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  1. thefulla

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    I think there should be a minimum damage tab before the attack and power attack tabs on the boss fights so if someone sends you a message to help and they only expect you to do minimum damage you don't have to check what it is before you attack. I upset a very high player because of this in a silent assassin fight who had set the max damage limit at 132000, and because i didn't check the min damage needed for the reward before i joined the fight, 1 power attack had me at 132000 and promises of never sending me help messages again.I know it tells you at the bottom of the screen your progress in the fight, but that's only after you attack. Not a good feeling after 2 years of gamer friendship. Cheers
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  2. whatever the limit is set at is what you can hit to

    if they didnt set it lower thats there fault not yours
  3. polishpimp

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    r u asking for a tab that allows u to do the minimum damage all in one shot? big time saver for some who do less damage per hit. Sounds good to me
  4. thefulla

    thefulla New Member

    yes i am.if you can do it in 1 hit why not have it.would save stamina too.
  5. thefulla

    thefulla New Member

    I had 4 attacks in total and got de-mobbed, level 4000+ precious little thing he is
  6. Bob Sciarrone

    Bob Sciarrone Member

    I son't see a problem. I enjoy the damage done at the bottom. I used to ave to scroll down to my name to find out how much I did.

    Anyway, I only do minimum on other Bosses unless told otherwise, I don't even go to max damage set. I get more Bosses that way also because my peeps trust me and word spreads fast. Thanks all for sharing your Bosses with me :)
  7. thefulla

    thefulla New Member

    good advice bob i will give it a go your way for a while

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