne payment of about 35 tokens. That initial bump then got me into the cologne -> fp -> boosts -> cologne -> fp loop. All the raid tokens gained after that were through the 'exploit' and really shouldn't have been returned.

    Finally, as I eluded to earlier I and others were able to get significant action booms during this period. Will you be rebalancing raid leaderboards (and associated rewards - achievements etc.) as part of your rebalancing or is the current stance that at least these last 2 points will have much smaller impacts compared to the time invested on your end to fix and will be left as is?
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  6. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    The comments were remove because they were two players accusing each other fairly blatantly of cheating, which is against forum rules. I understand that there is a lot of frustration right now, but we do have to preserve our forum code of conduct where applicable.

    As I'm sure you can understand, we are taking our time and doing our due diligence to make sure in our attempt to re-balance accounts we don't exacerbate the problem. Crossing every t and dotting every i as it were. We will be reaching out and re-balancing players today.
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  7. williamw125

    williamw125 Member

    they been talking about getting rid of bots and scripts for 8 yrs if that tells you anything.
  8. Numptywaller

    Numptywaller Member

    Cash: $647.582 trillion betting its wrong
  9. Dcasso

    Dcasso Well-Known Member

    I accused him of autleveling and using multiple challenges at the same time which you do not seem to have had a problem with, since you never have gone after people doing either of those?
  10. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Support has begun the process of making the final adjustments to the affected accounts and will have it finished in short order. Due to the nature of personal information involved with player accounts, if you have any questions or concerns about the adjustments, please contact Support directly. They have most likely reached out to you regarding this process already so you can reply to them there or send in a ticket.

    We'll have one more summary in this afternoon's TGIF wrap up, but for now I will be closing off this thread.
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