Mobster Earnings and Ambush Achievements

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  1. Grande Cajones

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    So, I have zero ambushes, and dont know what to do to get it, ive clicked ambush, but seems like nothing has happened, and I see people at lower levels than me with 20 mil plus in Mobster earnings, yet I am stuck at 500k.. what gives? I only get 5k every few days or so. I am at level 102 now..
  2. The Ice Queen

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    Check your Ambush and Rigged Ignition tab under "Fight >> Rival Mobs"
    See who you have ambushed. punch them and see if they retaliate.

    Ambush the people on your Rival Mobs list.
    Click Ambush and then you need to click on the $ amount.
    Check your Ambush tab again to see if the ambush was set.
    It should look something like this...
    Matt Da Lityganator Rampager remove [9]
    If.. after you have clicked all the buttons and nothing has happened, screen cap the page, save and email the Devs... be polite and concise.

    As for Mobster earnings...only people who have YOU in their Familia will give you money.
    Nicely ask some of the higher levels in your mob if they would mind helping you out.
  3. Grande Cajones

    Grande Cajones New Member

    ok.. i just used up all my stamina, but i shall try again! Thank you very much.
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