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  1. Dom

    Dom New Member

    I do not like the new way you set up the way you play on my phone now. It is hard to see what I have completed and what I have to complete. I do hope you read this and hope other people who are playing with their phones let you know that they have same problem as I have. It is hard for me to get my dailies done now and I am think I might quit playing mob wars la costa nostra, pirates clan and Viking, all the game because of this change and I have friends that have think same thing and some of the friends have already quit. Sorry for the to seeing them go but now I am understanding.
  2. Dom

    Dom New Member

    It is very hard to see what you have done on your phone now but before the change it was very easy. Why not go back to the way it was before?
  3. Dom

    Dom New Member

    I don't know why no one has complain about the new way yet. Maybe because I have difficulty of understanding of the game and do have much access to a computer machine but I do not know why you making it harder for me to play the game. Thank you for listen.

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