Money makes the world go round or does it?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by KaNO, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. Marc14

    Marc14 Active Member

    I also continue to play with no money on the bank, everything in cash. I'm never in the hospital, unless they attack me when I'm offline. You really think that few $ to heal is the reason ppl stay in the hospital? And I think we are in each others mob but I can't remember me beggin for it lmao. If you want, I demob you right now :)
  2. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    Thanks guys!!!!!
  3. Marc14

    Marc14 Active Member

    Indeed, but I don't need his help. A way to block that position would be nice. Glad we agree on that ;-)
  4. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    Go for it man...I decline about 10-15 ppl a day. Makes no diffierence to me.....LOYALITY matters too much to me...I dont wont cut throats in my have at it...u give me ur handle and I will demob!
  5. Ace

    Ace Member

    lol I notice that on LCN a lot of people demob for almost no reason lmao, I have a very hard time increasing it since I don't add too many, and I get dropped a lot as well rofl

    About the Elites, I personally call for their help since the other 4 spots are useful, but if I could block the collector, I certainly would.
  6. Marc14

    Marc14 Active Member

    Here is my MS-link
    And I'm in a Boss fight right above you at this moment (A level 9 Johannesburg, started 2 hours ago) so you won't have any trouble finding me.
  7. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    What is ur handle in LCN? The name above mines..IS NOT A FRIEND. Sadly, u give me ur handle and I will personally DEMOB YOU. I do not want DWEEBS in my mob.
  8. Marc14

    Marc14 Active Member

    You're pathetic KaNO you know that, bragging about your level (what an achievement, a level in a game that's designed to level fast (I have somebody in my mob, over level 1000 in 100 days :)), bragging about your stupidly banked money, bragging how people beg you to be in their mob (what a joke).

    Well, the one above you, that's me. If I'm not a friend, that's good, maybe that's because I demobbed you yesterday. Or else, I was never in your mob and I demobbed another KaNO, with the same profile picture, maybe your levelling buddy, or a second account of yours :)

    Have a nice play, bye bye
  9. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    What a wussy marc14 [ur age BTW]...yeah I brag, cuz it is an and level. Hate the game, not the Player, DWEEB! and if and when I find u...u will be out of here [my mob, lil boy].
  10. CRINGE at the majority of this thread.

    That is all, on with your day.
  11. Busta

    Busta Member

    'KaNO' you're an idiot.

    What's your link just so I can definitely make sure that you're not in my mob. Because if you were that would be the end of the world for me. I totally care about the 1000 anonymous people that are in my mob and serve no purpose other than making up the numbers.

    Back to the original topic, banking is a negative feature of the game and once you've got the achievements, there is no incentive to putting your money there. Someone did the maths earlier, but just to reiterate:

    My income per hour, less outgoings, is + $4,583,728,000
    If I banked all this, even at the lowest rate of 5%, I would still lose around $229,000,000 purely in fees. Every hour.

    Now, if I keep money out in the open, the most I can lose is $500,000 per fight. So unless I'm being fought - and losing - 450 times an hour (or nearly eight times a minute), then I'm better off not banking it. And don't forget that as soon as I lose a few times, I'll end up in the hospital and noone can fight me, preventing any further losses anyway. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that there is no point to the bank.

    And overall, I pump the vast majority of money into property anyway. Better than wasting it at the bank.
  12. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    U are the idiot...u just said it fool...unless im being fought.....I AM NOT! cuz the money is a detorant....get it! I can keep them on the hitlist much longer than they can me...boy do ur calulations. Im stock piling money and getting no hits...get out of my mob...fool!
  13. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    u want some too - hate the game, not the player!
  14. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    Another case in point...PAY ATTENTION: You were attacked by Hiney Inspector Sr with a Fight Boost of 5% and lost the Fight, losing $0. Get it...lost the fight and LOST NO MONEY while being attacked, cuz money was BANKED! Hate the game, Not the player!
  15. well when attacked at most you lose 500K per hit

    bank and lose 5%(possibly 10%)

    banking might be part of the game

    but its a negative feature
  16. exactly exactly exactly
  17. Ahad

    Ahad Member

    I don't hate the game, all 4 Kano games are pretty awesome.

    You, on the other hand.

    I say no more, you know what i mean.

    And if you wouldn't mind, take me out of your mob if i am in it. You are just not worth the effort!
  18. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    u obviously have no clue...YES u are correct, u did not lose any money in the fight, however, u lost way more money putting it in the bank than u would have lost in the 6 or so fights it usually takes to put someone in the hospital...LoL

    i'll be honest with u, people can list u way more than u can list them bc they can list u 10 times and spend the same amount of money that it takes u to list them 1 or 2 times so get ur facts str8

    also what makes u think that u are a threat bc u have "64 trillion" if that is even true?

    just so u know...LOYALITY is not a word, but hopefully u already know that...LOL
  19. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    u obviously dont get it all u more time...i stockpile my money...i dont waste it on hitlisting anyone...the object of my game is money...u play ur stupid way and i play with money as my goal...get a clue urselves!
  20. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    Hey nephew..did u graduate? loyality is intangable. the entire sentence is words to live by i.e. : 'let ur loyality run deep'

    no wonder ppl never come in here for good answers..u wouldnt know how to give good advice if it bit u on ur face!

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