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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Busta, May 16, 2011.

  1. Maroon1956

    Maroon1956 New Member

    Still not working.......

    Seems that Mob Wars and LCN don't work still. Can't play either game as you can't do anything in them. IE,Firefox,Chrome not working in any shape or form. Ever thought about a new java load for the servers. The libraries are corrupted!
  2. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

  3. Alfonso

    Alfonso New Member

    I have same issue, bottom of browser asks me to open and or save a file. Dream Weaver program opens up the html programming code if I click open. Can't play LCN or Mob Wars
  4. Alfonso

    Alfonso New Member

    It just started working again, go figure, problem solved for now
  5. Maroon1956

    Maroon1956 New Member

    Hey boys and girls of Kano, go take a look at what Mettamoki did to their game....added old fashion scroll bars for up and down and left and right. Looks ugly, you need 3 extra fingers,a 5 button mouse but it works! Old fashion idea, gets the game going again. :)
  6. Rex

    Rex New Member

    damn i didnt have a problem till ya fixed it..i started seeing the big red writing and now when i scroll all the writing stays put and the rest of the page moves.
    it was all good for me before that.................DOH:confused:
  7. spacelad101

    spacelad101 New Member

    Try this

    Try this if you cant scroll down, just click "SCROLL BARS FB BUG HACK!" when you are playing the game and that should fix it. I had that same problem up until about 5 min ago when I noticed that.
  8. Yeah these scroll bars sure did away with the problem that i wasn't even experiencing.
  9. sdavis

    sdavis New Member

    Mob Wars is working, but LCN still wont move. a solution would be nice.
  10. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

  11. kmob

    kmob New Member

    F5 ?

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