[ZS] Mother's Day Raid Event Walkthrough

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    “This is an open call for assistance. A UN action element has gone rogue. Any Slayers in the area, please respond. The world needs your help.” - Secretary-General of the UN

    The call has gone out! The Rogue CBRN Team has betrayed the UN and Slayers worldwide are needed to clean them up. In the Mother’s Day Feature Raid, you’ll be helping the Secretary-General of the UN get these virus warfare experts under control. The global rebuilding efforts view her as the mother of the new world, and don’t you want to help your mom this Mother’s Day?

    As with other Feature Raids there are a couple new elements to go over. We’ve mixed up some other concepts with feedback from March’s event so let’s go over what’s new.

    Level Tier Leaderboards and Totalizer

    For this event, you will be vying against others in your level tier for the Leaderboard prizes! There are two boards this time around: Attack and Heal.

    How it works is if you are in the low tier (0 - 2000 on Facebook, for example), then you’ll only be contesting the leaderboard with those of a similar level, same with the mid tier and so on.

    Each tier will have their own selection of prizes for the top three spots and the second and third brackets.

    To get the rewards at the end, you’ll need to also complete the event Totalizer. There isn’t a certain number of Raids that need to be killed each day, but rather one big number that has to be hit by the end of the event.

    The total is per network, so make sure to band together with those on your server! The prizes you can earn are listed in-game in the Progress banner below the Leaderboard.

    Provided the Totalizer goal is met, rewards will be available to collect from May 11 at 1:00 pm to May 25, so get out there and help the Secretary-General!

    Rewards (per Leaderboard Category, per Level Tier)

    Bracket Three:

    4 Level 1 Loot Chests

    Bracket Two:

    6 Level 1 Loot Chests

    Third Place:

    3 Level 2 Loot Chest

    Full set of Raid Superior Items

    Second Place:

    4 Level 2 Loot Chests

    Full set of Raid Superior Items

    First Place:

    5 Level 2 Loot Chests

    Full set of Raid Superior Items
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  3. ZSlayer

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    Armor/Kong i see a dead Raid Boss but it says
    [​IMG] 0 Raids Completed
  4. mi7ch

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    Do you have a link to said Boss per chance?
  5. ZSlayer

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  6. mi7ch

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  7. mi7ch

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    OK, the issue was identified and should been fixed up for the rest of the event. I'll keep an eye on it, but we should be good to go.

    Thanks for letting us know @ZSlayer!
  8. Rick B

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    So for clarity - Facebook/Server 1 will be considered the same network? This is actually for next week (LCN).
  9. AlterEgoT

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    Thanks but I don't see us even getting to the first checkpoint on kp2.

    [​IMG] 55 Raids Completed

    Contribute towards the total raid kills to ensure everyone gets their leaderboard rank rewards!
    Next Raid Checkpoint
  10. AlterEgoT

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  11. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    ouch. FB even worse off.
    [​IMG] 153 Raids Completed

    Contribute towards the total raid kills to ensure everyone gets their leaderboard rank rewards!
    Next Raid Checkpoint
  12. ZSlayer

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    Kong/Armor no way we getting to our first checkpoint either :(
    Guess kano not want to give out any rank rewards :(
  13. mi7ch

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    It's worth remembering that you have until Friday at noon, which is when the last possible Raid Boss to be summoned (Monday at noon) would expire.
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  14. Stuart Ward

    Stuart Ward New Member

    Server 3 isn't better. 18 out of 70. I can guarantee that there are not 52 raids in progress. Who ever designed this must have been smoking that west coast seaweed or something.
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  15. mi7ch

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    We based the per server goals by looking at the total number of Raids opened and killed over the past three months. They should have been an effort, to be sure, but not unrealistic.

    That said, I'll take another look at the goals and see what we can do.
  16. Stuart Ward

    Stuart Ward New Member

    I think the numbers have been declining. You know better than me but it's my impression. In Server 3 in particular, the number of new players is small.
  17. Stuart Ward

    Stuart Ward New Member

    Those new targets look more achievable. Thanks
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  18. AlterEgoT

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    thank you. These have been a bear to kill. Most of the folks That open 3 are still struggling to get the second one dead. I've found using 30stamina attacks like mad It takes me at least 2 more clicks to do the same 1 million damage.

    I know these are supposed to be difficult but this is difficult to the point of not fun. Perhaps we could ease that just a tad next go around. Unless just as I've grown I do less damage?

    These goals are much more realistic. I think we may make it with a couple to spare, IF we can work hard on the ones open.

    Perhaps since the app isn't "new" anymore there aren't as many new folks joining and that hurts since we count on new folks do really hammer them to level.

    Whatever the case, much appreciate the rework.

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