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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Lucky Susie Lucchese, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Who stole my new inoffensive name? Why? & can I get my 10GF Points back ASAP???

    was 'Tina Novas Bestest Best Friend NHB' ... Now 'Unknown Mobster' Level 1828 Insomniac

    Absolutely ridiculous
  2. Tina Nova are You?
  3. The Ice Queen

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    Jack... who is that a pic of?

    She reminds me of someone...
  4. Vampryss

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    Please contact Support for this issue. http://kanoapps.com/index.php/contact
  5. The Ice Queen

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    Repost from the FB LCN DB

    I have to agree with Susan. Changing her name is unfair.
    Given for the last 5 days Tina's name has been

    Tina Nova ImSoLucky SusieReallyDoLoveMe

    There was nothing offensive about Susan's name. Taken on face value it was lovely.

    I say either reset it to what it was or give her her 10 GF's back.
  6. The Ice Queen

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    Vampyrss, I am sure Susan did contact support.

    Lucky Susie is the 2nd highest player in LCN on FB and much respected in the FB LCN community.
  7. Name
    Susan Patrick
    Hi I was until yesterday "Lucky Susie NHB" lvl 1830 something and decided to change my name to "Tina Novas Bestest Best Friend NHB" at the cost of 10GFP - I went off line for a few hours when I came back it had changed to "Unknown Mobster" As my new name was inoffensive, broke no rules etc .. could you please tell me why it was removed and when you plan to reinstate it. Thanks for your time Susan (http://apps.facebook.com/la_cosa_nostra/profile/user/579995529)
    Player Name
    Unknown Mobster Level 1831 Insomniac
    Social Network
  8. steal toes

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    Maybe you need another new name..

    "Tina is One Major Rectal Orifice" :rolleyes:
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  10. Vampryss

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    Actually the name Tina Nova can be more than one persons name. There shouldn't be any reason why someone couldn't use it if they chose to. People use movie names, character names, actor names etc in all the games without permission.
  11. The Ice Queen

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    "Tina Nova" isn''t her real name it's Tinita Nellemose
    Or is it Stella?
    Sheesh, she has had so many names in the last few months :(

    Jack, by your thinking... no-one is allowed to have Kat in their name but me without my permission... :p
  12. Hello Susan,

    Your name was offensive to Tina and I deemed her name offensive to you so I have reset both of your names. We do not like to get involved in disputes but both were slights against each other and so we have asked you both to chose more appropriate names.


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