Money makes the world go round or does it?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by KaNO, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    when i really start playin playin then i may think about passin u on the leaderboard just to prove a point, but its gonna take me 2 more months b4 i start really playin again, right now im just going through the motions
  2. Marc14

    Marc14 Active Member

    thats way too BORING for me
  3. Busta

    Busta Member

    Someone already has, teebs

    Steal Toes Level 1,517 Gamer Points 2,872,050 Achievements 435 Bank 125.039 trillion
  4. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    thats not on myspace though, he leads all banking on myspace, that part i know...LoL
  5. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    yeah, right. LOL!
  6. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    however u do have competition within 1 trillion and he is beginning to lvl faster now so u will prolly have to lower ur bounty from that lil 7 billion that it is right now...haha

    oh and just a side note, u have only listed 7 people total doing all that talkin about u will list people...haha
  7. Maya Micheal

    Maya Micheal New Member

    Pirate clan, Bank

    Hoard: 1.002 quadrillion

    I will start on Mob wars lcn,
  8. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    LOL dude...the only reason is i was off 7 days [puter failure], but back and within millions. Hes lame cuz he didnt manage well as I do, btw thanks for checking my stats...also what I said weas I DONT WASTE MY MONEY LISTING PPL. But have done so only 7 times to let'm know I'm not so uninclined to do so...hehe
  9. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    looking the competition
  10. Mr Killer Man

    Mr Killer Man Active Member

    All I want is the Pickpocket and the master mind.
  11. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    LOL, not me bro. BTW-dont hate!

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