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Discussion in 'Mobile Version' started by Mocav, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. Mocav

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    Unable to find workshop to craft items or a way to list jobs for my mob to assist with. Is this just me not knowing my way around the app? or are some features only available in browser. IOS
  2. Rita Gypsy

    Rita Gypsy New Member

    Speaking of missing features, with the newest updates on mobile, I can now see my group chats, which is great, however, I can no longer find the Job, Syndicate, or World Chat options while in a group chat? Only my groups are listed as options., ??? The app puts me into the last chat I was in on desktop, so if I was in a group chat, that is what it opens to and only my groups are listed as options . If i was in the job chat, that is where it opens to, and then the old list of options is there...with no groups...???
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  3. mi7ch

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    The Loyalty points system and Crafting are currently not available on the mobile app, but we do plan too continue bringing parity to the mobile app.

    Click the white back arrow on the top left of the Group chat page to be taken back to the other Chat rooms.
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  4. Rita Gypsy

    Rita Gypsy New Member

    (duh) haha ok thank you !
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