More Warriors and Weapons than Chieftans

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Thor Pedo, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. Thor Pedo

    Thor Pedo New Member

    I know I read this when I first started playing but can't seem to remember.
    If I have more warriors than chieftans, then some of the warriors sit out battles.
    Does the game randomly select warriors to sit out or does it start with the weakest first?
    I guess what I am curious about is, do the more powerful warriors end up riding the pine while I am battling so that I should always get rid of weaker warriors and only keep the stronger ones around?

    Thanks for the help.
  2. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    You can use 10 warriors and 5 weapons per chieftain. Of those warrior and weapons the top ones are used first and the weaker warriors/weapons sit out the battle.

    As for getting rid of the weaker warriors/weapons no need unless you want to save on upkeep cost.

    Also you can check out what items you use during abattle by clicking the show details icon and it will show all the warriors used and weapons used by you and your opponent. This is a good way of determining which warriors/weapons yo keep.
  3. Thor Pedo

    Thor Pedo New Member

    Thanks Gavin.
    I knew about the "See Details" link after I attack someone, cuz I use it to see how closely matched we are so I can max out my EXP points. No point in wasting stamina for 5 EXP when a guy can get 24+ if he finds the right Viking to attack, the only problem is I don't keep real close tabs on the weaker or less effective weapons. I've also hung on to some I thought I needed for adventures.

    Anyway, good answer. Now I need not worry as long as they are not a drain on my income.


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