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    Had a lil trouble collecting link rewards, found by having mobwars on facebook and lcn on facebook worked (linked), rather than Kano- lcn and mobwars facebook and vice versa (un-linked), hope that makes sense, also rewards a bit poor, 3 loot items lol wheres my FP'S :D
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    steve jordan -It is good advice of you want to be a camper beating on low levels and newbies.. Not so great if you want to level and progress in traditional manner - if u want to level and want advice, i can try but u have to be popular to be strong and basically if u dont buy things, players will beat you as they have beaten me. One limitation of the game is that there aren't many ambushes available but if you get attacked lots,heal lots and get attacked more then the price to ambush lowers considerably plus ambushing an incoming player can give a kill.
    I think first, check the achievement rewards for listing and get them.
    Plus consecutive fight wins too. You can't do that higher.
    2. Hook every boss you can with 1 stamina. That's your highest return. Then choose which ones to do or not.
    3. World boss every 3 hours or so gives high xp so do them when you can.
    4.loot cases will give u arsenal but theres no levels there but they are so important
    5 Its raids. They reek of levels so get 500 energy which u get back when u cross a level and as much stam as u can and don't worry bout attack or def much but up ur health. Later after some hundreds levels, it plateaus out then u add to attack and def. Just do minimum on raids too and multiple raids. Stronger players can kill them.
    6. can u level with someone? yes, you can but its not easy finding someone compatible as i guess you have to beaten to level so attack/def ratio could be 3/1. 2/1 or something similar - 3/2 -then its time consuming and boring for many to bother but some do.
    7. what syndicate do u join. A syndicate with high players has better bosses so u get stronger doing their bosses but higher players have enemies who target lowers from that syndicate so you get killed too. A syndicate of similar levels can workout pretty good. Everyone gets a thrill growing together which keeps ur interest in the game.
    8. recruit, recruit, recruit as u (and there are add me groups on facebook that work well for that) then have more challenges to pick up which is good xp. Jobs have a limit.
    9. personally,i think stamina is purely the best thing for levels. Theres also battle arena where stamina gets good xp as well as 300 blasted during syndicate wars gives great xp for a lower level.
    10. I have to say in mobwars, any attacks over 5 were considered bad and you were made a target and killed but here its not like that. All the top players I have seen have been great chainers- here. So forget that way of thinking. Attack as many times as u can.
    11 Back to raids - after 5 raids, you can definitely be a level 1000 by swapping favor points for stamina and keep adding skill points to stamina. After 5 raids, u can be 1500 by raids alone. So you're weaker in asensel as u havent put a lot into attack or def and the fight list may beat u but its better than being a strong 200 level which you would have been otherwise. You can level fast and simply kill those, u used to fight before.
    12. Do you think of it as a fighting game or a killing game. If its a killing game, money is the key- a high cash flow and subsequently high bounty price. So try ur luck at hunting. Even one high bounty can massively improve ur cash flow. Get high health tho, aw u will get killed anyway attacking but don't worry bout it. You will get lucky.
    If its a fighting game, slow and sure is best - no special focus on raids but i think thats as boring as hell early on as the landscape is filled with inactive players. If its a fighting game, skill points in attack but really how much xp is in fighting. Theres other ways to skin to the cat with many features giving xp apart from fighting. It is a killing game really.
    13. Bosses I think do as high as possible if only for the drops and put minimal effort on ur own and never, never put a limit on ur boss. It will get killed fast and u will do more.
    14. Your character. I choose the one which generates cash the fastest. They are worth upgrading but you may want to buy mob instead till u get to 2000. But its definitely worth upgrading character - much faster returns. Now I have 2000, i upgrade loot with my favors. If you are not spending real cash on the game,loot really is it - those loot boxes.
    15. famalia - gives high cash return if u befriend a high level and they put u in their famalia. So ask and u could be received. Having other high players in my famalia doesnt mean much to them as they already have cash. But changing ur famalia often too can make sure you are always sent energy and stamina as they are usually the people that do that.
    16. Buy city. ok u are used to buying in ten but u could spend it all everytime u log off too. Its fast. Oh and up ur cash flow by refusing to buy arsenal early - just enough for jobs. You can wing it by not being a 'strong' fighter but u will then have the cash flow to kill with any attackers who bother u from the fight list. Also here, if u bounty somebody and are rigged, u do not lose ur cash. Its completely different than mobwars. So u can bankrupt players here by giving them time to rig you again and repeat that cycle. Sure u get killed but the xp loss here is just ten percent of that at mobwars, so its a laugh but annoying as hell for them,i guess.Then once they are done, kill them and u are the last one standing. Buy, buy, bye city. Sals format does work for this game too - @ salthefoot, u could find a property calculator but i wing it. Now my base bounty approaches 3 trillion as i approach level 6000 which isnt bad.
    17.Calendars. Yes, calendars pop up every now and then and either 30 minutes of 45 minutes apart can be struck. They may run for 3 days and up you the fastest with cash and xp. They are invaluable.
    18. Find ur groove and find ur team. Your psychology and feel will determine what type of player you are and the choices u make. Have fun and make friends. Theres a lot of people playing who play the game very well.
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    Locking this thread now due to the number of off-topic posts that have been cropping up.

    If our new Mob Wars players have any other questions or concerns, please make new threads or direct them to Support! :)
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