[ZS] Monday, October 22 Game outages recap

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    As you are probably aware of, our server provider Amazon Web Services suffered failures in the US East availability zone (where our servers are stored) yesterday at an unprecedented level. Other major web services impacted include Reddit, Pinterest, Foursquare, Airbnb and the list goes on...

    Service was unreliable for about +8 hours, and during this time we were working diligently to ensure there would be minimal disruption once the situation was stable enough to put the game back up. Amazon did not provide an “all-clear” until 6:30am (PDT) October 23, although we were able to restore access to the game at 6:00pm (PDT) with minor stability issues.

    For the Spooktober calendar, because of the downtime and community suggestions we increased the end time by an additional 12 hours. If you are experiencing any issues with this please write into support and we can look into your account.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, it's our priority to have these games online and stable and work very hard on stability and uptime even during unplanned outages from Amazon. We place a high importance on uptime and data integrity, have invested a lot in this area and with unforeseen issues due to Amazon yesterday we will continue to do so.

    We would also like to mention how much we appreciate our volunteers and members of the community who helped us spread information yesterday, and worked towards keeping everyone calm while we worked towards getting the games back up. We know it was an incredibly hectic time, and it was awesome to see everyone working together. We can't tell you enough how great you all were.


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